Top 30 Interior Designers in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The creative community holds the power to shape the way of how people perceive Interior Design. Achieving the Functionality of a Space while also making it Aesthetically Pleasing, with respect to specific typologies and catering to each class of clientele uniquely, turning their basic requirements into awe-inspiring designs is no less than art itself.

The Architect’s Diary has meticulously curated a list of 30 best Interior Designers from Bangalore, Karnataka, based on their creativity and excellent works in the field of design.

1.U and I Designs

U and I Design studio Founded in the year 2016, the design studio was Founder Aniketh Bafna’s labour of love! While finding himself in the sphere of sales and marketing in the real estate sector for a significant fraction of his career, he fathomed that he had an undercurrent penchant for spaces and how best they can be envisioned. What started out as stimulated exchanges with his clients on-site soon emerged as an undeniable urge that nudged him in the direction of the uncharted territory of design.

Firm Name: U and I Designs

Contact Interior Design Firm: U and I Designs

2. White Shadows Design Studio

White Shadows Design Studio is an architecture and interior design firm based in Bangalore. The firm headed by Siddharth Ramesh have created a variety of work ranging from private residences & apartments to hospitality and offices. Our studio comprises young talent giving rise to fresh ideas and the eagerness to explore new possibilities.

Firm Name: White Shadows Design Studio

Contact Interior Design Firm: White Shadows Design Studio

3.  Zyeta

Zyeta is an integrated workspace firm that specializes in delivering exceptional workspace interiors that leverage the latest thinking in design, workforce optimization, and the environment.With our unique combination of people, process, and technology, we strive to provide our clientele with unparalleled value. Zyeta provides its turn-key services for leading organizations across a spectrum of industries.

Firm Name: Zyeta

Contact Interior Design Firm: Zyeta

4. Mira Design Studio

Shruthy Sanghvi is not afraid to play with colours. As founder and creative director of Mira Design Studio, Sanghvi has developed a vibrant portfolio of projects that are both colourful and comforting. This holds especially true in her recent design for The Line Office, a marketing and sales centre for a real estate developer in Bangalore.

Firm Name: Mira Design Studio

Contact Interior Design Firm: Mira Design Studio

5. Choreography of spaces

Choreography, we believe is a more useful term than just a composition. It’s more of an implication of a person, it’s in-habitation and experience of space. Our designs strive to create a balance between solidity & transparency and minimalism & complexity. Choreography of Spaces is a young architectural & interior design firm formed by highly creative & innovative group of people. Each Project is an attempt to look beyond the obvious, while exploring new materials, colors & forms.

Firm Name: Choreography of spaces

Contact Interior Design Firm: Choreography of Spaces

6. Concepto Studio

At Concepto Studio Interior Design, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke, client-focused spaces with innovative solutions that complement the personalities of the client and their brief. We love projects that challenge us to push the boundaries of design.

Firm Name: Concepto Studio

Contact Interior Design Firm: Concepto Studio

7. IBR Designs

IBR Designs create fantasy within the reality of your four walls. We turn homes into invigorating spaces which live and breathe with their inhabitants. Our expertise in Interior Design and Decor makes us one of the highly sought-after Interior Design firms.

Firm Name: IBR Designs

Contact Interior Design Firm: IBR Designs

8. Studio tab

TAB is an award winning multidisciplinary design practice actively involved in projects in across 20 cities of India. The design studio is actively engaged in architectural design, interior design , brand identity and art installation & product designs.

Firm Name: Studio tab

Contact Interior Design Firm: Studio tab

9. Stance Spaces

Stance spaces is a practice focused on Architecture & Interior Design.
We are a young and spirited team trusted by our clients to create spaces which positively impact the quality of the places we occupy.

Firm Name: Stance Spaces

Contact Interior Design Firm: Stance spaces

10. Yellow Door Architects

Yellow Door is a young design practice headed by Joshua John and Juhi Patel, who aspire to create spaces that reflect an Indian contemporary ethos. Yellow Door takes particular pride in Design Detailing, ensuring that every part of our design is customized to the needs of a particular client, with the highest expectations of quality.

Firm Name: Yellow Door Architects

Contact Interior Design Firm: Yellow Door Architects

11. Curious case of design

We are a team who likes to engage and interact with people. We love creating effective designs and our interest lies in creating anything which reflects and respects nature and the universe.We can handle all your design related needs. We also offer our time to community-based social projects that focus on positive change. It is our sole mission to run this practice differently.

Firm Name: Curious case of design

Contact Interior Design Firm: Curious Case of design

12.  House Of Ruya

We are a boutique design firm, founded by Aishwarya Govind, dealing in architecture and interior design consulting. We are based in Bangalore with project execution capabilities in Chennai Pondicherry and Coorg.

Firm Name: House Of Ruya

Contact Interior Design Firm: House Of Ruya

13. Studio Skapa Architects

Studio Skapa Architects is a multi-disciplinary studio encompassing Urban design, Architecture and Interior Design. Founded in early 2019 and having worked on a variety of interesting projects in retail, F&B, corporate offices and residences, we have developed a unique identity based on our style of blurring lines between the old and the new.

Firm Name: Studio Skapa Architects

Contact Interior Design Firm: Studio Skapa Architects

14. The Monochrome Studio

Founded in 2017, the monochrome studio has primarily been involved in providing architectural planning, and interior services for villas, apartments, office spaces, clinics, cafes, recreational spaces, also; redeveloping/remodeling houses, apartments etc.

Firm Name: The Monochrome Studio

Contact Interior Design Firm: The Monochrome studio

15. Studio Ruh

At Studio Ruh we believe in creating spaces that have soul, while passionately protesting mediocrity. To us, every client is unique and brings to us a very unique brief. We thrive on translating that brief and vision into a space that makes the client happy, every day of their life.

Firm Name: Studio Ruh

Contact Interior Design Firm: Studio Ruh

16.Aishwarya Interiors Pvt Ltd

An award-winning interior design studio based in Bangalore


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Firm Name: Aishwarya Interiors Pvt Ltd

Contact Interior Design Firm: Aishwarya Interiors Pvt Ltd

17. Bare.pineapple

We are a Multidisciplinary studio practice, founded and led by two creative minds with a team of talented individuals whose common ground lies in passion for design, architecture and research. We constantly research and test new methodologies and territories in design and construction.

Firm Name: Bare.pineapple

Contact Interior Design Firm: Bare.pineapple

18. Creative Geometry

Creative Geometry was started by Oysters Real Assets, a real estate consultancy in Bangalore, estd. since 1979. The firm is helmed by Akhilesh Baldota, Rahul Nikkam & Abhilash Baldota.

Firm Name: Creative Geometry

Contact Interior Design Firm: Creative Geometry

19. Design Matters Architects

Design Matters was started in 2012 by Kiran Hanumaiah. Kiran has 17 years experience in the field of architecture, interior and product design. Kiran graduated in architecture from BMS College of Engineering and has a Masters in Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture.

Firm Name: Design Matters Architects

Contact Interior Design Firm: Design Matters Architects

20. By The Riverside

After 14 years of dedicated work and corporate experience, Swati changed course from a rather technical world to the realm of design. In 2014, she launched her interior design firm with the aim to create exuberant, functional homes that speak of the homemaker’s passions, needs and desired lifestyle.

Firm Name: By The Riverside

Contact Interior Design Firm: By The Riverside

21. VAL Atelier

Val atelier is a full-service interior and living design firm located in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad (India) that was looking for an updated and rejuvenated appearance for their logo, as well as for their offline portfolio.

Firm Name: VAL Atelier

Contact Interior Design Firm: VAL Atelier

22. Artisanal Design Collective

Our design is built around collaboration we call ‘A collective’ to create a bespoke, boutique and unique design signature.

Firm Name: Artisanal Design Collective

Contact Interior Design Firm: Artisanal Design Collective

23. CozyNest interiors

I am an interior designer based in Whitefield, Bangalore. I specialize in functional, elegant and luxurious residential designs. I draw my inspiration from a variety of sources in everyday life to create highly bespoke interiors for my clients. To put it simply, my work can be called – “Life Inspired Design”.

Firm Name: CozyNest interiors

Contact Interior Design Firm: CozyNest interiors

24. Vedanth Design Studio

Vedanth Design Studio combined light furniture, a warm material palette and heritage pieces that honour the homeowners’ childhood roots.

Firm Name: Vedanth Design Studio

Contact Interior Design Firm: Vedanth Design Studio

25.  Studio Brick By Brick

Architecture studio that designs bespoke spaces that are soulful and inspired.

Firm Name: Studio Brick By Brick

Contact Interior Design Firm: Studio Brick By Brick

26. Mirai Architects

Mirai Architects specializes in Architecture & Interior Design. We take up new construction, renovations &  interiors of residential , commercial and spaces of all varying scales, from the simplest form to a complex structure.

Firm Name: Mirai Architects

Contact Interior Design Firm: Mirai Architects

27. Creare Decore

We believe in simple yet elegant designing. Since our founding in 2019, our creative team of interior design professionals at Creāre Decore has been transforming spaces and coming up with new ways to recreate your favorite spots.

Firm Name: Creare Decore

Contact Interior Design Firm: Creare Decore

28. Maze Concept

Complete Architectural & interior design services along with turnkey solutions for projects varying from Residential, Hospitality, Commercial, Institutional,etc. We also take up Furniture design & production.

Firm Name: Maze Concept

Contact Interior Design Firm: Maze Concept

29. Studio Atiniv

We are a team of experienced Architects and Designers. Our studio’s work represents the lively environment of interior & exterior spaces. Our expertise in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects with a deep understanding of the standards and regulations of local bodies. 

Firm Name: Studio Atiniv

Contact Interior Design Firm: Studio Atiniv

30.  Oculus Design Studio

Established in 2015, as Oculus Design Studio in Bangalore, by Sudharsan JP, the firm offers Architectural, Interior Design, Graphic Design & Landscape Design solutions. Over our years of evolution, we have been successful in carving a global presence through our empowering vision in design.

Firm Name: Oculus Design Studio

Contact Interior Design Firm: Oculus Design Studio

31. Indian Story

Architecture being human centric, we enjoy designing lifestyles that fit the personality of our clients in a contemporary manner. The clients and the cultures we cater to are quite diverse which is a catalyst to blending our style with diverse Indian twists, which sets the story for the entire project and our studio’s Vision.

Firm Name: Indian Story

Contact Interior Design Firm: Indian Story

The curated list contains the up & coming as well as the pre-established Interior Design firms who are creating a significant mark in the creative field with their works. If you wish to apply at a brilliant design studio or want to hire the best interior designers in Bangalore, now you know whom to connect with!

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