• Industrial Style Interior Design: 20 Features That Are Timeless

    Industrial Style Interior Design is a minimalistic design style a designer adapts to amplify the space. This design style combines all the architectural elements in their natural forms to give an industrial look to the space. For example, using a metal exposed beam in the ceiling and incorporating profile lights will make the space look larger. Industrial Style Interior Design is a raw and simple design approach that takes inspiration from 19th-century old factories. Therefore, it has elements such as exposed brick walls, open ceilings with ducts and pipes, and rough textures.

    Further, Industrial Style Interior Design uses neutral colour palettes, such as shades of grey and black. It does not demand any kind of heavy decor. Also, the simple use of pendant lamps that give a warm touch of light over a leather-fabricated sofa enhances the space. The following 20 features describe how industrial-style interior design can create a utilitarian space.

    1. Open Plan and Simple Movement:

    Industrial Style Interior Design
    Less is More

    The layout of the space consists of a minimal amount of elements. Industrial-style interior design calls for keeping essential furniture in a manner that serves its function and provides more openness in the space.

    2. Exposed Structures and Raw Forms:

    Industrial Style Interior Design
    Rustic Exposures

    Rather than ornamenting any beams, columns, walls, or ceilings inside the space, one can keep them exposed as they are in their given texture. The expose brick wall or any stone lintels to show the rawness of the space.

    3. Beauty Lies in the Originality of the Forms:

    Industrial Style Interior Design
    Forms at its Best

    Natural wood furniture can be kept in its original form to enhance the beauty of the space. With this in mind, a seat can be carved out of stone and used along with metal, giving it a raw industrial look. The material should have sharp and sleek edges.

    4. Use Of A Neutral Colour Palette:

    Industrial Style Interior Design
    Striking the Obvious

    The visual appearance of its colours highly affects the space. Therefore, shades of greys, blacks, and brown are best worked out to complement the space. In fact, one can emphasise certain distinct spaces with any one hue of colour, making it a bold statement.

    5. Infusing Natural Lighting:

    Warmth of Natural Light

    The facades with large windows should be kept open without any hindrance, allowing natural light to come into the space. Thus, infusing natural light would enhance the rustic colour of the space and make it feel alive.

    6. Focusing On The Kind of Artificial Lighting:

    Industrial Style Interior Design
    Shapes and colors of lightings

    The choice of lights for an industrial-style interior design will be very simple yet elegant. In particular, Edison-style light bulbs, floor lamps, pendant lamps, and hanging lights could be used effectively with their sleek designs and bold colors. In order to create warm and ambient spaces, intermediate tones can be used.

    7. Incorporating the Textures:

    Industrial Style Interior Design
    Combination of Elements

    A room can be full of various materials, like brick, stone, glass, and metal, used with different elements that complement the various textures of the material combinations. Certainly, when materials like wood and metal are together in a piece of furniture, it affects the overall experience, giving it an industrial look.

    8. Rawness of the Furniture:

    Maintaining the Original

    We often use engineered wood and cover it with laminate or colours to decorate the spaces. Moreover, industrial-style interior design can show the rawness that a material possesses. Hence, when a table is designed using wood and fabricated with metal, it adds to the space.

    9. Adding Natural Elements to the Décor:

    Industrial Style Interior Design
    Incorporating nature

    One can add various greens to spaces in the pots or partitions. For example, the reception table of a saloon can have an earthen pot with a green plant growing in it. In addition, natural elements such as small stones can be part of the coffee table kept in the living room. Moreover, the use of various elements can also add to the colour palette used in the space. Certainly, the green colour can complement the grey or black shades or the red of the bricks.

    10. Vast Openings:

    Industrial Style Interior Design
    Huge Openings

    Large openings in a room make it look industrial. Such openings shall be treated with materials such as metal and glass, wood, and glass in their original form and shape. These openings can be covered with long strands of jute.

    11. Barren Walls:

    Industrial Style Interior Design
    Warmth of its Own

    When the walls are exposed to natural materials such as bricks or concrete, they have a very industrial effect on the space. Whereas, when it comes to cladding, one can use brick or earthen textured tile cladding. Further, the hangings on the walls can be rustic in the form of shape and materials.

    12. Flexible Partitions:

    Partial connectivity

    The movements or the lights in between the spaces should be retained with semi-open or partially visual partitions. In fact, they should always be partially designed, with perforations happening through the materials.

    13. Rustic Floors:

    Industrial Style Interior Design
    Keeping it Natural

    The flooring materials can be wooden or stone-textured. Eventually, the nature of these materials would have a rough effect on the spaces. However, furnishing or polishing the surfaces would again lessen the industrial look. The rugs, if selected, should be brown or grey in shades matching brick or stone textures.

    14. Exposed Ceilings:

    Visibility Creating Spaces

    High ceilings with raw textures or their original forms give the space an industrial look. Whereas the visible ducting and piping strike the best when coloured in a dark grey shade with a yellow colour hue used in the walls.

    15. The Mixed Matched Décor:

    Vintage and Industrial

    Industrial-style interior décor can comprise vintage elements such as lamps, bulbs, pots, artefacts, and wall hangings. Accordingly, when all of the elements are put together, they will form a warm environment.

    16. Using Refurbished Materials:

    Keeping materials as it is

    Industrial-style interior décor is also about adapting materials to their given forms. In fact, the best way to use the material is to use raw wooden furniture in a space. For example, use metal and wooden tables and chairs in the spaces. One can use cabinets made out of metal fabrication and wooden shutters.

    17. Varied Wood Uses:

    Use of materials

    Furniture such as tables can be made out of wooden logs and pine wood, keeping their original texture and finishes. Interestingly, these natural looks and finishes of the wood, when combined with glass as table tops for window frames, make the space look industrial.

    18. Vision Through Glass:

    Industrial Style Interior Design

    The use of glass on the table tops that are made of raw wood or black sleek metal would make it look industrial. For example, when the plain sleek metal frames are painted black or dark grey shade gives a prominent effect on the look of the space. Whereas glass can be a material that can be minimalistic and rustic in its form when used with wood brick and metal. Hence, it can be used in partitions to make it look simple yet elegant.

    19. Fabricating The Metal:

    Metal Hangings

    Metal is a material that can be used to cover the beams or modify the ceiling. Moreover, there can be metal hangings added to the place in terms of partitions or artifacts. Also, the metal planters can be used as partitions or transition elements in the space.

    20. Selection of Fabric:

    Industrial Style Interior Design
    Touch Of Leather

    The rough textures of the rugs can be an element that would enhance the space with their colour and textures. Therefore, the use of leather with dark colours complements the wooden furniture and open or concrete-exposed ceilings. Certainly, when the brown leather is covered over the sofa that has a wooden centre table, it makes the space look warm and cozy.

    Looking at all the above 20 features of Industrial Style Interior Design can help design a timeless, trendy interior space. As mentioned, a neutral colour palette, a combination of dark and lighter shades and tones of grey and black, and giving a single hue of colour can enhance the space. Also, the infusion of both natural and artificial lighting plays a role in creating warm and lighter spaces. In addition to being time-efficient, industrial style interior design gives the designers better opportunities to make their designs efficient. Further, when the materials used are mostly in their original forms, that saves time and gives the design rawness. Such designs turn into better spaces when matched with other interior styles.

    Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Rajeshwari Pandya Modi

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