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Posted On January 30, 2023

Minimalist Apartment Interiors With A Parisian Touch | The Wall

We designed a 3-bedroom apartment for our elderly Parsi client with a young and lovely heart. The lady of the house loves cultural decor and floral prints, which gave us a way to evolve the design around the theme. Hence with all the respect we created and designed this minimalist apartment interiors with a Parisian […]

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Posted On January 11, 2023

3BHK Home With A Sense Of Calm And Warmth | The Code Studio

The beautifully sculpted spaces with the use of refined natural materials in shades of sand, earth and stone, drench this 3BHK home with a sense of calm and warmth. The neutral shades throughout set the stage for a beautiful play of light and shadow. The apartment is 2200 sq. ft. in size and includes a […]

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Posted On January 04, 2023

‘Nilah’ Is A Classic Home With A Contemporary Twist | ARK Architecture Studio

Located at the 11th floor of SFS Apartment complex at Pallimukk, Trivandrum. ‘Nilah’ is a classic home with a contemporary twist. The clients, being a young entrepreneur couple with a young daughter, wanted a home that reflects their personalities- a home that accommodates a modern Indian family lifestyle. Spread across 1900 sq.ft , this 3bhk apartment […]

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Posted On January 02, 2023

3BHK Apartment Conceptualized As An Amalgamation Of Opulence And Serenity | Archaic Design Studio

Designed by Archaic Design Studio, this 1300 sq.ft, residential apartment is located in the suburban area of Ahmedabad. The 3BHK apartment conceptualized as an amalgamation of opulence and serenity, was designed with an intent to groom the space into a home that is both functional and elegant; while evoking a sense of place by contemplating […]

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  • Posted On December 30, 2022

    3BHK Apartment Designed For A Nuclear Family In Indore | Struc-terior

    This 2000 sq.ft 3bhk apartment designed for a nuclear family in Indore, where the entrance is kept simple having a footwear storage and space for welcoming plants. It has 2 doors for the entry, one main entrance for the family and guests and another one as the service entrance, which has been given a seamless […]

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    Posted On December 28, 2022

    Residential Space Designed With A Contemporary Modern Style | Charcoal Hues Design Studio

    The client’s brief was to use best of the materials & finishes available and provide them a home which ensured comfort and luxury for all the family members. The choices for material selection for all private spaces were done as per the theme. This residential space designed with a contemporary modern style approach, where all […]

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    Posted On December 23, 2022

    Neutral Color Palette With A Hint Of Earthen Shades | Studio Dezeinmatics (SDezein)

    The Earthen House is a 3Bhk Residence located in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai city. This project introduces us to a neutral color palette with a hint of earthen shades (Olive green/salmon pink) to add flavor in the design. The path taken for the project was minimalistic which is tailored as per the requirements of […]

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    Posted On December 17, 2022

    A Cosy Home Adorned With Personal Touches And Accessories | DESIGN TREE

    At Design Tree, we believe that home is not merely a space built with walls and beams; but a treasure trove of dreams, memories and emotions. Weaving these intangible aspects into a design needs a lot of attention to detail, which ultimately plays a crucial role in defining the ambience of a home. Be it […]

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    Posted On December 16, 2022

    An Eclectic Take On Contemporary Modern Style Of Design | De’UJA DESIGNS

    The approach to the design was to create a space that is monochrome yet sober house, by curation of experiences through charming ambience and utilizing the maximum space. Restricting the palate to white grey, black concrete and wood was necessary as, wood is a centuries old material and concrete being modern, they both age gracefully. […]

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    Posted On December 16, 2022

    A Modern Home With Functionality At It’s Core | RED BRICK STUDIO

    We were approached by the client with two compact 3BHK apartments to be combined into a single 4BHK home for a family of five. Measuring 990 sq.ft. each in carpet area in total, the apartments were attached with a large podium level terrace of 2100 sft. The client’s brief was to have an open and […]

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    Posted On December 15, 2022

    A Cozy And Elegant Neo-Classical Interior Design | SCULPT DESIGN STUDIO

    The alluring interiors of this project belong to the Neo-classical theme of interior design, which is a combination of Greek and Roman styles. It’s really about complete harmony, balancing, and arrangement in this sort of design. Apart from its power, this new home interior has its own flair and never goes out of style. So, […]

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    Posted On December 09, 2022

    Monochromatic Minimalism In A Brown Color Palette | FURDO

    This home in Tata Promont is a true testimony of the above statement. The theme is monochromatic minimalism in a brown color palette. The subtle shades of earthy tones are beautifully carried throughout the home to create harmony and class. The ergonomic designs prioritize creating functional forms while keeping the aesthetics balanced. Monochromatic Minimalism In […]

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    Posted On December 08, 2022

    Keeping Functionality At The Core In This Minimalistic Home | OPEN ATELIER MUMBAI

    Residences are designed to catch on trends quickly while aligning with an overarching client brief. Each element complements the holistic theme of the space and is so perfect that it seizes its place between the pages of a magazine, but falls short of feeling like a home. Instead, the nostalgia of home takes one back […]

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    Posted On December 03, 2022

    Merging Classic Victorian And Trendy Design Styles For The Home Interiors | THE DESIGN PLEXUS

    Apartment 707! stands for balance and harmony, and that’s exactly how the design style of the house has been conceived. The house belongs to a nuclear family of 3 where the couple were inclined towards merging Classic Victorian and Trendy design styles for the home interiors, and that’s where the architects Arzu Jaria and Mandar […]

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