Appropriate Blend Of Design And Materials Creates A Sense Of Calmness | CREATIVE GEOMETRY

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We set out to design a sophisticated, unconventional apartment. The design intent was to keep it minimal yet have unique features that can make it stand out. The client brief was to create a timeless design. The design should be such that it can emphasise on the layout and at the same time capitalise on the views outside. The project was envisioned, designed and most of the execution happened during the covid lockdown in 2021. During this time, we worked very closely with the client in realising this project and what we believe turned out to be as we had imagined.

The appropriate blend of design and materials creates a sense of calmness inside the space, fading off the chaos outside and creating a sense of harmony with the stillness of the lake outside. We have used different textures and materials that all individually stand out and yet blend together.

Appropriate Blend Of Design And Materials Creates A Sense Of Calmness | CREATIVE GEOMETRY


The entrance foyer is defined by the wooden louvered screen that covers the opening looking inwards the building complex. The view was not all that appealing, hence we used to add a wooden screen that allows the light to pass through and acts as a warm canvas for the stone installation.

The stone used in the seed shaped installation is a Schist granite stone sourced from a local quarry near karkalla, Udupi district, Karnataka. Each of these stone were of  90 to 100 kgs approximately.

The formal Living Room wall is the main highlight of the common area with a unique metal beads installation. It was inspired by the free flow of the sand dunes and keeping it aligned with the concept of openness and flow of spaces of the apartment.

The installation was made up of about 3500 nos. of ball bearings varying from 5mm to 15mm in size. It was envisioned, custom designed and executed at site by Creative Geometry.

The Dry kitchen counter / Bar counter was envisioned as a organic block of stone. To achieve that, we created multiple layers of metal framework clad with plywood and finished with Acrylic solid surface (corian).

Kid’s Bedroom – The wooden logs are used for the wardrobe handles, study table and side table legs . They are made from a tree uprooted from another site, recycled to be used here.

The entire wall was envisioned to look like a painting and the wall being the canvas itself, creating a larger than life space. The free flowing brush stokes are in sync with the layered curves of the false ceiling.

Junior Suite Bedroom – This headboard backpanel and wardrobe of this monochrome bedroom is finished with texture paint with a protective layer of PU coating.

Study – Unconventional book shelf which blends with the monochrome room palette. Tv console unit Custom made by Creative Geometry. Design inspired by the curved and floating effect of the cot.

Master Bedroom – The bed was oriented such that it looks outside to the lake view. A metal partition was made as the backdrop for the bed. The partition very subtly divides the room from the open walk-in wardrobe, making the very larger master bedroom (900 sqft.) seem open and yet cosy and warm.

The 10ft tall metal partition was custom made by machine bending the metal pipes to achieve the desired curved shapes and assembled together at site. The AC unit is hidden in the louvered boxing on top. For continuity, the wallpaper grooves continue on the louvered boxing too.



Project Type : Apartment Interiors

Project Name : HARBOUR CLUB

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 6 MONTHS

Built up : 6000 Sq.ft

Principal Designers Akhilesh Baldota & Rahul Nikkam

Team Design Credits : Creative Geometry, Akhilesh Baldota & Rahul Nikkam

Photograph Courtesy : Nayansoni

Firm’s Instagram Link : CREATIVE GEOMETRY

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