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Contemporary Yet Classy Home Décor | Shubh Interiors

Creating a home that reflects the unique style of the family members is quite a task. This luxurious residence has made the dream come true for the people living here. This place seems to be a perfect blend of design aesthetics and practical necessities. The personalized design has transformed the space into a warm and comfortable lodge for its members. It inspires everybody with its contemporary yet classy home décor. The apartment on the first floor majorly has four bedrooms, a big hall with dining and a beautiful family room in it. Every nook and corner has been carefully tailored to satisfy the client’s requirement.

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The knob-free door with built-in handles used in the entire house gives a whole new composition which looks very jazzy and has a different approach. The main door designed with a similar concept is accentuated with graceful square patterns with rhythmic irregularity on the surface. The grand living space facing the huge balcony receives an ample amount of light which leads to picking off a subtle beige color pallet for the interiors. The stylish sofa sittings allow you the utmost comfort for relaxing and enjoying with your dear ones. This room has got the favorite element that is the CNC cut decorative wall partition in MS with black powder coating which maintains the privacy and adds aesthetical value in the room. The false ceiling is kept light according to the lingo of the residence with the use of wooden rafters in a horizontal band aligned to the sittings. The excellent design of the TV unit in yellow onyx looks so elegant and desirable. The mood lighting used in the interior creates a cozy atmosphere.

The adjacent dining room has got this very sophisticated tabletop in wood with MS black coated stands which looks very fashionable and traditional at the same time. The crockery cabinet of onyx at one side has got these elevated triangular patterns in wood maintaining the vintage look of the house. The washbasin area beside the dining looks so interesting with the proper use of backlight onyx in the background. The two wooden leaves maintain the vernacular of the house and bring a lively factor while having meals. The pretty chandelier brings out the overall grace. The Italian white marble used for space makes the room feel even bigger and bright.

The master bedroom has been given the language of a fashionable Roman style. The combination of whites and turquoise goes well with the small touch of brass. The backdrop has got the dignified rectangular shapes in embossed brass finish appears to be very exquisite. The ceiling is again kept very simple with a band of feeble prisms in the corner. The attached dressing has come out to be a gorgeous spot in the room due to the admirable detailing done on the walls and for the cupboards. The attached washroom maintains the sanity of the interiors while picking a simple white pallet for the walls, ceiling as well as for the floors with satvario marble finish.

The most fascinating bedroom out of all was the son’s bedroom which had so many striking edges to it. Starting from the cantilevered bed to the famous backdrop of brick with the world map done on it. The stainless steel used for the side stools maintains the rawness of the room as needed for a youngster. The patterned wooden flooring solves the same purpose. The attached washroom has got the sober beige color finishes and a charming shower cubical.

This room has also got direct entry to the most exciting room of the house that is the family room. The family gets a free space to enjoy and interact through different activities in this room. The checkered kota stone flooring and cement sheet panels with PU coating on walls bring out the spirit of the room. It has even got a private Jacuzzi at the back which enables you to relax and rejuvenate at your convenience.

The parents’ bedroom has got a chic décor which keeps up the traditional essence which is required while designing a room for the elders. On the other hand, the guest bedroom was kept very light and sober with a minimalist approach.

The kitchen too follows the vernaculars of the house with sober white interiors and everything concealed behind it.


Firm: Shubh Interiors

Principal Designer: Mehul  Parmar

Location: Surat

Area: 3750 sq fts

Type Of Project: Residential Apartment

Project Year: 2019

Text Credits: Abhilasha Jha

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