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Residences are designed to catch on trends quickly while aligning with an overarching client brief. Each element complements the holistic theme of the space and is so perfect that it seizes its place between the pages of a magazine, but falls short of feeling like a home. Instead, the nostalgia of home takes one back to the clutter, the mis-matched cushions on a contrasting couch, to art pieces in different styles adorning walls because they were curated over time; to frames and rugs, which might not belong in the same visual design style, but all of it feel a lot more like home.

Keeping Functionality At The Core In This Minimalistic Home | Open Atelier Mumbai

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Conscious of the stark contrast between the two aesthetics of the external facade and the spaces within, a smooth transition is crafted between the lift lobby and the entrance to the apartment that takes shape in the form of the living cum dining space. Owing to balancing the transition, the linear living room takes on a bohemian look that is enticed with luxury. Opulent and white, the space is a conscious curation of mismatched pieces that together create a home filled with warmth and cheer.

Adding warmth to the alabaster tone is rattan, which subtly binds the pieces of furniture together, however not stylistically. Spatially, the lack of a formal foyer is filled in by the narrow entrance framed by the dining on one side and the ethereal corner that is created as a result by a statement balloon chair in rattan and luscious plants. Taking up space from the servant’s room in order to manifest a concave peripheral storage space that acts as a bar, it becomes an endearing background for the circular dining table in wood and the chairs, all of which flaunt a different colour, complete with a glorious chandelier on top.

The living space is on the other side of the room, set adjacent to large windows, bathing in sunlight being filtered through the macrame sheers. In rattan and wood, the elegant sofa is layered with a white couch and peppered with exquisitely embroidered cushions in neutral hues. The exposed mechanical details of the television unit and library, manifested through oak-finished wooden shelves that are mounted on the black pipe, impart a rustic look to the space.

Working within the budget constraints that led to an integration with the overall design aesthetic as well, the existing Botticino marble flooring has been retained in order to offset the Boho accents that were brought in.

The star of the show is the hard-to-miss wall mural. With a monochromatic palette, the flowers and butterfly laden piece of art adds charisma and character to the space. Engaging with the artwork are the two floor-mounted metal frames, one with clear glass and the other with yellow-tinted glass that overlap the mural, without obstructing the art to focus on particular elements subtly. Fitting right in between the painted roses and the butterfly artwork, whilst balancing the neutrality of the visual palette are lush verdant plants, all personally handpicked by the lady of the home, owing to her green thumb.

Strategically organising the space as an act of spontaneity, the home harbours overlapping rugs, sourced from Kerala, to add splashes of colour to the flooring and augment the space with a regional appeal. The macrame sheers that filter the sunlight, sit on an antique wooden finish rod that permeates a vintage aesthetic. Grounded in little details, the home displays a stunning selection of lighting fixtures, all peculiar and statement pieces. The overlapping circular track light setting in the ceiling and the floor-mounted metal light mural, juxtapose themselves with the chandelier in the dining space.

The linear hallway takes an idiosyncratic character off its own with its arched doorways, continuing the anarchic harmony inside the study. Laden in a concrete finish, the room is serene, flooded with soft sunlight throughout the day because of its orientation and the macrame curtains.

A trio of tall arches fitted with mirrors in their core takes up one wall, effortlessly creating an illusion of a larger space. The flooring is a yellow-hued Jaisalmer marble, completing the organic look. A stunning, modern chair in electric blue is superimposed to juxtapose the organic visuals and ruffle up the synced look of this room. Completing the visuals are magnificent lush, green plants that add more life and lustre to the space.

While the common spaces have a general pattern of a bohemian asynchrony, the bedrooms are personalised to the occupant’s liking and colour preferences. The master bedroom is a theatrical display of an earthy red that takes up the ceiling and defragments the wainscoting panels clad on the walls

The furniture is kept minimalistic with a bed with a rattan finished bed-back, side tables and a single lounge chair in rust over a wooden flooring. Green leafy plants atone the warmth quotient, balancing out the visual palette of the room.

The kids’ bedrooms take experimental forms from their individual likings, artistically incorporating their preferences, while still leaving room for incremental additions for the future. The son’s wishlist had the colour blue and pokemon, shaping his room into an eclectic blue and white toned, single bed space with a quirky hand painted black and white mural of pokemon characters on the largest wall of the room.

A minimalistic study and storage shelves complete this aesthetic setup, which is fit for a teenager and a young adult. Wishing for something pink and holding an admiration for the art nouveau style, the daughter’s room demonstrates an amalgamation of the two.

The exquisite theme is expressed on the sublime mural, a visual narration of animal tales, accentuated by art pieces like the origami bird and the animal sculptures placed in the corners.

The design takes care of the minute’, keeping functionality at the core in this minimalistic home; thereby adding to the longevity of the project. With strategic planning and curation, the financial spending on the project has been in check, reiterating that a good project need not be an expensive project; and instead, it is one that rightfully caters to the needs of the people. This space, before any pinterest board or magazine, first belongs to its inhabitants; it is asynchronous, organic, mismatched, aesthetic and all that the clients wished their home should be.


Designed by : Open Atelier Mumbai

Project Type : Residential apartment

Project Name : Casa Bohemia  

Location : Mumbai            

Year Built : December 2021

Project Size : 2000 Sq.ft

Principal Designer : Rahul Mistri

Team Design credit : Rahul Mistri, Parth Soni, Rakesh Sharma & Mahesh Chalke 

Photograph Courtesy : Prashant Bhat

Products/Materials/Vendors : ACP / Glass / Concrete – Saint Gobain / Sanitary ware, Fittings  – Brizo, Toto / Flooring – CMC Italian marble, Xylos wooden flooring / Furnishing – De Decor / Furniture – Defurn / Air Conditioning – Grace Cool, BMS / Lighting – Light shoppe / Paint – ICA and painting contractor-  Mr. Vibhav Parikh / Arts / Artefacts – Hand painted murals by Bhavesh Davane, Elevator.                                            

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