Contemporary Interpretation Of A Traditional Decor,Bangalore | Land Studio

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Contemporary Interpretation Of A Traditional Decor, Bangalore | Land Studio

Land Studio is a Bangalore based team of architects, interior designers and product designers.We believe that design should send a message of emotion. By using traditional art and balancing it with modernity, we strive to produce designs that is creative, contextual, clever, contemporary with inspirations from the old art forms of Indian craftsmanship.

Being a large family , Kavita wanted a modern , clutter free home with ample storage spaces in each room. They didn’t want too many elements and accessories crowding the house, becoming a hindrance for the kids to run around.

The narrative that weaves through this interior design project is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional theme.As you enter the home you are welcomed with a mixture of purity in white on the left  with a dash of subtle grey walls on the right.  The warmth of a wooden seater inspired from a “Jhoola” or swing , interpreted by fixed four poster seater  that are ornamented  vanishing into the ceiling.


Your eye connects to the farther end  of the living area, where a similar hanging seater occupies the width of the room.  This seater acts as a vantage point for Kiran ,from where she can see the Kitchen, the entry  and the kids all at the same time. This sure  doesn’t keep the kids from being any less mischievous.

Design for us is a collaborative effort where ideas evolve and take shape between our design intent and the technical expertise of the skilled craftsmen.The walls and ceiling of the living area are adorned by the beautiful art of Thikri – a 16th century mirror art done on plaster of paris in the palaces in Rajasthan.

We collaborated with   tradional  Rajasthani artisans to create panels using the same art form on a tribal geometric design given by us that scale the walls and traverse  onto the ceiling of the living area. The shimmer is priceless in the evenings.

It is said that these mirrors used to glitter in the candle light by illuminating the whole palace. We used custom made lights in strategic angles to give a similar effect in the house while keeping in the touch with the modernity of the space.

The custom made dining table has a wooden (teak veneer coated)  top with clear glass support  all held together  by two wooden rafters rendering it afloat.

The back to back seater connects the dining and the formal living together. The palette of deep blue , tan and grey celebrates the pure  white space .

The master bedroom is wrapped in tones of dusty rose with patterns debossed in MDF.   Inspiration can be found in many places which then evolves into a finished product with adequate research and development.

The pattern was inspired by works of Patricia Urquiola.


MDF as  a material had limitations that were worked around to achieve the variations in depth,pattern and texture. The handles were designed to subtly blend in with the pattern.

The assymetry was added in the lamps , combining the variation of a table lamp and the hanging.we explored the tones further in the bed and sofa with upholstered strips.


Rohit’s and Kavita’s bedroom speaks modernity with hints of industrial elements in the form of MS rods, finished in matt black toned down by the warmth upholstery and wooden wardrobe.

The conical lamps were a result of continuous trial and error with the fabricator to achieve the right proportion of opaque and wired piece to lend the clean lined space an organic element.

For the kid’s room We let their irresistible fun and energy inspire us . Using lines to play its part whether it be lighting , furniture, wardrobe , handles even soft furnishing.

The hand painted cubes were the only accessories here ,executed by the home team that adorn the frames of light. The tone of blue and green for the headboard neutralized the light pine veneer in the room.

The geometric artwork on the tables were customized with hand painted knobs. Arnish and Drisana earned the large balcony which flooded  their mornings with light.

As for the guest room we played with dark and light cutting it with vertical strips of brass inlaid , tying up the space visually.

The aubergine toned upholstered bed with hydraulic  storage sat well against the wooden(teak veneer) backdrop . The side tables here were made out of leftover stone .

Their kitchen had to be functional and clutter free. so we used a mixture of diffused and task lights  in neutral and warm tones.The beautiful granite dado was enhanced by the jade green shutters combined with wawa dyed wood and customised  brass handles ( weather coated ) . The hardwares were procured from Hafele & appliances were from Siemens.


Principal Architects: Lumina Phyllis Cleetus , Ajoy Thomas , Niddhi Karnani

Property : Vaishnavi Terraces ( apartment ) , J.P nagar, Bangalore

Area         : 2620 Square feet





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  • I really like all of the pictures that you have here of the furniture. I would probably go with something like you have in the second picture as I really like the way the furniture goes with the room. I’ll probably have to explore some other options as I know that there are many different things I can go with.

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