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Posted On February 22, 2024

Sculptural Suspended Ceiling Installation That Hangs Proudly | The Collective Works Studio

“Sash” : The name is derived from the centerpiece of this extraordinary restaurant a massive yet delicately designed red sculptural suspended ceiling installation that hangs proudly in the center of...

Posted On February 20, 2024

Natural Materials, Artisanal Craftsmanship, And Sustainable Living | 1 POINT SIX 18

Embarking on a luxury interior design journey for a discerning young couple with toddlers, our exclusive design atelier aimed to cultivate a home exuding refined sophistication. Grounded in a passion for...

Posted On February 09, 2024

An Enhanced Doctor’s Office That Radiates Feminine Energy | arcKala design studio

Our clients being some of the renowned plastic surgeons and aestheticians wished for us to create an enhanced doctor’s office that radiates feminine energy but with a subtle firmness. Thus,...

Posted On January 25, 2024

An Authentic Fine Dine Italian Restaurant Curated Very Well | TERRA INCOGNITA

“Culinary Symphony: A Design Odyssey through Italian Elegance in Mohali” Nestled in the heart of the city, “Giulia-Armando” stands a testament to the fusion of design brilliance and culinary passion...

  • Posted On December 03, 2022

    Merging Classic Victorian And Trendy Design Styles For The Home Interiors | THE DESIGN PLEXUS

    Apartment 707! stands for balance and harmony, and that’s exactly how the design style of the house has been conceived. The house belongs to a nuclear family of 3 where...

    Posted On November 17, 2022

    Minimal Contemporary Brand Store For ‘Cakes & More’ | THE CREATIVE ESCAPES

    Founded in 2019, ‘The Creative Escapes’ is a multi-disciplinary design studio devoted to creating soulful spaces that gets one to fall in love with beautiful nuances of visual storytelling. Each...

    Posted On November 15, 2022

    Transforming An Old Apartment Into A Contemporary Office Space | BEYOND SPACES DESIGN STUDIO

    ‘Beyond Spaces’ embarked on a revamping project with transforming an old apartment into a contemporary office space. The office of Mudhra Ventures is both striking and comforting, a place which...

    Posted On November 12, 2022

    An Opulent And Cosy Home | MERAKI DESIGN’S BY HEER

    This interior is designed in a way that makes it into both an opulent and cosy home. Making this home in the short amount of time was enjoyable as well...

    Posted On November 08, 2022

    Blending Clean Lines With Traditional Twist In This Family Home | THE 7th CORNER INTERIOR

    Ingenious space planning and energetic colour palette complete the look of this residence located in Mumbai. Seamlessly executed and beautifully crafted by The 7th Corner Interior, the design style reflects Classic...

    Posted On November 01, 2022

    Meticulously Chosen Lounges, Unique Seating Spaces And A Refreshing Workstation | Kstudio Designs

    Sprawled across 1200 square feet, stepping into the newly designed workspace by ‘Kstudio Designs’ will surely leave anyone dazzled. Complemented with thoughtfully curated furnishings, exceptional craftsmanship, metallic artwork, ample greenery,...

    Posted On October 19, 2022

    Boutique Furniture Store For A Reputed Brand | SPACE9 PROJECTS

    This is a boutique furniture store for a reputed brand, ‘Shree Dinkar Furniture at One World Capital, Bopal Junction at Iscon Ambli Road, Ahmedabad. It is an experience center about...

    Posted On October 17, 2022

    Adding A Sense Of Comfort Along With Luxury | THE SS STORY

    ‘The Bespoke Hearth’ is a home that speaks a thousand words to make you speechless! A space with utmost detailing, that is full of art, love for colours adding a...

    Posted On October 17, 2022

    Bringing Together Soothing Materials And Nature Inspired Hues | SPACES BY FROLIK+CO

    With an eclectic mix, a studio in the heart of the city bringing together soothing materials and nature inspired hues. Adhering to the brief the studio is designed keeping in...

    Posted On October 15, 2022

    Focusing More On Natural Lights Thus Enhancing The Office Interiors | A-SPACE

    While designing the layout of the office, we had to merge two offices into one. The heart of the office is its centralized work-station area. Designed in the combination of...

    Posted On October 14, 2022

    Providing This Environment Consultant Office With An Eco-Friendly Ambience | Design Studio Associates

    ‘Sara Bhai Environment Consultant’ is one of the leading environmental consulting companies based in Vadodara. Its corporate office is situated in Sara Bhai campus in Vadodara, within the area of...