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    ‘Sara Bhai Environment Consultant’ is one of the leading environmental consulting companies based in Vadodara. Its corporate office is situated in Sara Bhai campus in Vadodara, within the area of 850 Sq.ft. The office is equipped with all the amenities and facilities to provide a more comfortable and work friendly environment for its staff. The head Architect, Ar. Ruchir Sheth accompanied by his team, Krupal Sheth, have put in a lot of efforts to design this beautiful office to give a more elegant but eco-friendly look to match it with their nature of work.

    Providing This Environment Consultant Office With An Eco-Friendly Ambience | Design Studio Associates

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    Entering the office will land you in the reception area with the natural looking brick-designed wall, the elegant blue sofa chairs sitting on the other side of the corner, with the background of Chinese flora and artefacts blending in, providing this Environment Consultant office with an eco-friendly ambience.

    The lobby connects the reception area, through with the workstation along with the director’s office. This lightened-up passage gives a luxurious look for the passersby to enjoy the view the of the whole office through the metallic and glass frames.

    The workstation provides a decent amount of space to work with five seating space along with the all the amenities and an ambient of grayish and black color background giving it a more aesthetic and luxurious look.

    The director’s office is a spacious place divided into two parts with office table and ergonomic chairs to have an individual discussion with a royal color background and a big clock on the back wall, whereas the other part has sofa lounge chairs and a beautifully designed double-storey round table to have a more pleasant and comfortable discussion over the sip of a coffee. The bonsai plants and artistic figures on the wall over the sofa give it a more pleasant feel.

    The conference room or the discussion room is adjacent to the director’s room with more realistic design and aesthetics to have the group meetings, discussion with the clients personally. It can also be used as a cafeteria for the employees to spend their free time.

    The Sara Bhai corporate office is a spacious, budget-friendly space, providing a luxurious look with natural lights and flora, built with a mindset of giving a more eco-friendly vibe to the workers through its design by using royal colors, natural brick design, laminated furnishing sheets, glass and MS frames, so that the employees are highly satisfied with the theme and the natural materials.


    Designed by :  Design Studio Associates

    Project Type : Office Interiors

    Project Name : Sara Bhai Environment Consultant

    Location : Vadodara

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of project : 3 months

    Project Size :  850 Sq ft.

    Project Cost : 20 lacs

    Principal Architect : Ar. Ruchir Sheth

    Team Design Credits:  Krupal Sheth

    Photograph Courtesy : Tejas Shah

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Wall-covering – Cladding – brick texture/ Lighting – Hybac, Cylinder light / Doors and Partitions – Glass door with aluminum frame / Furniture – Ply, Laminate/ Flooring – Vitrified tile/ Paint – Royale

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