• An Enhanced Doctor’s Office That Radiates Feminine Energy | arcKala design studio

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    Our clients being some of the renowned plastic surgeons and aestheticians wished for us to create an enhanced doctor’s office that radiates feminine energy but with a subtle firmness. Thus, the power of spaces and architecture lies in the senses that it triggers.

    An Enhanced Doctor’s Office That Radiates Feminine Energy | arcKala design studio

    doctor's office

    The brief of this doctor’s office focused on creating an exuberant reception, waiting area along with a consultation room that is divided into a photography room and two minor procedure rooms in the basement of the building.

    doctor's office

    doctor's office

    doctor's office

    Our challenge was to create an inviting space in the basement that doesn’t feel dingy while creating a buffer for patients to absorb the power of aesthetics before they make a decision for going forward with a consultation or surgery.

    doctor's office

    doctor's office

    We wished to create a space that is inviting and vibrant. When someone decides to go forward with plastic surgery , they seem to have a lot on their minds along with a lot of fear and doubt.

    doctor's office

    doctor's office

    The idea was to create a space that appreciates different forms and lines and channels feminine energy since it is a strong yet delicate & calm form of energy.

    doctor's office

    We used hues of lavender and pinks along with beige for luxe. Aesthetic lighting and dropping a huge chandelier from the entrance to the basement along the staircase to make it feel like a gala, celebrating one’s bodies and forms.

    doctor's office

    We achieved the right amount of “Flamboyance” with some inhouse sculptural furniture pieces and décor as well. A perfect dance between Flamboyance and delicacy.

    doctor's office

    Fact File

    Designed by:
    arcKala design studio

    Project Type: Commercial Building

    Project Name: Handa Aesthetics & Plastics

    Location: Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

    Year Built: 2023

    Duration of the project: 3 Months

    Project Size: 2500 Sq.ft

    Principal Architects: Ar. Janesh Jain & Ar. Anusha Katoch

    Photograph Courtesy: Perspectivesbyv

    Firm’s Website Link: arcKala design studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link: arcKala design studio

    Firm’s Facebook Link: arcKala design studio

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