Transforming An Old Apartment Into A Contemporary Office Space | BEYOND SPACES DESIGN STUDIO

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‘Beyond Spaces’ embarked on a revamping project with transforming an old apartment into a contemporary office space. The office of Mudhra Ventures is both striking and comforting, a place which inspires innovation and imagination.

Transforming An Old Apartment Into A Contemporary Office Space | Beyond Spaces Design Studio

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An achromatic colour scheme with pops of colour representing each of the client’s brands brings modernity to the space. The design is simple and practical, catering to the client’s needs. Through the striking wooden, black door with custom motif of a butterfly, we enter into a room with fluted grey panelled walls punctuated by shelves housing abstract art pieces. The greys lend a distinctive contrast, highlighting the logo of Mudhra Ventures. Keeping in line with the neutral theme, the use of the black and brass chairs act as a waiting area to give the room muted and modern sensibilities.

This room has been divided into two zones: the communal workstations and the lounge area. The workstation is the heart of this space and hosts large desks. The open layout of the two areas work together to facilitate communication and interaction. The lounge area is further embellished by the vibrant couches and bench that offer a fun seating area.

The addition of the black and grey circular cushioned boards act as a boundary to create two distinct spaces. These boards also serve a dual purpose as pin up boards as well as writing surfaces. The yellow, red and blue, representing the client’s brands, are utilised thoughtfully in the circles.

The transformation of this space from an empty apartment to a comforting work environment is further embodied by the custom artwork depicting the metamorphosis of the butterfly. A minimalist approach juxtaposed with colourful elements that add character creates a functional yet aesthetic work environment

Owing to the previous apartment layout, this workspace has the exceptional advantage of pre curated distinct areas, which Beyond Studios has manipulated to its benefit. An accent wall which can be used as a backdrop allows for a multipurpose studio space, offering an element of flexibility that enables the room to evolve into what the client needs in the moment. The wooden table is the focal element in the conference room, framed by overhead task lighting that draws attention to it. The artwork further reflects the work ethic of the office space, fostering productivity.

We then arrive at the client’s cabin which replicates the language and colour story of the office space. The room accurately reflects the client’s magnetic personality. With a sleek, solid wooden table and deep, forest green upholstered chairs, the design dabbles with different textures and colours.

The grey, cement board panelling and floral wallpaper further pull focus to the inviting green chairs. Removing the shutters turns what was previously a wardrobe into an open cabinet in the colours of the client’s brands to create a personal display space.

The final element is the use of functional zones – the outdoor lounge spilling out from the main cabin room, the pantry and, the alternate work area by the entrance.

The pantry, decorated by an eclectic wallpaper, serves as an uplifting intermission from the overall theme. Finally, the alternate work area is adorned by beautiful plants, wooden stools and ledge style table.

The beauty of this office lies in its details – the task lighting, which draws your focus to the art and the work areas, a colour palette that creates a mood that spells productivity, the strategically placed plants which enhance the spirit of the office, the use of space such as the outdoor work area and, the pantry to provide a change of scenario. It all comes together to create a holistic workspace.


Designed by : Beyond Spaces Design Studio

Project Type : Office Interiors

Project Name : The Grey Office

Location : Banjarahills, Hyderabad

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 3 months

Project Size : 2000 sq.ft

Photograph Courtesy : Raisen Majhi

Principal Architect : Mounika Kodali

Content Writer Credits : Prateeksha Karat

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