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    This is a boutique furniture store for a reputed brand, ‘Shree Dinkar Furniture at One World Capital, Bopal Junction at Iscon Ambli Road, Ahmedabad. It is an experience center about what Shri Dinkar Furniture is as a brand and what it offers. The design was all about showcasing the furniture products offered by SDF in their purest and complete form. The interior design revolves around giving the customer an experience that enables him to decide to buy furniture from SDF in an affirmative way.

    Boutique Furniture Store For A Reputed Brand | Space9 Projects

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    The priority was to create a purpose of focus on furniture products with some delight and amusement. To achieve this objective, soft curves on corners and the arch dividers between each cluster are the key elements along with a monochromatic beige texture paint with the Gold leafing on the arches.

    All these elements become the showstoppers of the event. The monochromatic beige wall texture helps in highlighting the expanse of the floor area. Not only that, it serves as a neutral background to furniture products that have a vast range and variety of colours and finishes.

    To add glamour to the project, we added landscape elements like exotic indoor plants along with customised wallpapers that adds another texture and a X-factor to wall paint.

    Customised lights along with hanging creepers are the most memorable part of the interior design of the Showroom.

    Tinge of Gold Leafing on the edges of the arched partitions uplifts the ambience. A metal structure hanging from the false ceiling just right in front of the entrance that acts like a canopy on the furniture products is one more highlighting point of the design.

    The Retail store is divided in clusters of living rooms, bedrooms, dining space and family. Each cluster has a separate identity as each space is treated absolutely differently and distinctly.

    The light patterns in the false ceiling were also derived keeping in mind the functional value of each cluster.

    Lastly, the emphasis of Interior Design was to give it everlasting memories to the new customers who visit the store.


    Designed by :  Space9 Projects

    Project Type : Retail Store for Furniture Manufacturer

    Project Name : SDF store

    Location : One World West, Bopal-Ambli Road, Ahmedabad

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of project : 3 months

    Project Size :  1800 sq.ft

    Project Cost : 30 lac

    Principal Architect : Akash Goplani

    Team Design Credits : Kelly Patel & Gyata Gyayak

    Photograph Courtesy : Abhishek Shah

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Furnishings – Kaypee Corporation / Wall texture – Colour Zone Furniture – Shree Dinkar Furniture / Artefacts – Agarwal Beddings / Wallpaper – Design by Space9 Projects

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