60 Mesmerising Modern Mansion Design Inspirations

Modern Mansion Design may sound like an oxymoron: Can a mansion be modern? Yes. In present times, we see a trend of adopting traditional styles, aka “Going Vintage.” Living in a small, compact home may not be suitable for all. There are countless joint families in India who still rely on spacious modern mansion design. At the same time, they may also consider a home that reminds them of their ancestral home. Thus, one cannot compromise on comfort and the joy of living together. Here is a list of the 50 Most Beautiful Modern Mansion Design that celebrate communal living.

A Palatial Edifice | Creative Architects and Interiors

The project is set in the Sholinganallur residential area of Chennai. Defined by symmetry and proportion, designed in the classical style with grandeur and royalty, this bungalow is a palatial edifice, planned for a large family of twenty members. This residence strikes the right balance between – client aspirations, strategic-functional design and exquisite artisanship.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: Creative Architects and Interiors

Location: Chennai

Principal Architect: Ar. Varsha Jain

Photograph Courtesy: Sushmidha Jawahar

Simple Modern Mansion Design | Ecumene Habitat Solutions

Located in Electronic City, Bangalore, the homes belonging to two brothers are set in a context that is fast changing from a rural to urban character. The choreography and architecture of this building set amidst a lush landscape that reflect the ethos of their lives. Choreography Of Spaces – Upon entering the plot, a picturesque pergola frames the residence capturing the essence and summary of the design. All materials used in the building are portrayed at this point.

Modern Mansion Design

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: Ecumene Habitat Solutions

Location: Bangalore

Principal Architects: Vasudevan R Kadalayil, Shrividya Shettigar, Ezhilarasi P & Venkatesh Habib

Photograph Courtesy: Atik Bheda

A Courtyard Mansion | VRIKSH

Named after the client’s grandmother, ‘Vanaja’ the courtyard house is a tribute to our culture and heritage. The home is located at Manipal which is a beautiful hilltop town that has views of the Arabian sea on the west and the western ghats to its east. While the home essentially has southern vibes celebrating local materials and craftsmanship, even with the random rubble boundary walls.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: Vriksh

Location: Manipal, Karnataka

Principal Architect: Sonal Shetty Rao

Photograph Courtesy: Shamanth Patil

Reflections And Transparency | DADA Partners

Located on a pivotal corner within a prime suburban neighborhood, the design revolves around its multiple frontages making it experiential whilst engaging with the streetscape on three sides. The brief was to design a contemporary sustainable house that connects to a well-landscaped outdoors with an exciting external countenance that was sensitive to its environment.

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Designed by: DADA Partners

Location: New Delhi

Principal Architect: Sumit Arora

Photograph Courtesy: Lightzone

Rustic Modern Mansion Design | Sankalp Designers

The plot is surrounded by the open garden on one side and high-rise buildings on other side. The orientation of the plot is such that the garden area and north light to the main habitable spaces are in shade during the day. An impressive 6800 sqm. bungalow is the very definition of blurring boundaries between indoor and outdoor expanses, with cascading terraces create shadows for spill-over activities. The Kitchen is on east and the bedrooms are placed on south-west for benefit of prevailing wind direction. Entering through the massive gate one is toured around the bungalow before reaching the drop-off point. The parking spaces are covered in greens to make them a part of the landscape. The canopy is cutting across at lower height to heighten the magnificent proportions of the structure gradually, as one enters the building.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: Sankalp Designers

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Principal Architect: Ar. Shitesh Agrawal

Photograph Courtesy: Phxindia

A Traditional Housing Cluster | Aangan Architects

An extended family cluster- Faliyu is a remarkable architectural project that seeks to honor and celebrate the traditional way of living within a traditional housing cluster (faliyu). The design for the extended family comprises six individual units to accommodate six families, featuring a traditional atlas (verandas) and a central open space (chogan).

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Designed by: Aangan Architects

Location: Surat

Principal Architect: Vishal Shah & Vishal Desai

Photograph Courtesy: Pratikruti09

Aesthetic Functionality | Elemental studio

Mauli Villa Project stands as an exceptional example of the perfect harmony between interior design and architecture. This residence combines elegant aesthetics with functional and luxurious design, and a deep understanding of the surrounding environment to create an inviting living space.

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Designed by: Elemental Studio

Location: Ahmedabad

Principal Architects: Ar. Keyur Mewada, Ar. Keyur Khorasia & Ar. Devang Patel

Photograph Courtesy: Prachi Khasgiwala

Utilising The Lavish Verandas | Modo Designs

The site is on the outskirts of Ahmedabad with farm lands around. The brief given by the owner was to design a house that would have open spaces within and a greener patch on the outside. The proposed design is a central courtyard house with spaces around it and interspersed by open to sky spaces to connect the central court to the peripheral open spaces. The beautifully designed central court is the soul of The Monolithic House having a sitting deck and bit of plantations surrounded by loose brown mandana kapci. The court has remote operated fabricated roof which is mostly kept open during the day for natural light and ventilation.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: Modo Designs

Location:Rancharda, Ahmedabad

Principal Architect: Arpan Shah

Photograph Courtesy: PHX India

Playing With Levels | Essteam

The clients have two sons with their families who wished to have a house but at sometime they also needed to have separate floors per family. Thus, we came up with various architectural design options for the ground plus two structures with a basement for parking and staff areas, keeping in mind that along with the form derivation, the functionality does not get lost.

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Designed by: ESSTEAM

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Principal Architects: Nikunj patel & Snehal Shah

Photograph Courtesy: Pratik Chandresa

Blending Spanish Architecture | Oris Architects

We firmly believe that architecture is a true amalgamation of Art, Nature and Culture. The project is a Farmhouse for a Multi – generation family from Mumbai. Located near Ramteck village which is about 100 kms from Nagpur city, the site is sprawling across a 30,000 sq.ft land sitting amidst 150-acre organic farmland. The house is uniquely designed with distinct characteristics influenced from Spanish architecture blending in with artistic and organic Indian vernacular features.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: Oris Architects

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Principal Architects: Ar. Om Lakhani & Ar. Ishita Lakhani

Photograph Courtesy: What We Click

Butterfly Roof | Studio Mohenjodaro

One of the most challenging aspects is the architectural controls and constraints that one needs to abide by while designing in Chandigarh. The city has very stringent rules which act as a template for everyone to follow.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: Studio Mohenjodaro

Location: Chandigarh

Principal Architect: Tarunpreet Singh Bhatia

Photograph Courtesy: Purnesh Dev Photography

Mid-Century Colonial Influences | Nufail Shabana Architects

The design theme for the architectural project harmoniously blends colonial influences with a dash of tropical modernism creating a captivating and innovative fusion. We planned to create spaces that the family could enjoy scenic vistas from. Contributing to varying degrees reflecting a known quality. Midcentury interior with wooden elements.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: Nufail Shabana Architects

Location: Mahe, Kannur, Kerala

Principal Architects: Ar. Shabana Rasheed & Ar. Nufail

Photograph Courtesy: Turtle art photography

A Luxury Retreat | Design Inc.

Located in Udaipur, Boheda Manor – Luxury Retreat provides accommodation with a restaurant, parking, an outdoor swimming pool and a garden. The property is situated 4.6 km from Lake Pichola, 5.1 km from Jagdish temple and 5.3 km from Bagore ki Haveli, which happen to be major tourist attractions of the city. Boheda Manor luxury retreat provides a tranquil heaven of space and royalty to the discerning few.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: Design Inc.

Location: Udaipur

Principal Architects: Ar Sandeep Jain & Ar Anup Murdia

Photograph Courtesy: pratikruti09

Enclosed Yet Spacious | DF Architects

2box house was conceptually conceived as a home that could maximize communication and connection, an attempt at bringing the residents of the house closer, rather than providing only hyper-private spaces of living.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: DF Architects

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Ar. Devarshi Raninga

Photograph Courtesy: Murtaza Gandhi

Symmetrical Modern Mansion Design | ANDstudio

Located in sector 36, Chandigarh, this residence is a great example of architectural elegance with a symmetrical design, characterized by a grand entrance, columns, and a pediment. The entrance, adorned with intricately carved details, acts as a welcoming gateway into the residence. Tall, majestic columns lend an aura of grandeur, while the triangular pediment crowns the structure, adding a touch of classical opulence. The use of locally sourced stone and exquisite craftsmanship further accentuate the beauty of the facade, seamlessly merging the past with the present.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: ANDstudio

Location: Sector 36, Chandigarh

Principal Architect: Anirudh Nanda

Photograph Courtesy: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Earth, Sky, and Water | kaviar:collaborative

Being an architectural design project, the site and its context proved to be the major source of inspiration for ‘House by the Lake’. Recalling our very first site visit, we remember being entranced by the lake and the spectacle of nature in front of us, a vessel to view and re-unite with nature. This lake-touch parcel of land surrounded by lush greenery on three sides demanded the building of a series of ‘viewing galleries’ entrapped within the notion of a second home rather than the usual ‘off the mill’ bungalow – a captivating house with enchanting views of the lake and hills beyond.

Fact File

Designed by: kaviar:collaborative

Location: Kamshet, Maharashtra

Principal Architect: Kasturi Wagh & Vineet Hingorani

Photograph Courtesy: Suryan // Dang

A Roman Style Villa | Sp9 Studio Architects

Step into the enchanting world of the Roman-style White Villa, a true architectural marvel nestled in the heart of Gift City, Gandhinagar. This exquisite villa is a stunning fusion of ancient Roman aesthetics and modern comfort. This Roman Style villa is a Great Example of Classical Architectural Elegance with a Symmetrical Design. From its grand entryways and majestic gardens to the classical interior with PU paint, molding patti, veneer, and Italian marble flooring, designed to meet the client’s desire for classical interiors that harmoniously complement the Roman-inspired architecture; this villa stands as a testament to the timeless allure of classical design.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: Sp9 Studio Architects

Location: Near gift city, Gandhinagar

Principal Architects: Pushpak Rajgor & Shyam Suthar

Photograph Courtesy: The Architect’s Diary – Shreya Jadav

Greek Inspired Bungalow | Design Salt Studio

Materialized by Design Salt Studio of Anand, known for their elevated sense of designing and solution-based approach towards design. This Ahmedabad bungalow integrates art into design and the results are fashionably functional.

Fact File

Designed by: Design Salt Studio

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Gopal Patel

Photograph Courtesy: Noaidwin Sttudio

Facing The Pool | inventarchitects

This contemporary tropical beach house on the posh East Coast Road in Chennai was designed by inventarchitects. The project’s vision was to bring about a visual connection to water at different levels. Double-layered walls create fenestrations creating self-shading on to the façade allowing maximum indirect light inside.

Modern Mansion Design

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Designed by: inventarchitects

Location: Ecr, Chennai

Principal Architects: Ar. Vivek Kumar & Ar. Nanda devi

Photograph Courtesy: R Radhakrishnan

Contemporary Modern Mansion Design | Anil Ranka Architects

The site is located adjacent to the spiritual Osho Ashram. It is amidst lush green surrounding with no high rise buildings around. The brief of Maheshwari House was to design contemporary house for the family of ten people and their support staff. Being a joint family with people of three generations living together, the old parents were keen on the newer generations to always have glimpses of their beginnings and the history so far along the timeline. Considering this aim mostly customized artwork has thought to play a very important role in revealing history and culture acting as an expressive story telling medium to the younger generation. In the similar manner it acts as memoir to the older people who have always lived a very socio communal lifestyle throughout the years and will be accepting the change in this somewhat secluded house amidst nature away from the city might offer.

Modern Mansion Design

Fact File

Designed by: Anil Ranka Architects

Location: Koregaon Park, Pune

Principal Architect: Ar. Anil Ranka

Photograph Courtesy: Onil Shah

Curves and Lines | Shraddha Architects

Spanning an impressive plot area of 9500 sq. ft. & located in Anand, Gujarat, this Bungalow, designed by Shraddha Architects, stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and thoughtful design. This Zen inspired residence has harmonious blend of colors of Earth and minimalist aesthetics that defines the essence of this home. It exudes a peaceful vibe, inviting you to experience a fusion of nature and elegance. Join us as we take a journey through the dwelling that seamlessly combines convenience with tranquillity.

Modern Mansion Design

Fact File

Designed by: Shraddha Architects

Location: Anand

Principal Architects: Mahesh Patel, Ar. Shivam Patel, Ar. Sheenal Patel, Ar. Siddharth Patel

Photograph Courtesy: Murtaza Gandhi

Blurring The Transitions | Modo Designs

This house for a family of four is a part of a gated community on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The family earlier had their weekend home on this plot where they have now shifted their permanent residence moving away from the densely populated localities of the city. The idea was to have a collaboration between traditional elements and contemporary look.

Fact File

Designed by: Modo Designs

Location: Rancharda, Ahmedabad

Principal Architect: Arpan Shah

Photograph Courtesy: Vinay Panjwani

The Magic of Jali | era architects and associates

The ‘Nest’ aims to subtly transmit family values and beliefs to future generations. This project is exclusively designed, and customized for client Mr. Chirag Patel and his family (4 people in all). The house is built in Bodeli taluka, and it’s called mini Mumbai because of many businesses. The client preferred to live in town away from the hustle and bustle of the city life as the place offered a strong sense of community with peaceful environment.

Modern Mansion Design

Fact File

Designed by: era architects and associates

Location: Bodeli , Gujarat

Principal Architects: Brijesh Patel, Gayatri Patel, Jignesh Patel & Aarti Patel

Photograph Courtesy: Sagar Bhavsar

Mangalore Style Villa | HIRAYA DESIGN STUDIO

Rajas Cottage was a special project as the home is in my ancestral town Mangalore and belongs to us. The project is a 90+ year old Mangalore style villa. Age old mud walls creaking, red oxide floor loosing it’s stain and texture, discomfort without attached bath areas and wardrobe spaces in bedrooms, inadequate lighting in the entire home, addition of new furniture in the recent past that didn’t sit well with the theme of the house and mainly lack of strength in the old structure are few of the reasons we decided to revamp our old space.

Modern Mansion Design

Fact File

Designed by: Hiraya Design Studio

Location: Mangalore, Karnataka

Principal Architect: Apeksha Naik

Photograph Courtesy: Noaidwin Sttudio

Lighting and Accents | Uneven

Community design projects come with their own set of requirements and conditions since it is meant to cater to a larger crowd. Sherwoods 23 is an exclusively designed community housing luxe villas for urbanites who still prefer staying in quaint surroundings. Located in one of the fast-developing areas of the city, this residential assembly has its kind design. To offer the residents a complete earthy ambiance, we took a call on using exposed brick as the prime material for the houses as well as the clubhouse. Thus, a simple palette of materials used straightforwardly elevates this community living, yet giving it a posh character.

Modern Mansion Design

Fact File

Designed by: Uneven

Location: Vadodara

Principal Architects: Shourya Patel & Dexter Fernandes

Photograph Courtesy: Darshan Dave

With Ample Balconies | AH Architects & Maatiscape Architects

Our latest architectural masterpiece nestled in the heart of Indore, a lavish home that combines luxury, greens, and simplistic elegance, is designed for a family of five. A modern residential oasis, this stunning 3600 sq.ft residence seamlessly to create a harmonious living environment that perfectly suits the needs of the homeowners.

Modern Mansion Design

Fact File

Designed by: AH Architects & Maatiscape Architects

Location: Indore

Principal Architects: Ar. Anant Jain & Ar. Akshay Harbhajanka

Photograph Courtesy: Ar. Manan surti

Beauty of Pergolas | Khosla Associates

While conceiving the architecture for this home in Ahmedabad, one of our primary drivers was a response to the hot and dry summers in the city, with average daytime temperatures reaching 42 degrees Celsius. The form of the house is derived from its climactic orientation as well as shading devices that keep the internal spaces cool. Deep verandahs and overhangs, horizontal pergolas, and vertical louvers gently filter the fierce sun. Khosla Associates makes its first mark in Ahmedabad with a climatic masterpiece.

Modern Mansion Design

Fact File

Designed by: Khosla Associates

Location: Ahmedabad

Principal Architects: Sandeep Khosla & Amaresh Anand

Photograph Courtesy: Ishi Sitwala

Bold Volumes | Matra Architects & Rurban Planners

Today, many of the notable architectural projects, be they of residential or of public nature, focus on innovating structural systems and majorly styling façades or their appearance, probably driven by a strong urge to develop iconic landmarks within the urban fabric. This narrative often misses out on acknowledging the vast creative process hidden in the dialogue between the client and the architect. Prism House by Matra Architects is a refined excerpt of residential architecture.

Modern Mansion Design

Fact File

Designed by: Matra Architects & Rurban Planners

Location: New Delhi

Principal Architect: Verendra Wakhloo

Photograph Courtesy: Edmund Sumner, Ashish Sahi, Mayank Sharma, Sergio Ghetti & Matra

Perforated Facade Design | Studio AVT

“Aaroh” is home to a wonderful couple with two young sons & their charming grandmother, that tells a beautiful story of amazing experiences. It all started two years back, when the clients met us for the first time. They wanted us to design their dream, a home with a contemporary outlook where the indoors would seamlessly merge with the outdoors. Having a simple requirement of 6 bedrooms spread across 2 floors, they left the rest of the spaces for us to design & develop.

Modern Mansion Design

Fact File

Designed by: Studio AVT

Location: MuzaffarnagarUP, India

Principal Architects: Ankita Sweety & Pratyoosh Chandan

Photograph Courtesy: Studio Recall & Sohaib Ilyas

Expansive Transition Spaces | ergo D novate

The site is situated in a crowded residential area, surrounded by neighboring houses close to the compound walls, which makes it challenging to ensure privacy. The client’s old residence was demolished to make way for the new one. This Sunlit Dwelling is a testament to the harmonious fusion of modern design and sustainable living. The design concept focused on three main requirements by client.

Fact File

Designed by: ergo D novate

Location: Anand, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Ar. Yash Patel & Ar. Rachita Patel

Photograph Courtesy: Infinity Innovations

An Organic Modern Mansion Design | The BAD Studio

On the edge of Aamri village, in the vicinity of the Purna River, 40 kilometers from Surat city, is a weekend getaway called The Weave House. The client had a specific vision of a home that exudes an organic lifestyle, with spaces specifically designed to be meditative and enveloped in verdant greenery. They sought an abode that radiates serenity, a Zen-like ambiance, and a persistent flow of energy. The concept evolved to seamlessly create a harmonious interweaving of the built environment and landscape.

Fact File

Designed by: The BAD Studio

Location: Navsari

Principal Architect: Boney K & Alak P

Photograph Courtesy: The Fishy Project & Noaidwin Studio

Landscaped Terrace | Studio HC

Here we present to you a story of a G+2 structure. A structure with a simple yet aesthetic façade design, it breaks the public and private spaces into two floors of details. All public spaces in the ground level, three bedrooms and a living family room in the first floor, the second floor houses a private home theatre and deck, landscaped terrace, and the utility rooms.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio HC

Location: Bangalore

Principal Architect: Ar. Hemanth Chander

Photograph Courtesy: Shine Parsana

Cantilevered Planes And Green | CUBISM Architects

Cantilevered planes and projected volumes fulfill the demand for a sense of openness within the enclosure. This aesthetic courtyard house with lush landscape design offers a calm aura to the users, where materials like brick and concrete are exposed on the elevation to emphasize the character of the house. To allow penetration of natural light and fresh air, a clean composition of internal volumes and voids was designed which also enables the spaces to flow into each other while merging with the outdoors. The house is in a north-facing site and is essentially a two-story structure with courtyards and light wells. The route from the foyer directly leads to the passage which flows to the kitchen, dining, and family living spaces with the formal living space to the left and glazing on the side walls to give a glimpse of the open-to-sky green courtyard to the right.

Fact File

Designed by: CUBISM Architects

Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Principal Architect: Prasanna & Roopashree Parvatikar

Photograph Courtesy: Inclined Studio

Family Weekend Farmhouse | Designer’s inc

A family weekend farmhouse which eventually turned into a place of retreat, Baag-E-Fursat is a garden estate located in Kharar, Punjab. The clients asked for Baag-E-Fursat, a place of tranquility & peace and an escape from the city’s hustle bustle. Thus Baag-E-fursat was manifested unto it’s built form.

Fact File

Designed by: Designer’s inc

Location: Kharar, Punjab

Principal Architect: Ar. Ashutosh Handa

Photograph Courtesy: Samar Singh Virdi

Vastu Compliant Modern Mansion Design | Jyaamiti Architectural Studio

With a built up of 7000 sq.ft, “Aadya”, a vastu compliant bungalow design in Bangalore, is located in a corner plot of the Sahakarnagar area. The Corner plot was strategically utilized by placing pedestrian entrance on the north eastern corner and vehicular entrance on southern façade. This arrangement facilitated us with ample space for an intimate garden at the corner visually connecting both the entrances. This also made the zoning Vaastu compliant which was one of the key requirements of the project.

Fact File

Designed by: Jyaamiti Architectural Studio

Location: Bangalore

Principal Architect: Ar. Ashray Gowda

Photograph Courtesy: Shamanth Patil

Minimalist Modern Mansion Design | KARIGARS

Samadhan residence is an approach to Minimalist Design Style with a poetic look having simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic colour palette. It’s an open floor plan with lots of controlled natural light, functional furniture, and focuses on the shape, colour, textures and just a handful of essential elements.

Fact File

Designed by: KARIGARS

Location: Maharashtra

Principal Architect: VIKRAM KAPOOR

Three Story Modern Mansion Design | Manoj Singhal & Associates

An abode, drawing an organic demeanor underlined with ample of nature within, is this humongous home residing in the prime area of Kolkata, West Bengal. Unveiling ‘An Amalgam Abode’ sprawled into three vertical storeys, this 7000 sq.ft space houses to four rooms and gorgeous balconies is articulated and designed by MANOJ SINGHAL & ASSOCIATES of Kolkata.

Fact File


Location: Kolkata


Photograph Courtesy: Prachi

Massive Frames | Prashant Parmar Architect

A multitude of massive frames at various levels, spacious semi-covered green terraces at all floor levels getting animated with a play of light as it permeates through the geometrically patterned MS trellis at the top of the largest frame, and a unique experience of varying volumes right from the entry. All this sum’s up very briefly the spatial experience of “The Shaded House”. The client had a requirement of 4BHK Bungalow, along with garden space which permits interaction with nature through the air, natural light, and even rainfall.

Fact File

Designed by: Prashant Parmar Architect

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Ar. Prashant Parmar

Photograph Courtesy: Inclined Studio

Raw Brutalism | K.N.Associates

The sense of raw brutalism of exposed concrete has garnered huge attention in the global design industry. Raw materials like concrete, steel and architectural glass evoke effortless charm, something that people from the top tier are taking note of. Concrete homes have fast emerged as stylish, practical and versatile housing solutions that can adapt to different landscapes and settings. Setting a new benchmark in concrete structures is our project, Madhuvilla – The Concrete House is a testament to the inherent charm of raw unfinished textures.

Fact File

Designed by: K.N.Associates

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Principal Architects: Ar. Narendra Joshi & Ar. Pritesh Patel

Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah

Overflowing With Greenery | CK Architect & Interior Designer

Fact File

Designed by: CK Architect & Interior Designer

Location: Dumas, Surat, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Chintan Patel & Krishna Lalwala

Photograph Courtesy: Noaidwin Sttudio

Geometric Facade | CHARGED VOIDS

This project exemplifies Charged Voids’ approach of using a few simple, bold strokes to create a powerful composition which is evident in the geometric façade of the house. This 8,500 sqft bungalow is a perfect balance between public and private spaces that divides the functions on different levels while maintaining visual connections through the central space.

Fact File

Designed by: Charged Voids

Location: Panchkula, Haryana

Principal Architect: AMAN AGGARWAL

Photograph Courtesy: PURNESH DEV NIKHANJ

Adhering To A Bold Colour Palette | Studios PMB

Designed by Praneet Bubber of Studios PMB, this 3600 sqft home is a seamless blend of traditional Indian crafts, and a decadent, bold color palette.

Fact File

Designed by: Studios PMB

Location: Amritsar, Punjab

Principal Architect: Praneet Bubber

Photograph Courtesy: The Lensman

Layers of Sloping Roof | Dematrix

When the clients approached us, the structure of the residence was in a plastering stage. Client’s were not at all happy with the planning since it did not meet their requirements and expectations. They had so many requirements to be included into the space especially with the privacy issues. It was an open plan but they wanted privacy with the flow of space.

Fact File

Designed by: Dematrix

Location: Kasargod, Kerala

Principal Architect: Ar. Fairooz aman & Ar. Vineeth k

Photograph Courtesy: Turtle Arts

Experiment With Materials | Sthapatya, A Design Studio

The designing of a home is apparently designing a lifestyle. It is not only bringing together the soil, climate, material but also weaves the lifestyle of the inhabitants. For each design and client there is a unique combination of influences – people, places, events, memories and perception which they have absorbed and observed.

Fact File

Designed by: Sthapatya a Design Studio

Location: Gandhidham, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Pankaj R Pandya

Photograph Courtesy: Impetus Picture

Play of Bold Colours | Manoj Patel Design Studio

Designing of a dwelling for the family to enjoy holidays, surrounded around lush green mango sanctuary at Halol, near Vadodara. The site at Mango Orchard has firstly fully grown mango trees in your plot, attracts immediately. Beauty of the location, gave an opportunity to evolve a volumetric mass that engages with its surroundings and provides plenty of space for entertaining. Artfully constructing a 2 storey, with built up area of 2612 sqft, has concept of connected living dining spaces, with a master bedroom on the ground level. While 2 other master bedrooms on the above floor. Spatial arrangements are adapted to embrace the openness on all sides in this vacation home.

Fact File

Designed by: Manoj Patel Design Studio

Location: Outskirts of Vadodara

Principal Architect: Manoj Patel

Photograph Courtesy: 2613 apertures

Traditional Kerala Modern Mansion Design | i2a Architects Studio

Traditional architecture style that is designed to touch the Soul. This 2800 Sq.ft house creates an environment that helps one to open up into the stillness within, thus helping the user to experience a truer beauty, function, and meaning to the space. Aham stands beautifully in the middle of lush greenery and mesmerizing natural beauty of Kerala, grabbing one’s attention from very far itself with its traditional sloped roofing at different heights.

Fact File

Designed by: i2a Architects Studio

Location: Guruvayoor, Kerala

Principal Architect: Manuraj C R

Photograph Courtesy: Running Studios

Courtyard Villa | Buildbig Infracorp Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to the epitome of luxurious living, where modern design seamlessly merges with the comforts of home. Nestled within the embrace of contemporary elegance is a 6BHK Courtyard Villa haven that redefines opulence – a bungalow adorned with sophistication and charm.

Fact File

Designed by: Buildbig Infracorp Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Ahmednagar, Pune

Principal Architect: Nikhil Bankar, Tejas Murudkar, Dushal Thorat & Sourabh Chitragar

Photograph Courtesy: Ar. Parag Patil

Sustainable Modern Mansion Design | 23DC Architects

The environment today is an imperative component when designing architecture. Its simplistic elements are undoubtedly parallel to the life of the journey of humans. When collaborated the same with architecture, it manifests wonders. To maximize the efficiency of our client’s humble abode, we create sustainable interior designs with details that add magnificence.

Fact File

Designed by: 23DC Architects

Location: Jalandhar

Principal Architect: Shiv dada & Mohit Chawla

Photograph Courtesy: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Semi Open Shared Spaces | Tropical Tones

A characteristic of a Malayali household is the quintessential ritual of an evening chai. An act of leisure, of snacking and sipping tea in company in a semi-open, shared space. These shared spaces are the crux of a Malayali family. Ilav in Malayalam translates to relaxation/ rest. Ilav, the protagonist, the house, is a space to perform such acts of leisure and relax. The concept is basically devoid of duties and pressures of work takes its root from the client’s circumstances and Kerala Architecture. Set in Kerala’s luscious green backdrop close to the Mayyazhi river in Mahe in an 18-cent land, the US-settled family’s annual visits were to be hosted at the 3600 sq. ft. holiday home that we envisioned as Ilav.

Fact File

Designed by: Tropical Tones

Location: Mahe, India

Principal Architect: Ar. Jasim & Ar. Sruthi

Photograph Courtesy: Syam Sreesylam

A European Influence | Studio Emphasis

In the realm of aspirations, nestled in the heart of Amravati, Maharashtra, “Project Palasphul” stands as a testament to the visionary work of Ar. Rushikesh Deshmukh, the Principal Architect at Studio Emphasis. Founded in 2019, Studio Emphasis holds a distinctive philosophy: active collaboration. Their modus operandi revolves around closely partnering with clients to translate their visions into tangible realities. It is with this ethos that they embarked on the renovation of Mr. Amol Doifode’s ancestral abode, encapsulating the essence of Indian tradition within the contours of European sophistication. Indeed, renovation endeavors often present their own unique set of challenges. The principal designer skillfully embraced the client’s central concept, shaping it into a true masterpiece.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio Emphasis

Location: Amravati, Maharashtra

Principal Architect: Ar. Rushikesh Deshmukh

Photograph Courtesy: Pranav Sardar

Avant-garde Modern Mansion Design | Prekshaa Design Studio

In the ever-evolving world of architecture, the Avant-garde Residences project stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of contemporary elements with the serene beauty of natural hues. This architectural masterpiece, under the project name “Avant-garde,” redefines modern living through its innovative design and meticulous attention to detail. Inspired by the tranquil and earthy tones found in nature, this project takes the concept of a residence to an entirely new level.

Fact File

Designed by: Prekshaa Design Studio

Location: Thmarassery, kerala

Principal Architect: Bilal Majeed & Naseef Usman

Photograph Courtesy: Avarde Frames

Indulged In Luxury | Zherow Architects

Designed by Zherow Architects, Faza Home is located in the town of Vadakara, Kerala. With a site area of 17 Cents and a built-up area of 3150 sq.ft, the 4-bedroom residence- Faza Home designed with a minimalist style exuding luxury and elegance. The brief given by the client was to design a home that was open and facilitated natural ventilation into all areas.

Fact File

Designed by: Zherow Architects

Location: Vadakara, Kerala

Principal Architect: Muhammad Ajmal .K, Ajmal Abdulla .Pv & Ashhar. Nk

Photograph Courtesy: Akhil Thamjidh Komachi

Portuguese Modern Mansion Design | Busride Design Studio

The First House is a plush Portuguese Colonial home, a contemporary villa design that was originally built in 1896, tucked away in the idyllic village of Saligao. Set on 2 acres of serenity where refined elegance meets total relaxation, step into a world of luxury and comfort. This charming 10 bedroom villa has been meticulously renovated by Ayaz Basrai of The Busride Studio and the interiors have a sense of grandeur while retaining the warmth of a home. The interiors feel timeless, combining an old world allure with modern amenities. It has high ceilings, tastefully furnished and air-conditioned en-suite rooms, with large verandas, abundant natural light, lots of open spaces and gardens adorned with flowers and trees, giving the perfect balance between relaxing Goan-Portuguese culture and contemporary luxury. The Villa has 2 large pools, with an unparalleled view of paddy fields.

Fact File

Designed by: Busride Design Studio

Location: Goa

Principal Architect: Ayaz Basrai

Circles And Rectangles | TRAANSPACE

The brick connection is a house designed for a very simple, well-travelled couple wishing to settle in their homeland, a little away from the chaos of the city. Grounded close to nature, this couple wanted a vastu compliant house, which reflects this closeness to roots as well as their elegant personality. Very clear with their thoughts and requirements, they wanted their home to be coherent in terms of space utilization and energy efficiency. Located in the outskirts of Vadodara on a 7400 sqft plot, this house holds true to its promises.

Fact File

Designed by: TRAANSPACE

Location: Vadodara

Principal Architect: Urvi Shah

Photograph Courtesy: Umang Shah

Traditional Teakwood Accents | Arushi Singh Architects & Designers

The client’s desire for a modern home was complemented by a heartfelt tribute to his mother’s preferences, resulting in a first-floor courtyard featuring traditional teakwood accents. This project has a combination of modern and contemporary designs to create a unique and balanced aesthetic.

Fact File

Designed by: Arushi Singh Architects & Designers

Location: Amarnath Avenue, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Principal Architect: Ar. Arushi Singh

Photograph Courtesy:

Contemporary Courtyard House |  Atelier Varun Goyal

The Courtyard House in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India, stands as a testament to contemporary design. It seamlessly blends with the local context while prioritizing the values of family and togetherness. This architectural gem spans 8000 square feet of super built-up construction on a 6000 square feet double corner plot. Completed with meticulous attention to detail, it exemplifies a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Fact File

Designed by: Atelier Varun Goyal

Location: Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India

Principal Architect: Varun Goyal

Photograph Courtesy: Pankaj Anand

Opulent Bungalow | Makespace Design & Build Pvt. Ltd

The grand entrance to this opulent bungalow is a mesmerizing gateway to luxury and style. The exterior of the bungalow is a study in clean lines with a residence that has neatly stacked layers, plush interiors and gold accents. Clad in a combination of natural materials, the façade features large expanses of glass, allowing an abundance of natural light to flood the interior.

Fact File

Designed by: Makespace Design & Build Pvt. Ltd

Location: Gurugram

Principal Architect: Bonee Sharma

Photograph Courtesy: Ruvi Arch Photography

Horizontal Louver Facade | Abhay Pise & Associates

The bungalow is designed with horizontal louvers façade create a perfect privacy as well decrease harsh sun light from southern side. This 9000 sq.ft corner plot located on the main streets of town, in a neighborhood composed of dense dwelling units. This residence is a perfect balance between public and private spaces that divides the functions on different levels while maintaining visual connections through central space.

Modern Mansion Design

Fact File

Designed by: Abhay Pise & Associates

Location: Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra

Principal Architect: Ar. Abhay pise

Photograph Courtesy: Sanjay chougule

Two Linear Homes In A Compound | Int-Hab architecture+design Studio

The site is in the hot and humid city of Mangalore, Karnataka, India. It experiences monsoon for over 4 to 5 months in a year. Firstly, the project is designed to have two houses within the compound and is built in a site size of 15 cents. The built form incorporates the needs of an extended family of two siblings with stark blue stairs in the center. Further, the linear house is for the brother and his family along with his parents.

Modern Mansion Design

Fact File

Designed by: Int-Hab architecture+design Studio

Location: Mangaluru, Karnataka, India

Principal Architect: Ar. Sachin Shetty

Photograph Courtesy: Shamanth Patil Photography

Earthy Concrete | Forum Advaita

The client Mr. and Mrs. Khosla who come from the army background desired to have a house that talks opulence considering their past references. being travelers the clients had a huge collection of artifacts which required to be accommodated. A house where posh lifestyle and sustainability gets together. The deep plot size was a challenge in itself.  The metaphor of a cocoon was used to create the entire built form.

Fact File

Designed by: Forum Advaita

Location: Chandigarh, Punjab

Principal Architect: Ar. Aman Sohal

Photograph Courtesy: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Modern mansion design embraces traditional Indian architecture. Elements such as courtyards and sloping roofs are the most sought-after features in a home. Natural and artificial lighting are equally important for the interiors of modern mansion design. However, in present times, there is a lack of buildable plots due to high density, and the rise in apartments has broken families into smaller clusters. Unfortunately, modern mansion design is slowly losing its value, and it’s time to bring back the trend. One way is to conserve the existing ancestral homes with provisions for modern amenities. Is there any other way to bring back modern mansion design in India?

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