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    Welcome to the epitome of luxurious living, where modern design seamlessly merges with the comforts of home. Nestled within the embrace of contemporary elegance is a 6BHK Courtyard Villa haven that redefines opulence – a bungalow adorned with sophistication and charm.

    The Contemporary Charm of Our 6 BHK Courtyard Villa | Buildbig Infracorp Pvt. Ltd.

    6BHK Courtyard Villa

    Step into the realm of architectural splendour as we unveil the exterior grandeur of a distinguished 6BHK residential bungalow. This contemporary masterpiece of this Courtyard Villa is not just a dwelling; it is a statement of sophistication and thoughtful design. As you approach the property, your eyes are immediately captivated by the high plinth that elevates the bungalow, adding a touch of grandeur to its presence.

    A masterstroke of design unfolds with a meticulously crafted water cascade, introducing a touch of serenity and nature to the exterior. The integration of planters on the sides enhances the connection between the structure and the surrounding landscape, fostering a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces.

    Dressed in an elegant palette of white and grey, the Courtyard Villa exudes a timeless charm that seamlessly blends with its modern aesthetic. However, what truly sets this residence apart are the carefully curated masses of the exterior façade highlighted in rich tones of brown and beige. These strategic accents not only add depth to the design but also create a visual symphony that celebrates the nuances of contemporary architecture. Amidst this visual symphony, a minimal front railing graces the balcony, offering a subtle contrast to the subdued tones. The corner glass window for the pooja room becomes a focal point, inviting natural light to dance within the sacred space, infusing tranquillity into the heart of the home.

    Courtyard Villa

    Walk into the harmonious embrace of a residential bungalow where Vastu principles weave seamlessly with modern design, creating a dwelling that resonates with balance and tranquillity. As you step through the entrance, you are welcomed into a grand foyer, a passageway that not only connects spaces but serves as a transition zone for energy to flow freely. To the right, a Pooja room beckons, bathed in natural light streaming through carefully positioned windows, fostering an atmosphere of spiritual serenity.

    The Pooja room stands as a sacred space, thoughtfully integrated into the floor plan to ensure a harmonious alignment with Vastu principles. Adjacent to the Pooja room, a staircase gracefully ascends, leading to the upper levels of the bungalow. Ascend into modern elegance with a staircase that exudes sophistication and simplicity. The steps, adorned with a luxurious black leather finish granite covering, create a striking visual contrast against the surrounding space.

    Courtyard Villa

    The heart of this bungalow lies in its centrally placed courtyard, a serene oasis beckons with an air of modern elegance. The floor, adorned with sleek black granite, sets the stage for a contemporary masterpiece that seamlessly blends luxury with thoughtful design. At the centre of this courtyard lies a meticulously placed planter, a verdant focal point that adds a touch of nature to the sleek expanse of black granite. The juxtaposition of natural greenery against the polished black surface creates a captivating visual contrast, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

    Courtyard Villa

    This architectural masterpiece boasts not only spacious interiors but also a central focal point that breathes life into its design – a meticulously crafted courtyard.

    Above, a skylight bathes the courtyard in natural light, creating a play of shadows and illumination that evolves throughout the day. The skylight, covered with glass and adorned with horizontal and vertical bars, casts a mesmerizing pattern of shadows on the right-side wall. These intricate shadows become a dynamic element, adding a layer of visual interest to the courtyard and creating a dance of light and shade.

    Courtyard Villa

    The left-side wall, clad in a rhythmic pattern of red brick cladding, serves as both a functional and aesthetic highlight. The horizontal and vertical arrangement of the brick pattern not only adds texture to the wall but also accentuates the repetition, creating a sense of rhythm and continuity within the courtyard. The warm, earthy tones of the red bricks contrast beautifully with the black granite and the greenery, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

    Courtyard Villa

    The expansive glass window, a portal to the courtyard, blurs the boundaries between the interior and exterior, allowing the lush greenery and natural light to flood the living room. This visual connection with the courtyard creates a sense of openness and brings the outdoors inside, establishing a dynamic relationship with nature.

    Connected to the courtyard is a spacious living room that seamlessly bridges the gap between indoor comfort and the serene allure of the courtyard beyond. Bathed in an abundance of natural light, the living space is a canvas of tranquillity, painted in crisp white tones that serve as a backdrop to the modern elegance that unfolds within.

    Courtyard Villa

    Underfoot, grey marble tile flooring spans the living room, adding a touch of sophistication and cool elegance. The minimalist white false ceiling, adorned with discreet white downlights, creates a gentle wash of illumination, contributing to the overall sense of brightness and openness in the room.

    The focal point of the living space is the mid-century sofa, a masterpiece in burgundy that commands attention and adds a rich, warm tone to the predominantly white palette. Accompanied by a grey chaise, the seating arrangement offers both comfort and style, creating a perfect spot for relaxation.

    The TV unit, designed with a commitment to minimalism, features lower storage covered with wood laminate, adding a natural element to the space. The grey laminate complements the marble flooring, creating a cohesive design language. The simplicity of the TV unit design ensures that the focus remains on the surrounding elegance, creating a balanced visual composition.

    Continuing the journey within the Courtyard Villa, the foyer unfolds into a spacious kitchen, meticulously designed to be the heart of the home. The kitchen’s strategic placement reflects the importance of this space in Vastu, ensuring it radiates positive energy for nourishment and well-being.

    The kitchen embraces a modern aesthetic with clean lines and a minimalist approach. White laminate surfaces adorn the cabinets and countertops, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The choice of white not only imparts a sense of cleanliness and purity but also amplifies the feeling of openness in the space.

    Adjacent to the kitchen, a dining area opens up, seamlessly connecting with the outdoors through door that frame the picturesque set-back garden.

    As you move into the dining area, a harmonious blend of white and brown welcomes you. The dining table, an epitome of understated elegance, is crafted in pristine white, complemented by brown chairs that add a touch of warmth and contrast. This colour combination evokes a sense of modern sophistication while ensuring a cozy and inviting ambiance. Above, a white false ceiling acts as a canvas, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Embedded within it are discreet white downlights, casting a soft wash of illumination over the space below. This lighting scheme not only adds a touch of modernity but also ensures that the kitchen and dining areas are well-lit and functional.

    Courtyard Villa

    The railing of the staircase is a study in minimalism, designed with an emphasis on clean lines and simplicity. The absence of intricate details allows for an unobstructed view of the staircase, promoting a sense of openness and fluidity in the design. The vertical guard, an integral part of the railing, adds a touch of modernity while serving its functional purpose.

    Directly opposite the living room, a guest bedroom exudes warmth and hospitality. Guest bedroom that exemplifies the beauty of simplicity and tranquillity, adorned with a refined minimal theme. The bed, a central element of relaxation, boasts a sleek design with pristine white laminate, offering a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. Against the backdrop of the white laminate bed, a wardrobe and side unit emerge, blending a harmonious combination of wood and white laminate.

    The wooden accents introduce warmth and texture to the room, creating a subtle visual interest. The bedroom floor is adorned with brown marble, adding a touch of sophistication and grounding the space with earthy tones. Above, a minimal white false ceiling hovers in quiet sophistication. Marked by its simplicity, the false ceiling features subtle grooves that add a touch of detail without overwhelming the overall design. Embedded within the false ceiling are discreet white downlights, casting a soft and calming illumination across the room.

    Welcome to the epitome of understated luxury and modern minimalism in this master bedroom retreat, by sleek grey tile flooring, a neutral canvas that sets the stage for the carefully curated design elements. The interior palette unfolds with a minimalist colour scheme, where white laminate takes centre stage. Wardrobe and side units, adorned in a sophisticated combination of brown and dark blue laminate, introduce a sense of warmth and depth to the room. Above, a rectangular false ceiling defines the space with clean lines and a contemporary edge.

    Step into the lap of luxury with a master bedroom that exudes sophistication and modern elegance. The foundation of this serene retreat is laid with grey marble tile flooring, a choice that not only adds a touch of opulence but also serves as a canvas for the refined interior design.

    The interior palette of the Courtyard Villa is a harmonious dance between white and grey laminate, creating a tranquil and timeless ambiance. Above, a circular false ceiling captivates the eye with its unique form. The circular shape adds a sense of dynamism to the space, creating visual interest and a touch of modernity. The false ceiling is adorned with subtle grooves, adding a layer of texture that elevates the overall design.

    The toilets are thoughtfully designed, where the themes of tropical, aqua, dark, and neutral converge to create unique and refreshing spaces.

    Tropical Escape: The first toilet embraces a tropical theme, transporting you to a lush paradise. The walls, clad in a mosaic of shades of green tiles, create a vibrant and refreshing backdrop reminiscent of dense, tropical foliage. A focal point of this toilet design is the ledge of the toilet, adorned with tiles featuring intricate patterns of exotic leaves. These tiles add a touch of botanical charm, as if the toilet itself is nestled within a secluded jungle alcove. Warm yellow lights illuminate the space, casting a soft and inviting glow. The mirror, a focal point of functionality, is framed with warm-toned lighting that mimics the gentle sunshine filtering through a tropical canopy. This creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, inviting you to indulge in a moment of relaxation and tranquillity.

    Aqua Serenity: Dive into a serene aquatic haven with this aqua-themed toilet, where the interplay of blue tiles and warm lighting creates a tranquil atmosphere reminiscent of crystal-clear waters. The walls are clad in square-shaped blue tiles, capturing the essence of the deep ocean. The seamless arrangement of these tiles envelops the space, immersing you in the calming hues of aqua. Adding a touch of complexity and visual interest, the ledge wall is adorned with rectangular tiles having an irregular pattern. These tiles, featuring a captivating mix of brown and blue, mimic the natural variation found in ocean waves and sandy shores. This interplay of warm and cool tones heightens the sense of tranquillity and relaxation within the toilet.

    Dark Elegance: Enter an enclave of sophisticated darkness with this elegantly designed toilet, where the bold use of black marble on the walls creates a luxurious and enveloping atmosphere. Contrasting with the dark marble, the ledge of the toilet is adorned with rectangular tiles in a rich, dark navy blue. An irregular pattern on these tiles adds a layer of complexity and visual interest. The irregularity introduces an element of dynamic movement, creating an engaging texture that contrasts with the uniformity of the black marble. As light spills into the space, the black marble reflects a gentle yellow glow, creating an ambiance that is both intimate and inviting.

    Neutral Harmony: A tranquil retreat where simplicity meets sophistication in this neutral-themed toilet. The uniformity of the white tiles provides a canvas for the interplay of subtle textures and accents. The ledge of the toilet becomes a focal point, adorned with rectangular ocean mat blue tiles. These tiles, in their gentle blue hue, introduce a subtle touch of colour, reminiscent of serene ocean waters. This neutral-themed toilet is a haven of tranquillity, where the interplay of white and ocean mat blue tiles, coupled with warm yellow lighting, creates a timeless and serene atmosphere.

    This geometric form of the 6BHK Courtyard Villa adds a touch of structure to the room, enhancing the modern aesthetic. The false ceiling is a canvas for simplicity, featuring a seamless white surface that maintains the minimalistic approach. The connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces is strengthened by the strategic design of the dining area, creating a sense of openness and unity with nature. The foundation of this space is laid with sleek grey marble tile flooring, a contemporary choice that sets the stage for a timeless and elegant interior.

    A 6BHK Courtyard Villa that stands as a testament to seamless design continuity, where the ground floor and first floor share an identical footprint, harmonizing into one cohesive and uniform structure. Ascend the staircase, and you’ll find the first floor mirroring the design principles of the ground floor. Bedrooms, each thoughtfully appointed, open into common areas or private balconies, creating a harmonious flow that unifies the living experience across both levels. Large windows and glass doors seamlessly integrate the interiors with the outdoor surroundings, allowing natural light to cascade through each level. The uniformity in design extends to the exterior as well, with balconies and outdoor spaces echoing the same visual language, creating a cohesive and visually stunning facade.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Buildbig Infracorp Pvt. Ltd.

    Project Type: Residential Architecture Design

    Project Name: The Courtyard Villa

    Location: Ahmednagar, Pune

    Year Built: 2023

    Duration of the project: 2 Years

    Plot Area: 12000 Sq.ft

    Built-up Area: 6500 Sq.ft

    Principal Architects: Nikhil Bankar, Tejas Murudkar, Dushal Thorat & Sourabh Chitragar

    Design Credits: Ar. Manasi Jadhav

    Photograph Courtesy: Ar. Parag Patil

    Products / Materials / Vendors: Finishes – Royal touché, Merino / Wallcovering / Cladding –  Qutone Lighting – Hybec / Sanitaryware – Jaquar / Flooring – Simpolo / Paint – Asian / Hardware – Hettich, Ebco, Hafale

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Buildbig Infracorp Pvt. Ltd.

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