• A Combination Of Colonial Contemporary Design Style With An Open And Ethereal Aesthetic | Dematrix

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    When the clients approached us, the structure of the residence was in a plastering stage. Client’s were not at all happy with the planning since it did not meet their requirements and expectations. They had so many requirements to be included into the space especially with the privacy issues. It was an open plan but they wanted privacy with the flow of space.

    A Combination Of Colonial Contemporary Design Style With An Open And Ethereal Aesthetic | Dematrix

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    They wanted the Interiors to be very unique and different and to meet their privacy conditions. Most important factor was they wanted their interior of the residence to be a very positive and alive feel. When approaching us client had a theme in their mind which was a classic colonial theme. “Blanc’’ is a combination of colonial contemporary design style with an open and ethereal aesthetic.

    They wanted the  spaces to look more luxurious and elegant. Client was very active in all the discussions and shared a lot of ideas from their perspective which really helped us to approach the design in a distinctive way.

    ‘blanc’ home  has 5 bedrooms and a public living room , an open dining, family living room, study area, open kitchen , laundry room and an upper living. As we enter the premises, the foyer greets with a Arabic calligraphic art work and a mural , which shows the positive and alive feel of the space.

    On the left comes the public living room with a triple slide glass door to ensure the space with privacy as well as air conditioning.

    hen moving on to the central patio area which opens to a double height with large windows, where there is a swing, a decking space with an indoor plant which shows the scale and proportion of the space and a small study area next to the staircase .

    In order to bring the fresh, neutral and alive feel into the interior with an elegant look. we avoided using the wooden colour and brought neutral colour into the space more. Colour palette was different for each room except the open flow spaces like living, dining , patio, and upper living .

    The highlights : The public living is a space worth telling because it was designed in such a way to highlight the privacy and details of the style.

    The Décor wall in the Living room is filled with blending art works and details to show the contemporary colonial effect .

    Secondly is the patio space with a whole lot of activity, the double height space with a globe lights really brings out the beauty of the interior in various ways.   

    The mouldings on the wall and all the furniture including the staircase railing is Duco finished. since the design was in a neutral tone, we used neutral Duco finish on almost all the elements .

    Patio decking was done by Wooden deck  later on polished and made to a darker shade to match tones of the space. There is a I section steel beam which parallelly runs through the patio area which holds the Swing steady.

    What makes this house special is the details and tones used. Each and every moulding details in the house has been designed separately. Every details, furniture , art works , murals ,everything has been designed and customized. 

    There is a 12 seater dining which linearly opens to the patio . Master bedroom opens up from the dining area.

    In order to bring the elegance in the interior , PVD gold coating was done to the legs of the furniture and wash basin etc. Murals and Art works were specially designed and customized and finished with Duco finish.

    We used partitions to tackle the privacy issues of the client, which was very well appreciated by them. Family living and open kitchen was the most highlighting part. Deep green pops out the beauty of the space.

    We even added a bright colour scheme to pop up the kitchen since it was the major highlighting area. The interior of the house was decorated with classic contemporary furniture and works of art and murals which blends into the spaces.

    Master bedroom comes with a grey and white tones to feel the freshness light hearted flow,  flooring were done with SPC wooden finish.

    The bedrooms have been designed keeping in mind the wishes and requirements of the client. Guest bedroom on the other hand comes with a green tone and wooden shades which gave a mature -looking ambience.

    The flooring of the open areas were done Italian Statuario Marble and bedrooms were done by SPC wooden flooring layed in different patterns .

    There is another bedroom for Ladies to rest ,which is accessed from the ladies living hall .Reaching first floor to a living area with 2 kids bedrooms on either sides.

    There were many  but we managed to somehow tackle each and every one of it. The most interesting one was the Mouldings which are done on the walls and furniture. We designed each and every moulding for different spaces. Scale and proportions played a major role in this part.

    Choosing the perfect fabric for all the furniture was another hurdle which really made us running. And most importantly, We were still in college doing our Thesis  and we had to find time to Work on this project ,Time management that is a lesson which we had to learn while working on this project.  


    Designed by :

    Project Type : Residential interior

    Project Name : Blanc Home

    Location : Kasargod, Kerala

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of the project : 2 years

    Plot Area : 17420 sq.ft

    Built-up Area : 4520 sq.ft

    Principal Architects : Ar. Fairooz aman & Ar. Vineeth k

    Photograph Courtesy : Turtle Arts

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Duco finish / Wallcovering / Cladding – Marshall wallpaper ,Texture paint / Lighting – aura electrical studio / Doors and Partitions – taiton / Sanitaryware – grohe Windows – upvc & wood / Furniture – adhoc home style ,detale / Flooring – statuario italian marble & spc wooden flooring / Kitchen – multiwood with duco finish / Paint – asian paint / Artefacts –altrove ,nestasia,ikai asai ,coastal habitat / Wallpaper – Marshall wallpaper / Hardware – hettich ,HAFELE.

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