‘Amansara’, A Modern Bungalow Design With Unique Fluid Balconies, Open Spaces And Green Pockets | Essteam

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The clients have two sons with their families who wished to have a house but at sometime they also needed to have separate floors per family. Thus, we came up with various architectural design options for the ground plus two structures with a basement for parking and staff areas, keeping in mind that along with the form derivation, the functionality does not get lost.

‘Amansara’, A Modern Bungalow Design With Unique Fluid Balconies, Open Spaces And Green Pockets | ESSTEAM


‘Amansara’, a modern bungalow design with unique fluid balconies, open spaces and green pockets. Located in the city of Surat, the site is in the Althan area. It is completely a residential area on the canal road. This 23,970 sq. ft plot was double the size for both the client as well as his brother which later got divided into two separate plots for each brother respectively.

The concept was derived when the clients were clear that they not only wanted to maintain their own privacy, but also spend quality time together as a family. So various options were created after which we came up with the fluid balconies that were extended or punctured to create a very unique envelope for the structure. The edges were kept rounded in order to give an impression of how perfectly the family members are blended together as one, with love and unity.

The elevation was evolved subtly while also taking care of the functionality within the spaces during the process. As we were designing the architecture of the building, we strategically kept the services on the two edges in order to keep the interior spaces clutter free. The two L shaped concrete walls were designed for the same while also adding to the form derivation.

The entrance to ‘Amansara’, was kept simple yet cozy with the greenery around as well as on the security cabin’s rooftop. The ramp takes a person to the basement parking that consists of a seven to eight car parking area, servant quarters along with staff offices and a meeting room. A pathway besides the ramp leads to the huge back garden, also beautifully designed by us.

Talking about the building envelope, the second floor acted as one of the main floors in our design process due to the open planning concept in its interiors, which eventually helped in the play of volumes of the entire built mass.

At the entrance, a canopy is created specially for weather protection whereas, a separate entry is kept for the servants on the ground floor so that the rest of the spaces remain undisturbed.

A small lotus pond, common meeting spaces as well as lush green landscape was designed in the back garden on the ground floor, bringing every family member close to nature. Not only the ground floor, but all the floors including the terrace, had individual green spaces of their own, that really brought a lot of life to the spaces. The fluid balconies were designed in a way to provide them maximum raised garden and open areas.

The clients were extremely fond of landscaping; they had many inputs regarding how they wanted the landscape to be. That made the entire process really interesting in terms of the enthusiasm they had as well as the conceptual ideas we had, for their landscape design. We eventually brought their imaginations to reality by trying our best to provide them exactly what they wished for!

As the clients believed in Vastu Shastra, we mapped out the Best, Second Best and Acceptable Positions according to the Vastu Shastra principles for the entrance, puja room, dining area, master bedrooms, kitchen as well as smaller elements like bed and W.C. Therefore, the spaces inside were also taken care of with the utmost precision even when we were only designing the house architecturally.

Designed by : ESSTEAM

Project Type : Residential Bungalow 

Project Name : ‘Amansara’

Location : Surat, Gujarat

Year Built : 2020

Plot Area : 2,663 sq. yard

Project Size :  28,107 Sq.Ft

Principal Architects : Nikunj patel & Snehal Shah

Photograph Courtesy : Pratik Chandresa

Text Credit: Salience

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