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Versatile Wood Shelving System Designed by Artem Zakharchenko

Artem Zakharchenko has designed the ‘Gate’ furniture system that consists of a wood shelving unit that can be used in a variety of ways.The shelving unit has movable wooden bars that are placed on a metal rod, enabling the function of the unit to change whenever needed. When used in the kitchen or dining area, the shelving[Read More]

Space with Minimal and Contemporary Approach | Real Estate Offices | Surat | PDC Architects

Space with Minimal and Contemporary Approach | Real Estate Offices Surat | PDC Architects   PDC Architects completed the design for the corporate offices of Pramukh Real Estate LLP located in Surat, India.   To design a space with minimal and contemporary approach was the desire expressed by the clients. To achieve the same, the corporate office was furnished[Read More]

Ethnicity Added Through Geometries | The Company of Design

House Designed with Touch Of Ethnicity Added Through Geometries | The Company of Design Its a simple functional house interiors with a touch of ethnicity added through geometries.The triangulated movable screen in the entrance foyer adds a visual pause through a triangulated movable screen when it is open, at the same time space flows into[Read More]

Residential Interior Project has Modern yet Vintage Take | Aum Architects

Residential Interior Project has Modern yet Vintage Take | Aum Architects In a short glimpse, this residence is voluminous unlike any other apartments in Mumbai, India. We designed around this beautiful feature. Intricate wall treatments to creating subtle backgrounds for the custom-made furniture was the plan of action. As this was a second home for[Read More]

Minimal Table Design

Minimal Table Design The table is designed with minimal style, the Minimato table deserves an equally minimal explanation: 5 bars, 1 table top,making it classy and innovative product-minimal table design. Designer: Matthias Ferwagner

Five Stylish and Ergonomic Office Chairs for 2018

Five Stylish and Ergonomic Office Chairs for 2018 Whether you’re in the corner office overlooking Manhattan, or the basement suite of a crumbling building, having a stylish and ergonomic office chair can add a lot of value to your surrounding, not to mention your health and comfort.   In this post we handpick the most[Read More]

D’Arclight- India’s first Light-Art gallery | Delhi | Renesa Architecture Design Interiors

Launching Renesa Architecture Design Interiors‘s latest product entry into the Retail store therapy with D’Arclight for DBEL Studio, India’s first Light-Art gallery displaying luxury lighting solutions, high-end designs specially curated to enhance the quality of architectural and design spaces. Renesa Architecture Design Interiors has come with an interesting ideology to curate the aesthetics of modern decorative lighting via artistic[Read More]

Filling Pieces exhibition by Flip Ziedses Des Plantes at Paris Fashion Week

Good shoes take you good places,’ goes the saying. Flip Ziedses Des Plantes turns this expression on its head, having designed an exhibition for footwear brand Filling Pieces at Paris Fashion Week that is now overtaking the Amsterdam-based label’s retail presence around the world. The design studio created the ‘sneaker landscapes’ exhibition at the heart[Read More]

Roots Analysis Offices – Mohali | Studio Mohenjodaro
Roots Office_ Studio Mohenjodaro (1)

Roots Analysis Offices – Mohali | Studio Mohenjodaro Studio Mohenjodaro designed the offices for biopharmaceutical market research company Roots Analysis, located in Mohali, India. Providing market research and consultation in bio-pharmaceutical industry, Root Analysis is located in the heart of the business centre of Mohali. The client brief demanded an informal office space that would encourage interaction[Read More]

Hanging Wooden Lamps Can Be Combined to Create larger sculptural lamp

Architects Alessandro Mattei and Caterina Naglieri of Italian studio Plato Design, have a collection of concrete and wood magnetic lamps named TWELVE, that can be used individually or combined to make a larger sculptural lamp. The collection, which includes both table and pendant lights made from concrete or wood, is named after its dodecahedron shape, which was achieved by using[Read More]