Metal Furniture: Which Color is Best for Your Home?

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There are many interesting furniture options laid out for you out there but metal furniture is totally in a different league. Given its numerous advantages, this furniture selection is mainly preferred by various industries all over the world. However, there are also different types of metal furniture that have been fabricated to cater to multiple colored durable home pieces. Depending on the metal type you prefer for your indoor or outdoor metal furniture, here are some of the various metal furniture styles you could explore:

Gold Metal

Gold is a prominent natural mineral with renowned importance since it had a significant role in the advancements of industrialization and economies. Moreover, almost all metals and metal mixtures functioned as vital parts in industrial outputs and even to the most common products we use every day. Although many companies have also tried to replicate the mentioned metal, the originality of its quality couldn’t be copied and its usage and consumption continue to increase to this day.

Almost all the materials and equipment created were due to the gold’s properties. It was common knowledge that gold was used for creating pieces of jewelry, however, the discovery of its other properties paved the way for its usage for several industrial purposes. Even the very thin covers of gold placed on the surfaces of metal are responsible for the material to be resistant to corrosion. Its durability is no joke but although objects made of pure gold are still soft. This is why in the manufacturing of jewelry, mixtures of palladium and nickel along with gold are needed. This similar principle is applied to furniture.


Silver Metal

A known valuable material, silver is an irreplaceable material. With illuminating properties, it enables materials to produce a shining effect. In addition, it is a material with resistance to corrosion and rusting.  it is much cheaper than gold although almost having similar qualities. Among the materials that exhibit thermal and electrical properties, silver is usually chosen first. A perfect ornamental material, it is the by-product of lead and zinc mines. Smelting and refining are the two main processes responsible for extracting silver from these ores. Likewise, silver exhibits good ductility and malleability which allows it to be applied on almost any type of material and its surfaces. Its versatility is what enables it to be flattened, pulled, and twisted to form various shapes, sizes, and figures. Its photosensitivity property is what qualifies as a material used for film and photography.

Silver as a metal is very flexible. It can be turned into a powder, colloid, suspended, or utilized as a catalyst for fire. It can also be combined with other metals for alloy formation. The industrial demand for silver is very high and we doubt, that if silver was gone, half of the industries won’t operate. It is an essential element was due to its strength and brilliance. 

Bronze Metal

A prominent material during the Bronze Age, this type of metal color is suitable for rustic or vintage concepts. Bronze, among other metals, is mostly used in metal fabrication due to its wide range of usability and durability. For starters, bronze is an alloy made from copper and tin. It is best for metal fabrication projects due to its perfect surface finishes and good conductivity. Products made of bronze metal exhibit good thermal and electrical conductivity resulting in non-sparking and non-magnetic properties. Furthermore, the material is resistant to corrosion and weather changes. What’s even better is that it also contains anti-microbial and self-contaminating characteristics since bronze is composed of high copper content which has been proven to prevent the spread and growth of harmful bacteria 

Black Metal

Black metal has become trendy these days for those who wanted to apply minimalism in their space. The color displays simplicity and elegance all at the same time which makes it a favorite for several industrial applications. Additionally, it is very chic and one would not think that such a concept for metal furniture would be applicable. However, it turns out that black oxide coating on metals for less light reflection. For those who are not a friend of sunlight, black metal furniture is for you. The black oxide coating is done on ferrous materials, copper, stainless steel, zinc, and materials involving the chemical coating process. This process includes iron oxide which could ask the thickness and sharpness of steel. There exist three types of iron oxide coating namely, hot black oxide, mid-temperature black oxide, and cold black oxide. The black oxide coating is a very tedious process and would require numerous steps to transform the furniture into black but the entire process will still be depending on the material.

The need for coating help materials to last longer and slows the oxidation process. The coatings are produced to be water-resistant since water is a primary source of rust. Furthermore, it also helps the cleaning process easier and sharpens the edges of the metal.


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