• Scooped Collection Of Benches and Stools | Jiyoun Kim Studios

    Scooped Collection Of Benches and Stools | Jiyoun Kim Studios

    The modern chair is minimalistic design with time tested comfort and functionality.

    Used at home, they give your interiors a chic, urban look, whether you put them in the living room, bedroom or in the dining area. But with its trendy shape and fluid design, they are also at home in public and community spaces like restaurants, bars, hotels, meeting rooms and waiting areas.

    jiyoun Kim studio has debuted the scoop collection in collaboration with South Korean furniture company UND, showcasing new stools and benches that literally manifest the form of the scoop at their top part. The collection comes to fill the void between a stool and a sofa by providing an easy sit on posture without an overdone backrest. Delicately finished in high-quality natural leather, the simple pieces of furniture reveal their presence as versatile objects that can fit in any space.

    Jiyoun Kim studio has collaborated with Korean furniture company UND, a subsidiary of downing company, which has a long heritage in sofa manufacturing. Despite being a newly launched brand, targeting young and sensible consumers, UND inherits various experiences and know-how in sofa manufacturing and distribution, and especially in handling natural leathers. The stools and benches in the scoop collection are designed to reflect UND’s strengths.

    The pieces in the collection comprise forms that literally manifest the form of a scoop at their sitting part. Their simple, monolithic appearance and their delicately finished high-quality natural leather, which comes in a variety of hues, allow them to fit into any kind of space. The scooped collection will be sold by UND and exhibited at DDP Seoul in the winter of 2019.

    Project info:                            

    Name: scooped collection (scooped stool, scooped bench)

    Designer: jiyoun Kim studio

    Team: jiyoun Kim, Hannah lee

    Client: UND furniture

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