What Is A Carpenter? What Does A Carpenter Do?

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Simply put, a carpenter is a craftsperson skilled in woodwork. Moreover, a carpenter is a skilled operative working in the construction and cabinet-making industry. To understand what a carpenter does, you need to know the different categories of carpentry available. Each category involves different skill sets, meaning a carpenter may only be adept at one or more of these woodworking skills. 

In the article below, find you more below on what carpenters in North London do as part of their job details. 

What Does A Carpenter Do?

Carpenters fabricate wood constructions, from ornate details on wood trim or custom kitchens to entire building frameworks. 

A carpenter’s job details and duties vary depending on whether they specialize in rough or finish carpentry. Carpenters can specialize in several skillsets to make specific wood products or engage in specialized carpentry processes. 

Types of Woodworking Skills

What a carpenter does depends regularly depend on their area of specialization. Here are some of the woodworking skills that highlight a carpenter’s job details. 

1.   Rough Carpentry

Rough carpenters are usually on top of the chain when it comes to producing wood items. They typically work outdoors on large construction projects. Roofing and framing are the main types of rough carpentry. 

Roofers and framers are experts in putting up skeletal building structures such as rafters, beams, and other large-scale woodwork. A rough carpenter does woodwork that does not require a finishing touch. 

Rough carpentry often involves using power saws, hand saws, or woodworking machines. 

2.   Finish Carpentry

A finishing carpenter does not engage in the �heavy-lifting’ tasks like the rough carpenter. Finishing carpenters are often skilled at making fine furniture, finely crafted wood tools, architectural models, or inlays. The carpenter excels at extremely fine measurements and intricate, attractive woodwork. 

Most finish carpenters work from shops and regularly travel to construction sites to fit and install custom trims, fine cabinets, among other household tools. 

3.   Trim Carpentry

A trim carpenter is skilled at mouldings and trims to spruce up a home. /This includes window trims, ceiling trims, mantles, and baseboards. Trim carpentry often involves cabinetry.

4.   Cabinetry

Most craftsmen specialize in cabinetry. Cabinet makers have a skill set combining elements of rough carpentry and aspects of finish carpentry, all intended to create a custom cabinet. 

A cabinet maker designs and builds a unique, functional, and stylish set of cabinets for any room.

5.   Ship Carpentry

A ship carpenter specializes in nautical carpentry and is familiar with all shipbuilding phases. They can be hired to remodel a stateroom or repair a hull. 

In a nutshell, carpenters are hired to design and construct materials from wooden materials. Carpenters are also employed to provide wood trimming services. They repair and maintain woodwork regardless of whether they built the items or not. 

Bottom Line

Generally, carpenters work with construction companies or independently. Construction companies in North London hire some of the best, most qualified carpenters in the market due to their skill and experience. It is essential to keep a carpenter close in case you need repairs and maintenance. 

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