• Top 80 Interior Designers In Mumbai

    Mumbai is a city of dreams and aspirations, and its interior designers reflect the same spirit in their work. From luxurious residential spaces to innovative commercial designs, interior designers in Mumbai have made a mark with their exceptional creativity, attention to detail, and ability to turn any space into a work of art. These designers have the expertise and vision to transform a client’s idea into a stunning reality, while also keeping in mind their practical needs and budget. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best interior designers in Mumbai who have taken the city’s design scene by storm with their unparalleled work.

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    Following are the most thriving interior designers in Mumbai to look out for:

    • Gauri Khan Designs
    • Minnie Bhatt Designs
    • Muse LAB
    • Essajees Atelier
    • Quirk Studio
    • Rooshad Shroff
    • Studio PKA
    • Tejal Mathur Design
    • The Design Chapel
    •  Komal Sachdev Designer + Planner
    • SAV Architecture + Design
    • Aum architects
    • Architecture Brio
    • Designer’s Group
    • Studio unTAG
    • Gopal Zaveri Architects
    • Open Atelier Mumbai
    • Purple Backyard
    • Limited Edition Design Studio
    • AKAD
    • M.A.D.E by Urvashi Sathaye
    • Studio Jane
    • Magic Houz
    • AVVO
    • SEZA Architects & Interior Designers
    • Paperish a Design Studio
    • Bombay Design Studio
    • AT Studio
    • Zeel Architects
    • Greenhatch Architects
    • Surbhi Gite Architects
    • Dhruti Hamlai & Arwa Lokhandwala Designs
    • Bt-desiign
    • FSND
    • Transform Design studio
    • Kreon Projects
    • GJ Associates
    • Studio MAT Architects
    • Gautam Shewa Architects
    • Designer work
    • Darshan Chheda Atelier
    • Ism architects
    • Bizzle
    • The GREY Design Studio
    • Urvi Singhania Design
    • SML Architects
    • VastuSiddhi Architects
    • Studio Hasta
    • The 7th Corner Interior
    • SK Design studio
    • 4th Dimension
    • Poorv Design Co
    • Kaizaad Mehta Architects
    • 7D Design Studio
    • Studio Priyanka Rajguru
    • HS Designs
    • KSD Studio
    • ANS Design House
    • Rathod’s Design
    • Zeel Architects
    • Traansformation Design Studio
    • Anushka Contractor
    • Hipcouch
    • Make That Space
    • Gaurav Kharkar and Associates
    • Limehouse Design Studio
    • AND Architects
    • Da Namah Design Studio
    • Divyakant Mistry Associates
    • Prachi Kothari Designs
    • SSK Associates
    • M S Design Lab

    Gauri Khan Designs

    Gauri Khan Designs has been the culmination of a long-standing passion for Interior Design. It came together in less than three months, and it has now been an exciting six years since I undertook this journey.

    Firm Name: Gauri Khan Designs

    Firm’s Website Link: Gauri Khan Designs 

    Minnie Bhatt Designs

    It started with Silver Beach Cafe and Nom Nom, and since then it has been a seamless progression from designing residential sites to designing restaurants and other commercial projects. Designing public spaces makes my work visible to a lot more people. It also gives me scope for experimentation and I’ve enjoyed each and every project.

    Firm Name: Minnie Bhatt Designs

    Firm’s Website Link: Minnie Bhatt Designs

    Muse LAB

    At MuseLAB, every challenge is treated as an opportunity that is carefully thought out and considered. The project brief serves as the guiding principle and source of motivation and inspiration. Intuitive and traditional methods of analysis are used to identify the tangible and intangible aspects of the project, and emerging patterns or results help tell the client’s story. A systematic process of conceptualization, schematic design, and design development is used to provide pure and focused experiential design.

    Firm Name: Muse LAB

    Firm’s Website Link: Muse LAB

    Essajees Atelier

    Essajees Atelier is an award winning design firm focussing on high quality projects with a unique aesthetic. We pride ourselves on taking on a select number of projects with a high quality of attention to detail.

    The firm was started in 2014 and has completed over 60 projects across the country. We currently have over 200,000 sqft of commercial and residential spaces currently under construction. Projects are ongoing in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Surat, Goa, Dubai and others.

    Firm Name: Essajees Atelier

    Firm’s Website Link: Essajees Atelier

    Quirk Studio

    Quirk Studio is a boutique Interior Design firm based out of Mumbai. Founded in 2013 by Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, the studio finds its roots in the confluence of the design ideologies of the duo. Striving towards an ethos that shapes people-centric spaces and environments, Quirk Studio offers premium spatial and interior design solutions in the residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail sectors. 

    Firm Name: Quirk Studio

    Frim’s Website Link: Quirk Studio

    Rooshad Shroff

    Founded in 2011, Rooshad Shroff is a boutique firm based out of Mumbai, India.

    With an established practice across the design spectrum, ranging from architecture to interiors and bespoke furniture, the studio has carved out a niche for itself based on the philosophy of integrated design, with a special focus on artisanry and high end luxury. Collaborating with artisans across the country, Rooshad Shroff champions the cause and romantic appeal of the handmade, investing considerable time and effort into research and experimentation with centuries-old techniques, to introduce novel products and finishes through tailored solutions. This modus operandi typically commences with a furniture line as the testing point of craft focus, which then translates into interiors and techniques borrowed for the creation of finishes.

    Firm Name: Rooshad Shroff

    Firm’s Website Link: Rooshad Shroff

    Studio PKA

    Established in 1993 as PKA, the design studio is a well-established practice providing complete design solutions in interior-architecture. With corporate interiors as its core strength, the studio has slowly expanded its horizons to designing other spaces as well and has a wide spectrum of projects from corporate to residential including bungalows and villas.

    Firm Name: Studio PKA

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio PKA

    Tejal Mathur Design

    Tejal Mathur Design is an eponymous boutique design house born in 1998. The project profiles outlines work-in interior design across Homes, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Offices etc. across India and now internationally. Tejal Mathur’s work over 2 decades have earned her tags like “post –modern” vintage designer to “purveyor of the past”. This has probably stemmed from an emotive subconscious response to the growing fact that India, especially Mumbai is slowly losing the “in-between” era, where there was abundant aesthetic in the way simple folk lived- something that is now missing from our architecture.

    Firm Name: Tejal Mathur Design

    Firm’s Website Link : Tejal Mathur Design

    The Design Chapel

    Firm Name: The Design Chapel

    Firm’s Instagram Link: The Design Chapel

     Komal Sachdev Designer + Planner

    KSDP was formed in 2014, based in Navi Mumbai. The firm aims at creating spaces for a better living experience.  Love for design permeates every project and often leads to innovative new uses for materials and processes. KSDP is known for it’s minimalistic yet elegant designs and concepts. They see interiors and design as vehicles for improving people’s lives and strive to find the best solution to any given brief.

    Firm Name:  Komal Sachdev Designer + Planner

    Firm’s Website Link:  Komal Sachdev Designer + Planner

    SAV Architecture + Design

    SAV is an international contemporary architecture and design studio producing highly original and intra-disciplinary work. We see our studio as a platform to explore multiple curiosities between places, stories, and cultures, as well as with systems, structures, and spaces. Our work is inspired by nature and its resourceful efficiency and complex beauty. Combining the aesthetic and materiality, advanced technology with craftsmanship, and performance with pragmatism we work across scales and contexts to create designs that are evocative and extraordinary.

    Firm Name: SAV Architecture + Design

    Firm’s Website Link: SAV Architecture + Design

    Aum Architects

    Aum Architects is a contemporary Indian architecture and interior design firm based out of Mumbai, India with a body of work all across the world.

    Firm Name: Aum Architects

    Firm’s Website Link : AUM Architects

    Architecture Brio

    Architecture BRIO engages actively in the creation of contextually appropriate, sustainable design solutions within an increasingly changing world.

    The work of the studio addresses new ways of understanding the often contradictory interrelations between the city, architecture, landscape, and the world of interiors. There is a growing need for our built environment to re-establish healthy relationships with the natural world. Similarly there is an urgency to address the never before seen growth in urban and rural areas in India and globally. Within this context, the work searches for a delicate balance between architecture as the act of disappearance, and creating characterful, responsive and experiential environments.

    Firm Name: Architecture Brio

    Firm’s Website Link: Architecture Brio

     Designer’s Group

    Designers Group, a leading core hospitality firm in India, was founded by Ar. Khozema Chitalwala, with his wife & partner Sujata Chitalwala, has an extensive experience of two-and-a-half decades in interior architecture.

    Firm Name:  Designer’s Group

    Firm’s Website Link: Designer’s Group

    Studio unTAG

    unTAG is a unison of two contrasting personalities, Gauri Satam and Tejesh Patil, architecture graduates from Sir JJ COA Mumbai, who have come together to craft a Mumbai based interdisciplinary design studio since 2015. The studio strongly adheres to climatic sensibility, contextual rooting, spatial functionality, material sensitivity and economic viability as their core values.

    Firm Name: Studio unTAG

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio unTAG

    Gopal Zaveri Architects

    Gopal Zaveri Architects have been planning and designing residential and commercial projects including shopping malls.Designing private residences has become our forte and almost every functional space is customised to the client’s personal choice. We have a presence around PAN India and have worked internationally for clients in Belgium, Dubai, San-Jose and Hongkong.We continue to plan and design luxury residences for high net worth individuals.

    Firm Name: Gopal Zaveri Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Gopal Zaveri Architects

    Chicago Studio

    Priya Lakhotia Parikh graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors of Interior Architecture from prestigious School of Art Institute in Chicago. Having worked at Faquih & Associates, Mumbai and M&G Sa., Brussels, her designs reflect a mix of traditional tastes with international trends.

    Firm Name: Chicago Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Chicago Studio

    Open Atelier Mumbai

    Open Atelier Mumbai is an international award-winning interior design studio based out of Mumbai, , that strives with a design approach that is bold, vehement and sophisticated. Founded by designer Rahul Mistri in 2013, the studio aims to craft vivacious and elegant spaces of quality derived from juxtapositioned elements and materials that connect through a display of visual and textural layers. 

    Firm Name: Open Atelier Mumbai

    Firm’s Website LinkOpen Atelier Mumbai

    Purple Backyard

    Adding context and character to each space is significant to Purple Backyard. To facilitate this, the studio takes pride in sticking to its design roots, whilst incorporating client needs through bespoke workshops and consultations. We think, reason and solve challenges with leading vendor-partners and grass root level artisans from in and around the country, helping us create divergent thinking solutions.

    Firm Name: Purple Backyard

    Firm’s Website Link: Purple Backyard

    Limited Edition Design Studio

    Limited Edition Design Studio is a multi-disciplinary design practice comprising of architects, designers and artists operating within the fields of architecture, interior design, products, graphics and installations. In 2014 partners Bhumika Patel and Chintan Patel founded the studio built upon their shared passion for design.Based in Mumbai ,the practice takes a consistent, holistic approach to spatial design and interior architecture and offers a profound understanding and interpretation of the full range of creative possibilities.

    Firm Name: Limited Edition Design Studio

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Limited Edition Design Studio


    AKAD was founded in 2010 and since then has delivered multiple interior, architecture, landscape projects. AKAD’s work has been featured in magazines like Trends and Inside Outside. AKAD’s designs are a concoction of symmetry and elegance with a dash of quirkiness.

    Firm Name: AKAD

    Firm’s Website Link: AKAD

    Studio Jane

    Studio Jane Designs believes that spaces have a profound impact on the individuals who occupy them. The company takes pleasure in celebrating the art of design and values maintaining a collaborative and transparent relationship with their clients. Studio Jane Designs is always mindful of balancing the clients’ requirements and investments, while also being sensitive to achieving optimal results. The company follows a deeply ingrained philosophy that prioritizes striking a balance between space, aesthetics, technology, and construction detailing for all scale of projects.

    Firm Name: Studio Jane

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio Jane

    Magic Houz

    Magic Houz is a boutique design studio, co-founded by the dynamic duo, Ar. Nilay Shah & Ar. Sara Shah. After acquiring their Masters in Design degree from Domus Academy, Milan (Italy) their love for classic modern design led to extensive research on European design & styling.

    Firm Name: Magic Houz

    Firm’s Website Link: Magic Houz


    AVVO, a multidisciplinary firm that offers full-service luxury architecture, interior design, and contracting work, was established in 2019. Although the company is based in Mumbai, it operates throughout the country. AVVO undertakes a range of projects, including diverse residential, commercial, and industrial projects. The company is committed to a minimalist, elegant, and clean aesthetic.

    All in all, AVVO strives to blend the lines between space, architecture and art, and take it to a global platform.

    Firm Name:  AVVO

    Firm’s Instagram Link: AVVO

    SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

    Seema and Zarir Mullan at SEZA believe that a design should rise and mould itself from the urban fabric while etching itself onto it and architecture, landscape and interior design should blend to remove the barriers between inside and outside. The dynamic architects handle projects spanning residential, commercial, retail architecture and interiors and have been the recipients of several awards. Not the kinds to sit on their laurels, the duo’s efforts to strive towards creating avant garde architecture both in India and in foreign shores have been continual.

    Firm Name: SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

    Firm’s Instagram Link: SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

    Paperish a Design Studio

    Firm Name: Paperish a Design Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Paperish a Design Studio

    Bombay Design Studio

    The Bombay Design Studio originated right in the heart of the financial capital of our country. Just like the name suggests we are completely “Bombay” at heart, warm, welcoming and right there when you need us the most.

    The Bombay Design Studio was started with the intention of becoming a platform for young interior designers and we get one step closer to achieving that everyday. Our entire team is filled with young and talented interior designers who are always up for a new challenge.

    Firm Name: Bombay Design Studio

    Firm’s Website Link: Bombay design studio

    AT Studio

    Anam Taufik Studio is a Mumbai based interior design & decor practice led and founded by Anam Taufik. AT Studio follows a holistic approach towards building and creating spaces of interest through a formulated process of research, exploration and iteration while telling a different design story through every project.

    Firm Name: AT Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link : AT Studio

     Zeel Architects

    Defining a wide array of spaces externally as well as internally since 2005. Experts in residential, commercial and public spaces.

    Firm Name:  Zeel Architects

    Firm’s Website Link : Zeel Architects

    Greenhatch Architects

    Greenhatch Architects is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior design and project management firm, offering end to end design solutions in the industrial, commercial and residential architecture domain. Our design approach is primarily based on blending architecture with nature, function over form and complete space utilization.

    Firm Name: Greenhatch Architects

    Firm’s Website Link : Greenhatch Architects

    Surbhi Gite Architects

    The designer’s intuition and desire to see beyond existing dimensions guide their design decisions. They rely on their gut and intuition, believing that “everything you can imagine is real”. They embrace unconventional thoughts and utilize materials in unique ways. Their design approach is described as bold and daring.

    Firm Name: Surbhi Gite Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Surbhi Gite Architects

    Dhruti Hamlai & Arwa Lokhandwala Designs

    Firm Name: Dhruti Hamlai & Arwa Lokhandwala Designs

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Dhruti Hamlai &Arwa Lokhandwala Designs


    As the founder of BT-Desiign, the individual has 12 years of experience working on a wide range of residential and commercial projects, and is considered a seasoned and accomplished interior designer. They are a masterful conceptual planner and have a passionate eye for every detail. The individual strongly believes that interiors must be well-planned, well-built, and functionally beautiful.

    Firm Name: Bt-desiign

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Bt-desiign


    The firm has been engaged in conceptualizing and designing various size and scale of projects ranging from residential layouts to stand alone structures, from private villas to multi-bunglow layouts, from commercial buildings to an IT. Complex, all conceived from it’s architectural and interior perspectives, each with a fresh vision, exploring the ever changing world of ideas, updating with the international trends of design without compromising the first and the only principal of the firm “hard work doesn’t have an option”. Driven by a profound belief in the capacity of good design to shape how people behave, the studio’s work.

    Firm Name:  FSND

    Firm’s Website Link: FSND

    Transform Design studio

    Firm Name: Transform Design studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Transform Design Studio

    Kreon Projects

    The team at the company in question takes over all aspects of a project, from ideation and conceptualization to realization. The company believes in incorporating traditions into their innovations, and all of their projects feature a unique artistic vision and functional solutions. The client is considered the soul of each project, and the company’s main objective is to capture their values and individuality through their designs.

    Firm Name: Kreon Projects

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Kreon Projects

    M.A.D.E by Urvashi Sathaye

    The company believes that spaces are a reflection of one’s personality and can define them. They emphasize the importance of designing spaces that are functional and intuitive, while also aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The company takes pride in designing spaces that bring happiness to their clients, while also being practical and cost-effective. Their goal is to create spaces that are both easy to use and affordable, without compromising on quality or style.

    Firm Name: M.A.D.E by Urvashi Sathaye

    Firm’s Website Link: M.A.D.E by Urvashi Sathaye

    GJ Associates 

    Gaurang Jawle & Associates is a registered Interior Design consultancy and project management firm established in the year 2004. We are an agency with a distinctive individual approach, providing seamless and transparent service to every client with bespoke interior designing and project management services. We have nurtured strong personal relationships and built our experience by working with some of the biggest names in the global interior design industry and creating your space detail by detail.

    Firm Name: GJ Associates 

    Firm’s website Link: GJ Associates 

    Studio MAT Architects

    “Studio MAT Architects and Interior designers based in Mumbai Strive to provide unique architectural and interior solutions regardless of scale and size of the project”

    The firm strives to create design that inspires, approaching each project, regardless of size & scale, with an understanding that architecture has a unique power to influence lifestyle and society.

    Firm Name: Studio MAT Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio MAT Architects

    Gautam Shewa Architects

    An eponymous design studio based in Mumbai, constitutes built environments with a touch of refined sensibilities. Thier portfolio comprises architectural, interior design, and landscape design services. At GSA, we immerse ourselves in crafting a tailor-made design to give each client a seamless, joyful, and personalized experience.

    Firm Name: Gautam Shewa Architects

    Firm’s Website Link : GAUTAM SHEWA ARCHITECTS

    Designer work 

    Inspired to draw, design and build structures from a very young age, Smit followed his creative spirit to earn a professional degree in Architecture from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. Rajvi is a young, cheerful and vibrant creative who believes in the power of beautiful interiors to transform daily life. With a degree in Interior Design from Rachana Sansad, Mumbai, and a well trained eye for quality and sophisticated symmetry, craftsmanship, furnishings and textiles, she is best known for coupling order with saturated burst of colours and optimism.

    Firm Name: Designer work 

    Firm’s Website Link: deSigneR

    Darshan Chheda Atelier

    Our Sterling Principal Designer of Darshan Chheda Atelier, Ar. Hirji J. Chheda, adorns his 54 years completing over 2500+ interior and architectural projects alongside late Ar. Darshan H. Chheda and Ar. Rashi Chheda.

    The Mumbai-based atelier, governed by the three alumni of Rachana Sansad Academy, has cultivated a variety of spaces from concept stores (retail) to office spaces, penthouses (residential), and hospitalities for several prominent developers pan India.

    Firm Name: Darshan Chheda Atelier

    Firm’s website Link: Darshan Chheda Atelier

     Ism architects

    Ism is an era, that the firm envisions defining with its approach towards their uniquely intertwined architectural practice. This reflects in the way they reciprocate to each project in their own way with their strong architectural beliefs while not compromising the client’s needs. The firm was established in 2010 with a vision for a multidisciplinary approach towards projects.

    Firm Name:  Ism architects

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Ism architects


    Bizzle is comprised of a team of highly motivated, creative, and dynamic individuals whose goal is to deliver superior spaces to their clients. The company is project-oriented and specializes in designing and executing entire commercial spaces, complete with high-quality and modern business furniture. Bizzle is dedicated to transforming their clients’ commercial interiors into spaces that foster collaboration and productivity.

    Firm Name: Bizzle

    Firm’s Website Link: Bizzle

    The GREY Design Studio

    Firm Name: The GREY Design Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link : The GREY Design Studio

    Urvi Singhania Design

    A meticulous eye for detail and style from early days combined with an urge to create design and bring it to life, brought Mumbai-based designer Urvi Singhania to do a foundation course on the principles of design and thereon pursue a full-fledged course in interior design at Rachna Sansad.

    A few years later and having trained under the tutelage of renowned Interior Designer Tejal Mathur, Urvi has made her mark in the profession as a stickler for detail where attention to finish and functionality form the fundamentals of all her projects. Modern chic design is her signature style and her juxtaposition of wood and slate finishes are a delight to view. Translating her clients brief with the clarity of vision and delivering on expectations have earned her a reputation amongst the high society of Mumbai.

    Firm Name: Urvi Singhania Design

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Urvi Singhania Design

    SML Architects

    His aesthetics appear to follow the ‘less is more’ route. Through fabrics, textures and furniture, Mahek Lalan of SML Architects weaves colour, craftsmanship and functionality into his vision. “We are too young a practice to slot our work into any style. Though we do tend to incline towards simplicity,” says the director and principal architect of the firm.

    Firm Name: SML Architects

    Firm’s Instagram Link: SML Architects

    VastuSiddhi Architects

    Our vision is to be globally recognised as a holistic designing firm, with the best industry practices and to enrich people’s lives with the built environment through strong, creative architectural design and inspirational leadership.

    Firm Name: VastuSiddhi Architects

    Firm’s Website Link : VastuSiddhi Architects

    Studio Hasta

    Studio Hasta was founded in 2019 by Nishil Shah, and is an interdisciplinary practice that covers art, architecture, and aesthetics. The studio’s approach to design challenges takes into account the affinities and differences between individuals and their surroundings. Studio Hasta is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of quality and aesthetics, and has a keen eye for detail. The company aims to combine the best craftsmanship and resources with practical design principles to create exceptional results.

    Firm Name: Studio Hasta

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio Hasta

    The 7th Corner Interior 

    The 7th Corner Interior is a high-end residential interior design firm located in Mumbai. The company offers bespoke interior design services at affordable rates, and is owned by Neha Dhuri and Nikhil Dhuri. The studio’s philosophy centers around designing spaces that not only impress but also reflect and enhance lifestyles. The company’s focus is on inspiring clients and demonstrating design excellence to exceed their expectations. The team at The 7th Corner Interior is passionate about creating refined and sophisticated spaces that reflect their clients’ personalities. The company provides luxury interior design services for both residential and commercial properties, drawing on Neha and Nikhil’s remarkable wealth of experience over the past eight years in the interior design industry. Neha and Nikhil possess different strengths and skills that complement each other extremely well in the interior design industry.

    Firm Name: The 7th Corner Interior 

    Firm’s Website Link : The 7th Corner Interior

    Innover by Sakshi Gehani

    Innover By Sakshi Gehani holds the belief that every individual should be inspired by the spaces they occupy. Since 2013, the company has been dedicated to creating original, interesting, comfortable, and personalized spaces. Innover By Sakshi Gehani prides itself on its versatility, attention to detail, and limitless resourcefulness. The company is committed to serving all of its clients and fulfilling their every desire, making their dreams come true.

    Firm Name: Innover by Sakshi Gehani

    Firm’s Website Link : INNOVER BY SAKSHI GEHANI

    SK Design studio

    SK Studio Design is a prominent architectural and interior design firm that has undergone significant development. The company is based in Hiranandani Estate Thane West, and offers a wide range of services in the fields of design, construction, interior ornamentation, and project consultation. SK Studio Design was established in 2009, and has since then built a strong team of creative and innovative interior designers and architects who are dedicated to achieving excellence and creating unparalleled designs through the development of new ideas.

    Firm Name: SK Design studio

    Firm’s Website Link: SK Design studio


    Rndeesign is an award-winning Mumbai based design studio founded by power couple Rohit and Puja Gupta. It was established in 2017 with the idea of collaborating design expertise in the field of interiors and architecture and has completed over 16 projects across the country.

    The firm’s work exemplifies designs focused on one thing, to have crisp and defined sensibilities in each and every space they craft. They start every single project with fresh ideas and thoughtful consideration of their clients.

    Firm Name:  RN DEESIGN

    Firm’s Website Link:  RN DEESIGN

     4th Dimension 

    4thdimension is a Mumbai-based design practice firm founded by the principal Architects Rinki Kotak and Mihir Kotak in 2004. They started together with simple interior projects and now have established themselves in a variety of fields with a staff of 40 people. The firm has worked on huge scales architectural projects like high-rise buildings, institutional complexes, university campuses, schools, hospitals, and small commercial spaces as well. They have been very popular among the people for their predominant interior décor specialization for the high-end villas & apartments. They believe themselves to be the catalysts or enhancers towards whatever the client expects.

    Firm Name:  4th Dimension 

    Poorv Design Co

    Firm Name: Poorv Design Co

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Poorv Design Co

     Kaizaad Mehta Architects

    Firm Name:  Kaizaad Mehta Architects

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Kaizaad Mehta Architects

    7D Design Studio

    We 7D Design Studio A young & passionate design firm founded by Mukesh Vegaad & Divyaa Tank. 7D Design Studio is known for their unique approach, to Interior Design, which is bespoke and very intimate process of discovering each client’s personal style.

    Firm Name: 7D Design Studio

    Firm’s Website Link: 7D Design Studio

    Studio Priyanka Rajguru

    Studio Priyanka Rajguru is a award winning multidisciplinary Architecture, Interior Design & Project Management studio.

    Firm Name: Studio Priyanka Rajguru

    Firm’s Website Link: STUDIO PRIYANKA RAJGURU

    HS Designs

    HS Designs is an upcoming Interior Design and Styling brand established in December 2018 by Ms. Hansi S. It believes in delivering design experiences that are distinctive, compelling with superb quality and individuality. It is Committed in achieving the best results with a “turn-key “approach through the services offered. The Brand participates in Corporate and Residential Interiors from Initial Concepts, Budgeting, Material Selections, Execution, Styling of each furniture piece, Project Coordination – Always with precision, professionalism, attention to detailing and Client satisfaction. The goal is to always create designs tailored to Client’s unique style and blending the functional and aesthetic needs.

    Firm Name: HS Designs

    Firm’s Instagram Link: HS Designs

    KSD Studio

    Our studio is an amalgamation of conflicting forces of tradition and modernity, nature and architecture, openness and structure. All projects emerge from converting a program from in-depth research into an authentic space. Incessant journey of learning and exploring, meticulous materialization and sketching become a dominant factor in conception of design.

    Firm Name: KSD Studio

    Firm’s Website Link: KSD Studio

     ANS Design House

    ANS Design House, is a creative design studio founded by Architect Amit N. Phanse and
    Interior Designer Shivangi Shahane-Phanse in 2009. The firm was started with a desire to make a beautiful environment in the surrounding world. The purpose of our designs is to give aesthetic elegance with the primary focus on functionality.

    Firm Name:  ANS Design House

    Firm’s Website Link : ANS Design House

    Rathod’s Design

    Established by Riddhi Rathod in 2016, Rathod’s Design was started with an aim of aiding compact spaces to breathe more, do more, live more. Today, Rathod’s Design is a firm that specializes in the reinvention and the reimagination of spaces.

    Our vision is to enrich our clients’ lives with designs and spaces that are inventive, well-crafted and reflect client personalities. The firm’s approach to make this a reality is by prioritizing our clients’ said, and sometimes unsaid, needs for each space.

    Firm Name: Rathod’s Design

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Rathod’s Design

    Zeel Architects

    Currently, the Studio is conceptualizing and working on various projects like residential buildings, hotels,
    and a luxury resort and few other commercial projects as well in various cities which are under

    The studio also believes in constantly exploring the different aspects of design and blurring the
    boundaries between the seen and the unseen. The studio is constantly working on experiments, which strives to generate locally everything that is necessary for our living.

    Firm Name: Zeel Architects

    Firm’s Website Link : Zeel Architects

    Traansformation Design Studio

    Traansformation Design Studio is a brain child of Two like minded Designers, Hiralal Vishwakarma & Manjusha Shresth who came together with a single Belief to give their Best to the Interior Designing Industry.

    Firm Name: Traansformation Design Studio

    Firm’s Website Link: Traansformation Design Studio

    Anushka Contractor

    An Interior & Furniture Designer From Mumbai, Who Has Been Working Since The Age Of 19 (2008) After Graduating From The Prestigious Rachana Sansad School Of Design. She Has Gained many experiences Directing In Luxury Residential, Commercial, And Public Space Interior Design.

    Firm Name: Anushka Contractor

    Firm’s Website Link: Anushka Contraactor


    Hipcouch was founded with a simple idea: interior design & build needed a redesign for the way we live now. So we set out to create a smart, accessible & personal service that works whether you’re looking to source affordable high quality modular furniture, build your very own pieces of custom furniture or find an interior designer who can deliver your space adapted to your unique taste.

    Firm Name: Hipcouch 

    Firm’s Website Link: Hipcouch 

    Make That Space

    Make That Space is a design studio run by mother-daughter duo Shilpa and Brinda Kenia. They believe that design is about making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically, or emotionally. Their broad aim is always to try and optimize the use of space while also achieving a sense of harmony between the materials, light, and textures. 

    Firm Name: Make That Space

    Firm’s website Link: Make That Space

    Gaurav Kharkar and Associates

    Gaurav Kharkar, The Principal Architect of GAURAV KHARKAR & associates is a 2004 graduate from Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Architecture, affiliated to University of Mumbai. Mrs. Vidhita Parekh Kharkar, Principal Designer & wife of Gaurav has passed Interior Designing from Rachna Sansad’s Academy of Interior Designing, Mumbai in the year 2005.

    Firm Name: Gaurav Kharkar and Associates

    Firm’s Website Link: Gaurav Kharkar and Associates

    Limehouse Design Studio

    Limehouse Design Studio’s professional services include interior design consultation, complete turnkey solutions, and interior styling. Tanushree Lakhotia, Principal Designer – started the studio in 2015, with an experience of over 15 years in the field of interior design and after having worked with top architecture/ design firms in Delhi & Mumbai. Her portfolio with over 50+ projects comprises of some award-winning work completed during her earlier stints. In a span of 4 years, the studio has successfully completed various projects; covering an entire spectrum – from urban residences and retail chains to commercial/ hospitality with many happy clients!

    Firm Name: Limehouse Design Studio

    Firm’s Website Link: Limehouse Design Studio

    AND Architects

    AND is a ‘multidisciplinary design practice’ comprising of architects, designers, artists and engineers operating in the fields of architecture, interior, planning and development. The firm works at a variety of projects of multiple scales and diverse types.

    AND along with its young setup brings in the qualified experience of its principals, designers and professionals. The practice strives to create experiential architecture and design solutions along with its strong research-bound approach within current market trends, material innovations and sustainability as well as larger social, cultural and environment networks.

    Firm Name: AND Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: AND Architects

    Da Namah Design Studio

    A good space offers design; a great space offers functionality that is beautiful in nature. As problem solvers, we start from a level deeper to understand the emotional reasons provoking the need for redesigning a space. As designers and executioners, interpreting your needs can be a challenge but a rewarding process as we strive to create absolute bespoke spaces that soothe and suit you. All in all, we believe, a well-designed space must be fit for purpose!

    Firm Name: Da Namah Design Studio

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Da Namah Design Studio

    Divyakant Mistry Associates

    Divyakant Mistry Associate is a multidisciplinary interior design firm led by Principal Designer Divyakant Mistry considered to be among the leading Interior Design Firms of Mumbai. We create modern and sophisticated design concepts. Divyakant  Mistry Associate  has carved a niche for  their innovative design that beautifully blend style and luxury with comfort and harmonized interior spaces.

    Firm Name: Divyakant Mistry Associates

    Firm’s Website Link: Divyakant Mistry Associates

    Prachi Kothari Designs

    Thinker, Creator, Freebird, Founder. This is Prachi Kothari. The founder & principal interior designer & stylist at ‘Prachi Kothari Designs’.

    Prachi has skillfully implemented her knowledge to the creative work she aspires to achieve excellence with every client by keeping an open outlook on different periods of style & concepts. She has a soft corner for the Baroque & Rococo era for its drama, color & Art deco; while Art Nouveau (Total Art Style) for the modern & contemporary design seekers.

    Firm Name: Prachi Kothari Designs

    Firm’s Website Link: Prachi Kothari Designs

    SSK Associates

    SSK Associates is a young firm where two similar talented individuals Shilpa Agarwal & Komal Jain from reputed firms came together to form a design hub for delivering timeless and quality designs in par with the international standards presenting future-forward designs.

    Firm Name: SSK Associates

    Firm’s Instagram Link: SSK Associates

    M S Design Lab

    Firm Name: M S Design Lab

    Firm’s Instagram Link : M S Design Lab


    Aashni Pandya Kumar has graduated from the Academic Interior Design program at Florence Design Academy, which is ranked as the best Interior Design school in the world. Her passion for the creative field grew during her tenure as a Research Associate at the school, where she worked on a paper entitled “Introduction of Fashion Journalism in India.” Aashni Kumar has since launched an independent brand that focuses on residential and commercial projects in the areas of interior design and architecture throughout the country.

    Firm Name: AASHNI KUMAR

    Firm’s Website Link : Aashni Kumar

    In conclusion, Mumbai is home to some of the most talented and innovative interior designers in the industry. These designers have demonstrated their expertise and creativity by transforming spaces into stunning works of art. From contemporary to traditional, minimalistic to eclectic, these designers have an eye for detail and a passion for creating unique and personalized interiors that perfectly match their client’s needs and tastes. By leveraging their skills and experience, they have successfully created spaces that not only look beautiful but also enhance the functionality and comfort of the space. If you’re looking to create a new interior space or renovate an existing one, you can trust these top interior designers in Mumbai to bring your vision to life.

    Check out The Architect’s Diary’s other exclusive blogs on top Architects and Interior Designers in





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