The magic of creating a Space is the end-users ultimate urge to wish and spend all their time and grow old in it! This might just be the biggest success of an Architect, who is responsible for turning the client’s requirements and designing an aesthetically pleasing livable space. The Architect’s Diary has carefully curated a list of 30 Architects in Kerala, based on their excellence and significant works in the field of design.

ARK Architecture Studio

ARK Architecture Studio is an architectural and interior consultancy firm based in Trivandrum, Kerala. Founded in 2017, we have a wide range of projects including residential, commercial, hospitality landscape, interiors, and a lot more. 

Firm Name: ARK Architecture Studio

Contact The Firm: ARK Architecture Studio


Interior, architecture, and restoration firm with 6+ years of experience.

Firm Name: Alchemy

Contact The Firm: Alchemy

Barefoot Architects

We at bf+a strive to bring in the value of architecture to all sectors of society, irrespective of class and livelihood. We believe that architecture can itself uplift the well-being of societies’ on both infrastructural and sociocultural grounds as if served in equity.

Firm Name: Barefoot Architects

Contact The Firm: Barefoot Architects

i2a Architects Studio

Here at i2A, we craft designs that not only reflect our brimming passion for architecture but also our commitment to innovating practical solutions to the challenges of our clients. We encourage our clients to do what they do best, to dream without inhibitions. Then we get to work doing what we do best, transforming them into designs that house their bigger dreams. We call it a success when we earn the trust of our clients to pose their toughest design challenges to us. We call it a roaring success when those challenges take us on the path of innovating something unique for them.  

Firm Name: i2a Architects Studio

Contact The Firm: i2a Architects Studio

Architect Srijit Srinivas

Our portfolio consists of apartments, residential homes, healthcare buildings, commercial buildings, institutional,  convention centers, resorts, and so on. Our designs respond to the context, are simple, classy, and contemporary for today’s lifestyle,  yet have their roots in tropical modernist principles, thus ensuring the comfort of the inmates.

Firm Name: Architect srijit srinivas

Contact The Firm: Architect srijit srinivas

Thought Parallels Architecture

‘Thought parallels’ is built on their individuality. It is not a colossal practice, but a boutique firm with the ability to be innovative and equipped to design and supervise construction anywhere in the world. Thought parallels architecture is noted for discerning and humane design, ranging from modest to large houses, boutique hotels, art galleries, experience centers, and commercial, religious and corporate buildings. Since 2000 our founding principal architect, Nikhil Mohan has been actively practicing architecture nationally and internationally with various firms before starting ‘thought parallels’. Shabna Nikhil, Our Creative Director has worked on projects both in India and Dubai. She joined as a partner at ’thought parallels’ in 2014 and is instrumental in bringing a dynamic outlook to the practice. Her philosophy of blurring the boundaries between architecture, interiors, and landscape initiated a new design direction.

Firm Name: Thought parallels architecture

Contact The Firm: Thought parallels architecture

Aslam Sham Architects

Aslam.sham is an architectural design consultancy firm founded by 2 young vibrant architects.

Firm Name: Aslam Sham Architects

Contact The Firm: Aslam Sham Architects

Durga Sarath Architects

Firm Name: Durga Sarath Architects

Contact The Firm: Durga Sarath Architects

Atmosphere Design Lab

“AtmosphereDesignLab” is a young multi-disciplinary firm involved in architecture and planning. landscape design, interior design, and product design. We are a team of enthusiastic architects who go beyond the brief and requirements in bringing the most appropriate innovative contextual solutions to the built environment. We believe in the uniqueness of each endeavor, celebrating the distinctive setting of each project and utilizing the most modern and innovative methods to develop solutions that synergize with our clientele.”

Firm Name: Atmosphere Design Lab

Contact The Firm: Atmosphere Design Lab

NO Architects Designers and Social Artists

We are a group of architects, designers, and social artists applying an iterative, process-oriented design for addressing the challenges in architecture. It involves intense research into the characters, characteristics, conditions, programmatic requirements, interdependencies, and relations to define the design challenge. The parameters of social context, economy, and sustainability act as drivers in this process.

Firm Name: NO Architects Designers and Social Artists

Contact The Firm: NO Architects Designers and Social Artists

3dor Concepts

Complete Architectural, Interior, Landscape, and Urban Design Services by Council of Architects (COA) licensed professionals Construction supervision, Structural and MEP designs are also included in our service. We have expertise in residential, commercial, and Urban Design Projects and doing Various Projects across India and UAE. 3dor concepts is an interdisciplinary, architecture and design firm started in 2013 by three enthusiastic young Architects, graduates from the department of architecture-CET Trivandrum. Founded on the belief that design has the power to transform lives and enhance communities. 

Firm Name: 3dor Concepts

Contact The Firm: 3dor Concepts


Vinu Daniel completed his B. Arch in 2005 from The College of Engineering, Trivandrum, following which he worked with Auroville Earth Institute for the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Post-Tsunami construction. On returning from Pondicherry in 2007 he started ‘Wallmakers’ which was christened thus by others, as the first project was just a compound wall. Many eye-openers in the course of his practice prompted him to resolve to devote his energies to the cause of sustainable and cost-effective architecture.

Firm Name: Wallmakers

Contact The Firm: Wallmakers

Meister Varma Architects

Meister Varma Architects started to focus on site-specific, design-led solutions for the residential and hospitality sector. Drawing on Kerala architecture traditions and woodworking, the practice strives to design climate-responsive buildings for cities. In all projects, we try to be aware of the environmental impact during construction and the life cycle of the building. Thus careful site planning, building placement, and orientation form key aspects of our design approach. Passive ventilation, minimum dependence on air-conditioning, rainwater collection & storage are integral to our design, not afterthoughts. The selection of robust materials ensures that the building ages gracefully and extends generations beyond its current occupants.

Firm Name: Meister Varma Architects

Contact The Firm: Meister Varma Architects

Uru Consulting

At URU, our focus on building long-term client relationships has helped us become one of the best and most diverse providers of technical, professional and construction services, including all aspects of architecture, engineering and construction, operations and maintenance, as well as scientific and specialty consulting.

Firm Name: Uru Consulting

Contact The Firm: Uru Consulting

Farsa Buildesign

As a service-oriented firm, we work closely with our clients to identify project scope and develop design solutions to best address their needs, wants, and budgets. We work with you from design concept through construction completion to bring your vision to life. Our process is flexible and does depend on what you require and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Firm Name: Farsa Buildesign

Contact the firm: Farsa Buildesign

Rods Architects

Working closely with professional chefs drives our design process. Function is always paramount – every detail is cared for to help each piece fulfil its intended purpose.

Firm Name: Rods Architects

Contact the firm: Rods Architects


After finishing her post-graduation, Ar. Surya Prasanth utilized potential opportunities to explore different architectural styles and philosophies and gain positive experiences both in life as well as in the design field.

Firm Name: Mudbricks

Contact the firm: Mudbricks

Cognition Design Studio

Cognition Design Studio is a creative workspace enthusiastic in practicing site specific – environmentally sensitive contemporary architecture. The firm strives to create design that inspires, approaching each project with an understanding that architecture has a unique power to influence lifestyle and society.

Firm Name: Cognition Design Studio

Contact the firm: Cognition Design Studio


“We are architecture.SEED, based in Kerala, India and we offer innovative architectural, interior design and landscape services. In architecture, we believe that the evolution of a project starts from an idea or a thought, nurturing this idea and unfolding it from the immediate ideation to its reality.”

Firm Name: Architecture.SEED

Contact the Firm: Architecture.SEED

Dot Architects

Architecture and interior design Consultants based in Calicut, Kerala

Firm Name: Dot Architects

Contact the firm: Dot Architects

VM Architects

V.M Architects is a family of architects and design specialists committed to delivering world-class solutions for the built environment. We specialize principally in master planning, architecture, interiors, institution & commercial spaces.

Firm Name: VM Architects

Contact the firm: VM Architects

Zero studio

‘Zero’ was a dream they built from literally nothing with the firm belief that humble beginnings shall not stop one from dreaming big; inspiring many young minds to take charge of their future and build something on their own.

Firm Name: Zero studio

Contact the firm: Zero studio

Urbane Ivy

Started by a group of Architects and Urban Planners, Urbane Ivy is the result of the long evening conversations on designs and details by close friends. Our motto is representing togetherness and growth hand in hand in creating aesthetic, functional and green-patched living spaces.

Firm Name: Urbane Ivy

Contact the firm: Urbane Ivy

The Design Room

The Design Room is an Architecture studio based in Kerala with offices at Trivandrum, Kollam.

Firm Name: The Design Room

Contact the firm: The Design Room

Finder Studio

Finder Studio is an emerging architectural practice based in Kerala which started in 2017, working on comprehensive architectural and interior design projects. The firm believes architecture is all about spreading happiness, where spaces are created by drawing inspiration from the traditional spatial language while engaging with the needs of the present.

Firm Name: Finder studio

Contact the firm: Finder studio


Founded in the year 2005, LIJO.RENY.architects is a multiple award winning design studio based in Thrissur, Kerala. The works that come out from their small studio has been instrumental in influencing the way architecture is practiced and viewed in the state.

Firm Name: LIJO.RENY.architects

Contact the firm: LIJO.RENY.architects

Roy Antony architects

Ar.Roy Antony Illampallil, B.Arch, A.I.I.A graduated from the Dept. Of Architecture, College of Engineering, Thiruvanathapuram in 1991. He has worked with renowned architects in India and abroad. He started his own practice in Cochin since 2006.

Firm Name: Roy antony architects

Contact the firm: Roy antony architects

casa design studio

casa design studio started practicing as an architectural consultancy firm in 2019. The studio is established by Ar. Arjun Parengal. We offer all services related to architectural design and emphasis on timeless architectural design by constantly exploring new direction and ideas in architecture. We truly believe that a site and its context have a significant influence on an architect’s design. As a result, unique spatial expressions, planning, and forms emerge.

Firm Name: casa design studio

Contact the firm: casa design studio


A group of creative minds who have come together to collaborate and co-create spaces to realise dreams of people, we work with, across the globe. Started in 2020, Koshish delivers designs and concepts across the globe. With groundbreaking designs and innovative approach towards space design, we inspire to grow and evolve as a contemporary design studio.

Firm Name: Koshish

Contact the firm: Koshish

The curated list contains the up & coming as well as the pre-established Architectural firms of Kerala who are creating a significant mark in the creative field with their works. If you wish to apply at a brilliant Architectural Studio and want to work under a top notch Architect OR, want to hire one of the best Architects in Kerala, now you know whom to connect with!

Content Curated By Ankita Sharma, Editorial Team, The Architects Diary

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