A home with monolithic interior yet delicate in Its Articulation| SML Architects

A Home With Monolithic Interior Yet Delicate In Its Articulation| SML Architects Within a milieu where the interior design of a home often implies a surfeit of surface finishing’s an embellishment, the Birch Ply House takes a conscious step to form an abode of calm and restraint through an extreme paring down of the palette to[Read More]

The Compact House Full Of Tranquility | SML Architects

The Compact House Full Of Tranquility | SML Architects Crafted from Shahabad stone and reclaimed Burma teak in combination with either cane, rope or fluted glass, this compact family house utilizes its limited area to create spaces of tranquility, encased from the bustling city around. The intimate scale of the spaces allows attentive focus on the[Read More]