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Posted On June 29, 2024

This 3 Bedroom Flat Represents Understated Luxury and Grace | SK Design Studio

Situated in the urban heartland of Mumbai, this 3-bedroom flat represents understated luxury and grace. Following a modern geometric aesthetic, the residence celebrates colours and textures through the vivid use...

Posted On June 07, 2023

Top 80 Interior Designers In Mumbai

Mumbai is a city of dreams and aspirations, and its interior designers reflect the same spirit in their work. From luxurious residential spaces to innovative commercial designs, interior designers in...

Posted On September 29, 2022

A Modern Contemporary Home Distinctive To The Client’s Family | SK Design studio

Our client wanted a design that was sleek and elegant, with Modern Contemporary interior. They wanted a minimalistic & clutter-free look. The major materials used in entire project were Satin...

Posted On August 10, 2022

A Mumbai Home that Echoes of Minimalist Contemporary Design | SK Design Studio

Our client lived in Singapore and wanted an interior contemporary design that was sleek and elegant, with no Indian touch interior or wooden colors. They wanted a minimalistic look with...