• Top 45 Interior Designers in Pune

    Interior designers in Pune are as ambitious as the city itself. Even though Pune has been a culturally rich city, the design scenario explores modernism frequently. Especially when it comes to interiors, the interior designers in Pune are expansively creative and modern. As the city seems growing and evolving with modern urbanization, the designers are also not shying away from adapting to the change. Pune is a major industry-driven metropolitan city where numerous migrants house. In such a scenario, the interior designers in Pune need to be hybrid.

    Following are the best interior designers in Pune that showcase their unique styles and expertise through their creativity and ideas.

    • Cubix Global
    • Shrutika Raut Design Studio
    • Studio Infinity
    • Studio MAT Architects
    • Amoeba Design
    • Between Walls
    • Sparc Design
    • The Spatium Interiors
    • Upside Artist Design Studio
    • Bobby Suthar designs Pvt. Ltd
    • Ikigai Studio
    • The Framework Interiors
    • Interiors By Ashwiinii Dongare
    • The Design Mesh
    • ARCON Associates
    • The Archville studio
    • Design Synthesis
    • The Wall
    • Ajitbendre Design Studio
    • The Arch Studio
    • AndSpaces
    • Artika Interior Designers and Consultants
    • The Orange Box
    • Red Brick Studio
    • Alok Kothari Architects
    • Agneya Designs Pvt. Ltd.
    • Studio GASP
    • Design Tree
    • Pinwheel Ventures
    • Rika Architecture
    • Studio Frozen Music
    • One Habitat Studio
    • Designers Concept
    • Nainesh Mutha Architects
    • Kalpvastu Design Studio
    • Neeyon Interiors
    • Aijaz Hakim Architect
    • Aspire Arch Studios
    • Alkove Design

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    Cubix Global

    Our goal is to make designing more interactive, innovative & inspirational. * Bringing designs around the world to deliver new ideas for the clients.

    Firm’s Name: Cubix Global

    Firm’s Website Link: Cubix Global

    Studio Infinity

    Co-Founded by Chiranjivi Lunkad + Tushar Kothawade, Studio Infinity is an award winning design firm focussing on creating user centric spaces..!!

    Firm’s Name: Studio Infinity

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio Infinity

    Kiyaan’s Design Studio

    We are an interior design firm with expertise in residential & commercial projects. We develop designs that are distinctive, compelling, and of good quality.

    Firm’s Name: Kiyaan’s Design Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link: KIYAAN’S DESIGN STUDIO

    Studio MAT Architects

    “Studio MAT Architects and Interior designers based in Mumbai Strive to provide unique architectural and interior solutions regardless of scale and size of the project”.

    Firm’s Name: Studio MAT Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio MAT Architects

    Amoeba Design

    Our young and dynamic firm is inspired by the concept of Wabi- sabi, an intuitive way of living that encourages us to celebrate the beauty of a naturally imperfect world and aim to manifest this approach in all our projects. We focus on creating ecological, culturally specific and contemporary built environments. We have real passion to create environments that are rich in material and texture. We focus a lot on light,
    volume and materials, but always sought opportunities to change conventional thinking. The name amoeba itself comes from the germ of being true to oneself without being stuck in a particular
    image, allowing…constant change!”

    Firm’s Name: Amoeba Design

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Amoeba Design

    Between Walls

    Between Walls is a Pune based interior design studio known for its aesthetics, detailing and craftsmanship. Founded in 2014 by Natasha, this full service firm creates one-of-a-kind designs. We endeavour our design vision and want to be realised with love.

    Firm’s Name: Between Walls

    Firm’s Website Link: Between Walls

    Sparc Design

    Sparc Design is a Professional Consultancy firm committed to good design and its practice in the field of Architecture, Interiors, Landscape design, Master planning and turnkey solutions. WE see design as a means of heightening the human level of consciousness and spatial experience.

    Firm’s Name: Sparc Design

    Firm’s Website Link: Sparc Design

    Upside Artist Design Studio

    We believe that art and design are the results of collaborative efforts between artists, designers, clients, workers, and vendors. At Upside Artist, we build our associations with all as equals, and we greatly value our relationships.

    Firm’s Name: Upside Artist Design Studio

    Firm’s Website Link: Upside Artist Design Studio

    Bobby Suthar designs Pvt. Ltd

    Bobby Suthar designs was established in the year 2014 in Pune. Since then, the firm offers a wide range of Interior, Architecture & landscaping services for Residential as well as Commercial Projects.

    Firm’s Name: Bobby Suthar designs Pvt. Ltd

    Firm’s Website Link: Bobby Suthar designs Pvt. Ltd

    Ikigai Studio

    Ikigai studio is an interior design studio based out of Pune. Founded in the year 2020, our studio has already successfully completed 50+ projects. Architect Anuja Marudgan, graduated from Sinhgad College of Architecture, Pune. She is an Architect of the future -inspired by the modern and urban designs which complement the existing neighborhood and incorporated with modern technologies for sustainability and energy efficiency.

    Firm’s Name: Ikigai Studio

    Firm’s Website Link : Ikigai Studio

    The Framework Interiors

    We, at The Framework Interiors, firmly believe that “good clients will always invest in good materials”. “Fulfilling client needs” and “no compromise on materials” is our mantra. We have a skilled team of contractors and agencies who put in their best to make our designs come alive on site. With this strong team and a belief in mind, we have handed over 30+ projects and are currently working on 5+ projects in Pune.

    Firm’s Name: The Framework Interiors

    Firm’s Website Link : The Framework Interiors

    Interiors By Ashwiinii Dongare

    SmartHomeDesigns is a Interior Designing & Architectural Firm in Pune since 2015 for Interior Designing, Landscaping and developing Residential & Commercial Properties in and around Pune. Having more than 5 years of experience, SmartHomeDesigns has developed a client base of the wealthy and people with a rich taste in planning their properties for luxurious experience.

    Firm’s Name: Interiors By Ashwiinii Dongare

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Interiors By Ashwiinii Dongare

    The Design Mesh

    SmartHomeDesigns is a Interior Designing & Architectural Firm in Pune since 2015 for Interior Designing, Landscaping and developing Residential & Commercial Properties in and around Pune. Having more than 5 years of experience, SmartHomeDesigns has developed a client base of the wealthy and people with a rich taste in planning their properties for luxurious experience.

    Firm’s Name: The Design Mesh

    Firm’s Instagram Link : The Design Mesh

    ARCON Associates

    Providing comprehensive design solutions through exploring materials & experimenting with mediums.

    Firm’s Name: ARCON Associates

    Firm’s Instagram Link: ARCON Associates

    Design Synthesis

    We, Design Synthesis , specialize in the architectural , landscape & interior designing domain, with uniqueness and comfort in style. We work on the demands of our clients and emerge with polished distinctive designs. Together with these desirable elements, the team of dedicated designers helps our client realizing their dream to an architecturally and aesthetically elegant reality.

    Firm Name: Design Synthesis

    Firm’s Website Link :  Design Synthesis

    The Wall

    Keep the past in mind, but always think of the future. This is at the back of each decision we make when it comes to designing or redesigning a space. our company was founded in 2017, and since then, we have been recognized as one of the top interior designers in Pune.

    Firm Name: The Wall

    Firm’s Website Link : The Wall

    Ajitbendre Design Studio

    At Ajit Bendre Design Studio, we believe that architecture should reflect the spirit of the times while embracing the unique qualities of each project. Our dedicated team of talented professionals shares a passion for innovation, and we approach every endeavor with an open mind, ready to challenge conventional norms and explore new possibilities.

    Firm Name: Ajitbendre Design Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link : ajitbendre design studio

    The Arch Studio

    THE ARCH STUDIO is a young multi-disciplinary design studio, offering Architecture and interior design solutions for residential, commercial, hospitality and retail projects. We also offer feasibility studies of plots to developers to know the viability of the land.

    Firm Name: The Arch Studio

    Firm’s Website Link : The Arch Studio


    “One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time, it is like life starting all over again”, said by a great architect, Renzo Piano. This truly defines what we believe in. Our values lie at the very foundation of architecture and design, we believe in crafting fully functional and stylish designs that speak for themselves. That’s why we say, we don’t just design spaces we create an aura!

    Firm Name: AndSpaces

    Firm’s Website Link : AndSpaces

    Artika Interior Designers and Consultants

    We plan, design and execute by mixing old with new, classic with modern and rough with polish!

    Firm Name: Artika Interior Designers and Consultants

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Artika Interior Designers and Consultants

    Red Brick Studio

    Red Brick Studio is an interdisciplinary design practice focusing on contextually and sustainably appropriate solutions. In today’s pluralistic and rapidly urbanizing cities, the practice explores ideas and ethics rooted in construction techniques, materials and local craft and place.

    Firm Name: Red Brick Studio

    Firm’s Website Link : Red Brick Studio

    Alok Kothari Architects

    Alok Kothari Architects is a young, Pune based architectural practice founded by Ar. Alok Kothari. Established in 2015, the firm strongly believes in creating spaces which are context driven using simple, minimalist, innovative and sustainable design ideas. With sharp focus on research experimentation and a keen eye for details, it specializes in designing interior, architecture, landscape and urban space.

    Firm Name: Alok Kothari Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Alok Kothari Architects

    H Interior Designs

    ​Our aim is to get a thorough understanding of your needs and vision of the space that you need us to work on. With our passion, we thus ensure that realistic and unique designs are presented which can be delivered in the required time frame and budget.

    Firm Name: H Interior Designs

    Firm’s Website Link : H INTERIOR DESIGNS

    Agneya Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    Though Kunal and Anurag came from similar architectural backgrounds; both being architecture graduates from BVDU COA, Pune; they had their fair share of individualities that slowly aligned to nurture a common design philosophy, despite having different style of works. While Kunal is based on strong responses to nature and inclusion of natural and cultural elements in design, Anurag is rational, aesthetic yet responsive.

    Firm Name: Agneya Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    Firm’s Instagram Link:  Agneya Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    Studio GASP

    ​Our aim is to get a thorough understanding of your needs and vision of the space that you need us to work on. With our passion, we thus ensure that realistic and unique designs are presented which can be delivered in the required time frame and budget.

    Firm Name: Studio GASP

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio GASP

    Design Tree

    Rutika is the principal architect and founder of DesignTree. She is Working in the industry since 2012 & have focused energies into sustainable and ecofriendly lifestyles and spaces holding a degree in Master of sustainable architecture with a first class.

    Firm Name: Design Tree

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Design Tree 

    Pinwheel Ventures

    We are a Design and Built Studio providing Architectural and Interior Design Turnkey Solutions.

    Firm Name: Pinwheel Ventures

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Pinwheel Ventures

    One Habitat Studio

    Founded in 2019 by architects Yash and Anuja, ONE HABITAT STUDIO is a young award winning architectural and interiors design studio based in Pune. Recognized and awarded over many platforms of interiors and architecture, our practice focuses on creating a personalizing design experience to the user.

    Firm Name: One Habitat Studio

    Firm’s Website Link: One Habitat Studio

    Designers Concept

    Designers Concept strives to be the epitome of innovation. You have heard this word but what does it truly mean? The assumption with innovation is that it’s about adding lots of things when mostly it’s really about taking away what is not necessary. Architecture has existed since the dawn of civilization, therefore, it is not a new industry. When you find ways to improve and do things differently in a field which has been around for a long time, that is innovation.

    Firm Name: Designers Concept

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Designers Concept

    Nainesh Mutha Architects

    NMA offers a highly personalised bespoke design solution with a precise focus on building strong client relationship by adopting a tailor made design approach for each project. With passion and bright vision in mind, the core purpose of this firm since its inception has been to ‘Inspire Creativity’!

    Firm Name: Nainesh Mutha Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Nainesh Mutha Architects

    Neeyon Interiors

    “As Neeyon Interiors are specificlly looking at making the spaces for people which are taking lot of thoughts and requiremnents and choices with complete asthetic designs in mind with all new trandes and fanctionality of spaces.. Completely follow all the design accepects with details and practicality. “

    Firm Name: Neeyon Interiors

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Neeyon Interiors

    Aijaz Hakim Architect

    Aijaz Hakim Architect is a diverse design practice that focuses on the final outcome of Architecture and Interior Design. Our organization consists of professionals from various disciplines. We are equipped with technology to design world-class projects. The strength of our work lies in a very modern and non-conformist approach to the profession, as is evident in our projects and from the reputation that we have gained.

    Firm Name: Aijaz Hakim Architect

    Firm’s Website Link:  Aijaz Hakim Architect

    Aspire Arch Studios

    Founded in 2010, Aspire Arch Studios is a turnkey Interior Architecture firm operating in Pune. In every project, we combine an innovative approach to the unique issues and the design opportunities they present, with the latest technology and construction techniques.

    Firm Name: Aspire Arch Studios

    Firm’s Website Link: Aspire Arch Studios

    Alkove Design

    At Alkove-Design, designing spaces goes beyond aesthetics and functionality as they are dedicated to crafting meaningful experiences through a design approach that values craftsmanship, and aligns with their core values while nurturing strong relationships with their stakeholders.

    Firm Name: Alkove Design

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Alkove Design

    Shrutika Raut Design Studio

    shrutika raut design studio is an intense design based practice involved in providing architecture and interior design solutions.  Our work is a reflection of a sustainable design approach to every challenge forming the very ethos of srds. We believe and keep pride in providing an end-to-end design consultancy along with execution to handover of the project.

    Firm’s Name: Shrutika Raut Design Studio

    Firm’s Website Link: SRDS

    The Orange Box

    The Orange Box is a professional architectural design, interior, landscape firm that works with individuals, builders, investors, developers and companies on both residential and commercial projects. 

    We are the client’s advocate for crafting spaces and creating value while meeting the demands of the market place and linking the present with the past. Careful listening of the client’s desires helps tailor the design to a solution that makes their dream spaces come true. We offer productive personal attention to each client with fresh and creative ideas. Our goal is to achieve design excellence with meticulous project management. 

    The Orange Box team is lead by Ar. Sampat Sutar having a reputation for delivering exceptional design and management of projects at all stages by providing appropriate, imaginative, cost effective and technical solutions to meet our client’s individual requirements.

    Firm Name: The Orange Box

    Firm’s Instagram Link : The Orange Box

    The Archville studio

    Studio Archville, where creativity and expertise in architecture and interior design converge. As a dynamic consultancy firm, we bring a youthful energy to our craft, coupled with extensive industry experience. We are passionate advocates of minimalism and the art of wabi-sabi, weaving their essence into every design. By capturing the very essence of our clients, we craft homes that become an extension of their souls, celebrating imperfections and embracing the beauty of simplicity. With a dash of innovation, a touch of material integrity, our designs dance with imagination.

    Firm’s Name: The Archville studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link : The Archville studio

    Rika Architecture

    Rika architecture is a Pune Based Architecture & Interior Design Firm established in 2015, incorporating a wide range of Architectural & interior Design Projects.

    Since its inception, it has always maintained a mix of multicultural elements in Design with a singular desire to explore the relation between Buildings and nature.

    The founder Ar. Kaustubh Pardikar & Ar. Richa Khawte personally liaise & direct each of the project.

    Firm Name: Rika Architecture

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Rika Architecture

    OLL Korrect Design

    Firm’s Name: OLL Korrect Design

    Firm’s Instagram Link : OLL KORRECT DESIGN (OKDI)

    The Spatium Interiors

    Firm’s Name: The Spatium Interiors

    Firm’s Website Link: The Spatium Interiors



    Firm’s Instagram Link: AVJ CREATIVE STUDIO

    Studio Frozen Music

    Firm Name: Studio Frozen Music

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio Frozen Music

    Kalpvastu Design Studio

    Firm Name: Kalpvastu Design Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Kalpvastu Design Studio

    Conclusively, the interior designers in Pune are accelerating their passion for the design field through their one-of-a-kind styles. Whether it is renovations, apartment interiors, commercial spaces, or hospitalities, these above designers are the ones to look forward to.

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