• Top 30+ Architects in Mumbai

    Architects in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is a vibrant and bustling city located on the western coast of India. As the financial, commercial, and entertainment capital of the country, Mumbai offers a diverse and dynamic environment for architects to thrive. With its rich architectural heritage, booming real estate market, and constant demand for innovative and sustainable design solutions, Mumbai has become a hub for architectural creativity and innovation. Architects in Mumbai find themselves immersed in a city that seamlessly blends colonial-era structures, traditional Indian architecture, and modern high-rise buildings. From the iconic Victorian and Art Deco buildings of South Mumbai to the contemporary skyscrapers of the Bandra-Kurla Complex, the city’s architecture reflects its historical, cultural, and economic significance.

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    -New Delhi


    Following is the list of editorially selected top architects in Mumbai who are exploring a new terrain in their unique ways.

    • Sanjay Puri Architects
    • SPASM Design Architects
    • Architecture Brio
    • Studio PKA
    • Morphogenesis
    • IMK Architects
    • Aum architects
    • Designer’s Group
    • DCOOP Architects
    • ZZ Architects
    • RMA Architects
    • NU.DE Architecture
    • Architect Hafeez Contractor
    • Sameep Padora & Associates
    • Abraham John Architects
    • Rooshad Shroff
    • SAV Architecture + Design
    • Gopal Zaveri Architects
    • Studio unTAG
    • AKAD
    • SEZA Architects & Interior Designers
    • Greenhatch Architects
    • Studio MAT Architects
    • Ism architects
    • SML Architects
    • Studio Hasta
    • 4th Dimension
    • AND Architects
    • Gautam Shewa Architects

    Sanjay Puri Architects

    Sanjay strongly believes that every project should be designed contextually evolving spaces that are perceived in new ways. Each design takes cognizes of the climate and integrates sustainability in cohesive way. This ideology is reflected in the extensive work done by the firm in the 3 decades since its inception.

    Firm Name: Sanjay Puri Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Sanjay Puri Architects

    SPASM Design Architects

    Firm Name: SPASM Design Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: SPASM Design Architects


    SHROFFLEóN is a Mumbai based Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design Studio. The studio is headed by Kayzad Shroff (Cornell,USA) and Maria Isabel Jimenez Leon (Cornell,USA, ETSAS, Spain).

    Firm Name: SHROFFLEóN

    Firm’s Website Link: Shroffleon

    Architecture Brio

    Architecture BRIO engages actively in the creation of contextually appropriate, sustainable design solutions within an increasingly changing world.

    The work of the studio addresses new ways of understanding the often contradictory interrelations between the city, architecture, landscape, and the world of interiors. There is a growing need for our built environment to re-establish healthy relationships with the natural world. Similarly there is an urgency to address the never before seen growth in urban and rural areas in India and globally. Within this context, the work searches for a delicate balance between architecture as the act of disappearance, and creating characterful, responsive and experiential environments.

    Firm Name: Architecture Brio

    Firm’s Website Link: Architecture Brio

    Studio PKA

    Established in 1993 as PKA, the design studio is a well-established practice providing complete design solutions in interior architecture. With corporate interiors as its core strength, the studio has slowly expanded its horizons to designing other spaces as well and has a wide spectrum of projects from corporate to residential including bungalows and villas.

    Firm Name: Studio PKA

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio PKA


    Morphogenesis is one of India’s leading award-winning Architecture and Urban Design practices with offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi, India. Morphogenesis reinterprets India’s architectural roots and consistently employs passive design solutions for a unique contextual language.

    Firm Name: Morphogenesis

    IMK Architects

    Founded in 1957, IMK Architects is an architecture and urban design practice headquartered in Mumbai with another office in Bengaluru. It is led by the father-son duo of I. M. Kadri and Rahul Kadri who are supported by a 35-strong multidisciplinary team of architects, designers, planners, engineers and visualisation artists.

    Firm Name: IMK Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: IMK Architects

    Aum architects

    Aum Architects is a contemporary Indian architecture and interior design firm based out of Mumbai, India with a body of work all across the world.

    Firm Name: Aum Architects

    Firm’s Website Link : AUM Architects

    Designer’s Group

    Designers Group, a leading core hospitality firm in India, founded by Ar. Khozema Chitalwala, with his wife & partner Sujata Chitalwala, has an extensive experience of two-and-a-half decades in interior architecture.

    Firm Name: Designer’s Group

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Designer’s Group

    DCOOP Architects

    DCOOP is a Mumbai-based architecture practice established in 2003 by Quaid Doongerwala and Shilpa Ranade. The firm has worked on a diverse range of projects including individual houses, retail stores, offices, institutional projects, and master planning in different parts of the country.

    Firm Name: DCOOP Architects

    ZZ Architects

    ZZ Architects is known for their unique approach, to architecture and interior design, which is a bespoke and very intimate process of discovering each client’s personal style. Over the past few years, ZZ Architects has emerged as a leading full-service Luxury Architecture, Interior Design and Décor firm based in Mumbai and have been working across key cities in the country with clients including leaders in business, finance and industry, as well as society, film and politics.

    Firm Name: ZZ Architects

    RMA Architects

    RMA Architects is an architectural practice with studios in Mumbai and Boston. From a studio established in Mumbai by Rahul Mehrotra in 1990, the practice was re-formed as RMA Architects in 2010.

    Firm Name: RMA Architects

    NU.DE Architecture

    Nuru Karim, Founder & Principal Nudes received his Masters in Architecture and Urban-ism from the Architectural Association [AADRL] London, United Kingdom in 2006. His undergraduate studies include travel and education in the metropolis of Mumbai [KRVIA-gold medallist] and Montreal [McGill University].

    Firm Name: NU.DE Architecture

    Architect Hafeez Contractor

    Architect Hafeez Contractor [AHC] is the leading architectural design consultancy firm, of India. The company has grown from a modest three-person firm in 1982 to having a team strength of over 550 plus people consisting of 24 Associates, 60+ Senior Architects, 90+ Architects, 5 Senior Project Managers / Coordinators, 20+ Interior Designers, 10+ Site Engineers, 10 3D Visualizers & Photoshop Artists, 190+ Draughts men, 40+ Support / Technical staff and Student Interns.

    Firm Name: Architect Hafeez Contractor

    Sameep Padora & Associates

    As a practice we at sP+a believe that India’s vast breadth of socio-cultural environments require multifarious means of engaging with the country’s varying contexts. Type, Program, Design and Building processes are subservient to the immediacy of each project’s unique frame of reference.

    Firm Name: Sameep Padora & Associates

    Firm’s Website Link: Sameep Padora & Associates

    Abraham John Architects

    Abraham John ARCHITECTS is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior design, landscaping and urban planning firm founded in 1967. Abraham John & Alan Abraham are the Joint Principal Architects of Abraham John Architects.

    Firm Name: Abraham John Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Abraham John Architects

    Rooshad Shroff

    Founded in 2011, Rooshad Shroff is a boutique firm based out of Mumbai, India. With an established practice across the design spectrum, ranging from architecture to interiors and bespoke furniture, the studio has carved out a niche for itself based on the philosophy of integrated design, with a special focus on artisanry and high end luxury.

    Firm Name: Rooshad Shroff

    Firm’s website Link: Rooshad Shroff

    SAV Architecture + Design

    SAV is an international contemporary architecture and design studio producing highly original and intra-disciplinary work. We see our studio as a platform to explore multiple curiosities between places, stories, and cultures, as well as with systems, structures, and spaces.

    Firm Name: SAV Architecture + Design

    Firm’s Website Link: SAV Architecture + Design

    Gopal Zaveri Architects

    Gopal Zaveri Architects have been planning and designing residential and commercial projects including shopping malls. Designing private residences has become our forte and almost every functional space is customised to the client’s personal choice. We have a presence around PAN India and have worked internationally for clients in Belgium, Dubai, San-Jose and Hongkong. We continue to plan and design luxury residences for high net worth individuals.

    Firm Name: Gopal Zaveri Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Gopal Zaveri Architects

    Studio unTAG

    unTAG is a unison of two contrasting personalities, Gauri Satam and Tejesh Patil, architecture graduates from Sir JJ COA Mumbai, who have come together to craft a Mumbai-based interdisciplinary design studio since 2015. The studio strongly adheres to climatic sensibility, contextual rooting, spatial functionality, material sensitivity and economic viability as their core values.

    Firm Name: Studio unTAG

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio unTAG


    AKAD was founded in 2010 and since then has delivered multiple interior, architecture, landscape projects. AKAD’s work has been featured in magazines like Trends and Inside Outside. AKAD’s designs are a concoction of symmetry and elegance with a dash of quirkiness.

    Firm Name: AKAD

    Firm’s Website Link: AKAD

    SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

    Seema and Zarir Mullan at SEZA believe that a design should rise and mould itself from the urban fabric while etching itself onto it and architecture, landscape and interior design should blend to remove the barriers between inside and outside.

    Firm Name: SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Seema Puri Mullan

    Greenhatch Architects

    Greenhatch Architects is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior design and project management firm, offering end-to-end design solutions in the industrial, commercial and residential architecture domain. Our design approach is primarily based on blending architecture with nature, function over form and complete space utilization.

    Firm Name: Greenhatch Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Greenhatch Architects

    Studio MAT Architects

    “Studio MAT Architects and Interior designers based in Mumbai Strive to provide unique architectural and interior solutions regardless of scale and size of the project”

    Firm Name: Studio MAT Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio MAT Architects

    Ism architects

    Ism is an era, that the firm envisions defining with its approach towards their uniquely intertwined architectural practice. This reflects in the way they reciprocate to each project in their own way with their strong architectural beliefs while not compromising the client’s needs. The firm was established in 2010 with a vision for a multidisciplinary approach towards projects.

    Firm Name: Ism architects

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Ism architects

    SML Architects

    His aesthetics appear to follow the ‘less is more’ route. Through fabrics, textures and furniture, Mahek Lalan of SML Architects weaves colour, craftsmanship and functionality into his vision. “We are too young a practice to slot our work into any style. Though we do tend to incline towards simplicity,” says the director and principal architect of the firm.

    Firm Name: SML Architects

    Firm’s Instagram Link: SML Architects

    Studio Hasta

    Founded by Nishil Shah in 2019, Studio Hasta is an interdisciplinary practice encompassing all things – art, architecture, and aesthetics. The studio focuses on approaching today’s multilayered design challenges by considering the affinities and differences if ourselves and our ourselves and our surroundings.

    Firm Name: Studio Hasta

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio Hasta

    4th Dimension

    The firm has worked on huge scales architectural projects like high-rise buildings, institutional complexes, university campuses, schools, hospitals, and small commercial spaces as well. They have been very popular among the people for their predominant interior décor specialization for the high-end villas & apartments. They believe themselves to be the catalysts or enhancers towards whatever the client expects.

    Firm Name: 4th Dimension

    AND Architects

    AND is a ‘multidisciplinary design practice’ comprising of architects, designers, artists and engineers operating in the fields of architecture, interior, planning and development. The firm works at a variety of projects of multiple scales and diverse types.

    Firm Name: AND Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: AND Architects

    Gautam Shewa Architects

    An eponymous design studio based in Mumbai, constitutes built environments with a touch of refined sensibilities. Our portfolio comprises architectural, interior design, and landscape design services. At GSA, we immerse ourselves in crafting a tailor-made design to give each client a seamless, joyful, and personalized experience.

    Firm Name: Gautam Shewa Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Gautam Shewa Architects

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    -New Delhi


    In conclusion, architects in Mumbai play a crucial role in shaping the city’s landscape and urban development today. Their expertise in design and planning contributes to the creation of innovative and sustainable structures. Mumbai’s architects possess the skills and knowledge to address the city’s unique challenges, such as population density and limited space. Through their creative solutions, architects in Mumbai contribute to the city’s aesthetic appeal, functionality, and overall growth. Their work helps shape the identity of Mumbai and positively impacts the lives of its residents.

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