50 Lavish and Luxurious Bedroom Backdrop Design Ideas

Typically, a room for sleeping is called a bedroom. We say its bedroom because it is contained with primary furniture piece as a bed. But is the bed the only furniture? what are the other elements in a bedroom? You need to know the trends for the bedroom and other elements in bedroom decor that[Read More]

Valuable Addition In Your Home: Fillers That Ease Your Lifestyle

A kitchen and bathroom is an important area to make friendly, especially if it’s where the most people will be visiting. One way you can do this is by adding a faucet that matches your style preference or needs. Make your kitchen and bathroom a more enjoyable place to be by installing functional faucets. Your[Read More]

Treat Your Family to a Unique Home Accent This Summer

We often take our homes for granted, but they are so much more than the place we sleep each night. They are a place of joy and sanctuary for you and your family. When the world feels increasingly chaotic, stressful, and even dark, your home should be the place you can retreat to feel a[Read More]

Flooring and Home Décor Tips, You Can Use to Make A Small Home More Spacious

With many people forced to live in small apartments or houses, it can be important to know how to make the interiors look and feel more spacious. Your choice of flooring, as well as other home décor elements, can play a vital role in transforming the perception of an otherwise small space so that you[Read More]

This Courtyard Home Tells A Beautiful Tale Of Natural Materials | PBA & Designs

This Courtyard Home Tells A Beautiful Tale Of Natural Materials | PBA & Designs It’s often said that a courtyard is the heart of a home – in fact, these have been an integral part of traditional Indian homes. Residing in the center of the house, the courtyard is a witness to many get together[Read More]

Adding Art to Unexpected Places in Your Home

Interior decoration means different things to different people. For some people, it is adding a splash of colors on the walls. For others, it’s ornamental decorations, and yet others prefer art pieces in their homes. While all of these styles of decorations are unique in their own sense and can instantly transform your home, art[Read More]

7 Ways to Elegantly Decorate Your Home in Budget

Your abode represents your personality! Your home decor shows what kind of life-standards you have. Home decor not only reveals your taste but also showcases your class. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your house interiors are beautiful and to your liking. You may experience much more freedom when you have to decorate your own house[Read More]

Roomy, Contemporary And Congenial Residence Interiors | Phylosophy Design Studio

Roomy, Contemporary And Congenial Residence Interiors | Phylosophy Design Studio The brief was simple – The client wanted a spacious, contemporary, and comfortable home. It was an amazing 3000 Sqft space on the ground floor of an upmarket residential building.  This gave us the advantage of using the manicured lawns of the building as a visual natural[Read More]