Tips for Expanding Your Nest

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Many people, who move to large cities, often find themselves in tiny apartments. Indeed, that is one of the dilemmas when you wish to stay close to the main downtown area of a bustling, upscale city. However, even if you have a small apartment, there are ways to put every nook and corner to good use.

Use Sliding Doors in Studio Apartments

Even if you are a single person staying alone in a studio apartment, having a sliding door to separate the living and the sleeping space would be a good idea. It can also help provide privacy when you have people over. If you are wondering where to order the best partitions, it is best to look up local directories online. Find a few reputed suppliers and get quotes from them. This will help you get a quality installation done at a good price.

Sliding doors can also help separate a home office or define a closet space. With a sliding door in place, you will suddenly find a room that is created in the existing space. This will help you do more with space, whether it is setting up your home office or getting a walk-in closet for your bedroom.

Install Wall Cabinets

Small apartments mainly bring in limitations of storage space. This can be solved by installing all cabinets. Do you have a hallway from the door entrance to your living room area that simply has two walls? Why not add a ceiling-high wall cabinet on one wall here. That will certainly open up space for storing luggage bags, shoes, ironing boards, and other items. You can customize the length of the shelves as per your requirement and the kind of items you need to store.

Wall cabinets in bedrooms also increase functionality in different ways. Not only can they act as your built-in wardrobe, but they will also provide space for storing bags, accessories, and shoes. They can even include a built-in office desk. If you have a single bedroom to work in, simply add in a built-in wall desk as a cabinet. It will open up to reveal a desk as well as include storage space. You could even have drawers installed or shelves in this cabinet space. It will then open up to reveal a multi-functional, compact workspace.

Use Window Ledges for Seating Spaces

This is another way to maximize space in small living areas. If you have large windows that reach the floor, make the most of the space around them. Install ledges that can convert them to seating spaces. Put up soft cushions to make this space inviting and stylish. It will also reduce the need to have more living room furniture that takes up floor space.

Opt for Space-Saving Furniture

Nowadays furniture is built to do more than one function. For instance, the living room sofa can be a comfortable day bed. You could also have storage space below your sofa. The same goes for the coffee table in your living room. You can shop around for multi-utility furniture in this way, ensuring that you know your needs and aesthetic preferences. For instance, an open design of a coffee table will showcase what is below. On the other hand, you could have a closed cabinet-style coffee table as well for your living space.

The same works for other room furniture as well. Nowadays most beds come with storage space below them. You also get cabinet-style bedside tables. To minimize the use of floor space and have more storage, install shelves or cabinets on the walls. In the same way, you can have a utility cabinet space below the bathroom sink. The same goes for the study table that you choose for your children. This should ideally have several drawers and shelf spaces. Check the online catalogs to know that this is the best product as per your budget and need.


The above points are some of the several space-saving ideas for small apartments or living spaces. If you are designing your home from scratch, there are many online designer catalogs that can surely inspire you. It will also help you plan the décor and furniture items accordingly.

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