• Treat Your Family to a Unique Home Accent This Summer

    We often take our homes for granted, but they are so much more than the place we sleep each night. They are a place of joy and sanctuary for you and your family. When the world feels increasingly chaotic, stressful, and even dark, your home should be the place you can retreat to feel a sense of calm and peace. It’s where you and your family can connect with one another and disconnect from the outside world.

    Children often call home from a sleepover or an overnight camp because of feelings of being homesick. Just one night away from their home can make them visibly upset. We don’t lose these feelings as adults; we are just less expressive about it. It is not about being creatures of habits but the space we have created that makes us feel safe.

    Your home is where you make memories. From Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations to those spontaneous, simple memories like playing board games or watching a movie together as a family. The majority of the memories that last us a lifetime are in our homes. That said, not all homes are a place of joy and sanctuary. For some, it can be a source of stress or discomfort. If you look around and see a mounting to-do list or items that don’t bring you joy, it may not have the effect you wish it did.

    Just think of any home renovation or interior design show you have seen on TV. We often see parent’s bedrooms full of laundry, piles of important documents, and various items around the room. The first thing the interior designers do is turn their room into their own sanctuary within their home. An area the parents can retreat to, to feel a sense of calm and joy as they go to bed each night. Fortunately, you don’t need to be featured on HGTV in order to make your home a sanctuary. You can make small changes that will make your family happy.

    Adding a bit of sparkle, elegance, and beauty through colorful figurines will create a sense of wonder and fun for children and will be enjoyed by everyone in the home. Alternatively, adding a birdhouse can provide the family with an activity that takes them away from their iPads, phones, and laptops. Watching birds flock to their new birdhouse can create a tranquil atmosphere. Place it outside your kitchen window to enjoy the view during meals or outside your children’s bedroom window for some natural entertainment.

    You may be surprised by the impact these small changes can make. We have curated a list of birdhouses, figurines and unique items that will make your family happy and create a sanctuary that brings joy to all. MacKenzie-Childs items are fun, colorful, and intricate in their design. They spark a sense of wonder and give off the enchanting fairy-tale vibes your family is sure to love.


    MacKenzie Childs has a generous selection of birdhouses that will indeed make your family happy and give your garden an enchanting look.

    The MacKenzie-Childs 18” X 17” Hand-Painted Hollyhock Birdhouse is one of our favorites!

    Your family, as well as your feathered friends, will love this hand-painted birdhouse. It will look perfect in your garden with its blush-colored petals on the scalloped tin roof and a freckled base. A family of birds would love to call this hand-painted birdhouse home.

    The only thing better than a MacKenzie-Childs birdhouse is two of them! The MacKenzie-Childs 29” X 13.5” Pagoda Birdhouse is equally as stunning but with its own distinct look and charm. Imaginations can soar with this birdhouse as it looks like it came straight from the pages of your children’s favorite storybook. The Courtly Check middle is sandwiched between two extravagant pieces decorated with bright stripes and polka dots.


    You can also bring fun features inside your home with MacKenzie-Childs figurines. From tartan lambs to a rose-patterned rabbit, you will find plenty of options to delight your family and decorate your home.

    Whimsical only begins to describe the MacKenzie-Childs 16.25 Tartan Lamb. The faux shearling body is so incredible you will want to gently run your fingers across it as it looks so real. Printed in bright colors and with a hand-painted face, ears, and legs, this could be the perfect new pet your family welcomes home.

    This is no average rabbit or blue jacket-wearing Peter Rabbit! This is much more extraordinary and special. The MacKenzie-Childs 7.5” Hand-Painted Flower Pattern Rosie Rabbit Figurine is perfect for accenting your home this summer. On top of the warm yellow base are hand-painted pink roses and bright green leaves. For added flair, the rabbit is wearing a black and white checkered ribbon around its neck. This unique figurine could quickly become a family favorite this summer!

    Unique Items

    Some items just don’t easily fit into a category of their own. So unique and whimsical, they will bring a smile to anyone’s face. If you want to treat your family to a unique home accent this summer, consider the following MacKenzie-Childs items.

    The “Celebrating MacKenzie-Childs” 15” Hardcover Book with Bonus Tassel provides your family with all the beauty MacKenzie-Childs has to offer in one book. Keep it on the coffee table or displayed on a shelf for your family to pursue, taking in all the colorful creations and collections in the photographs throughout.

    MacKenzie-Childs 28.5” Boxwood Obelisk and Set of 4 Picks will create a buzz this summer. You can place the queen bee, and bug picks in various plants to provide a whimsical feel to your garden. The obelisk with hand-painted courtly stripes is a gorgeous statement piece to liven up any room.

    You can find these unique home accents and more at ShopHQ. is an online shopping website that will help you find the perfect items to make those small changes that will make your family happy and your home a place of joy and sanctuary.

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