This Courtyard Home Tells A Beautiful Tale Of Natural Materials | PBA & Designs

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This Courtyard Home Tells A Beautiful Tale Of Natural Materials | PBA & Designs

It’s often said that a courtyard is the heart of a home – in fact, these have been an integral part of traditional Indian homes. Residing in the center of the house, the courtyard is a witness to many get together and special occasions. Inspired by this very idea, this home by Bhavin Patel Architects is an apt representation of quality living rooted to the origins.

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The courtyard here plays a very important role in space planning. Every function should revolve around the central court was the main objective while planning out the spaces. Starting from the living room, it opens up into the central open space. Whereas, every bedroom was so placed that they peep into the courtyard too,” explains Patel while describing the fascinating courtyard story. The romance of living and courtyard was responsible for the composition of open to sky volume, making it large and lively.

Nestled at the junction, the house is a beautiful tale of natural materials. In expression, it is the connection between people and nature. The material palette chosen here was more of neutral tones in natural and raw form like Italian marble, iron, terracotta, exposed RCC, veneer, natural stones, etc.

For the knack of warmth and comfort of dwellers, they sing together in harmony to make every space look like one entity. From the use of natural materials to increasing connections between layered usable spaces, this abode took its shape.

Being the center of attraction, this alluring design is marking its statement at the junction. A big, extraordinary terracotta cube sitting in the middle of ordinaries is what one calls a design representation to its best. The juxtaposition of grey, white and vivid cladding of terracotta is what gives it a bold look.

Another featuring element is the jail. As clients’ origin is from Rajasthan, designers wanted to depict their roots in a very strong manner. This was made possible through the jail design. The intrinsic design of the jail was inspired by the Rajasthani art form called ‘Warli Art.’ This when comes in contact with light, will generate moving patterns on the wall in form of a shadow. In addition, its placement was mainly on the south side to cut the harsh sun rays. Jali being the main element of the exterior and the open courtyard, added an aura of joy to the built form.

The marvelous interiors formed an unembellished material and colour palette. The main aim was to keep the space as raw as possible. The minimal use of the material and soothing colour tones give this house all together with a cozy feeling. Many ceilings of the house are seen in exposed concrete, and others in white. While the walls and floor are seen as natural stones and Italian marbles. The elements in the house play a balancing role. The design allows maximum penetration of natural light, giving breathing space to all the volumes.

This home is all about its rich experiential quality. The intention was to design a comfortable and grounded dwelling for the clients to live and thrive in. It is an anecdote of a loud yet muted collective.


Firm Name– PBA & Designs (Patel Bhavin Architects)

Client: Gajendrabhai Jain

Built Area– 6000 sq. ft.

Site Area– 6500 sq. ft.

Location– Bardoli, Surat

Principal Designer-  Bhavin Patel & Sneha Dhandharia Patel

Design Team- Shreya Dabbuwala, Prachi Desai, Aayushi Patel

Year of completion- February 2020

Photography– kamal panchal (credence Photography)

Text: Vibhuti Sorathia



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