Why are sofas so important in modern homes?

Sofas are designed for relaxation and bonding moment of the family. They are a necessary furniture in modern homes. With a sofa in the living room, you will have a comfortable place to lie on while watching TV. Aside from its functionality, it is also considered as a centerpiece of your home which completes the[Read More]

Is it time to paint your house? Signs that you should not ignore

Painting a house can become time consuming and inconvenient when you don’t plan it correctly. But homeowners need to set a time for both home renovation and painting. It gives the house a new look and can also add to its overall aesthetics and decor. However, painting a house is much simpler than what most[Read More]

Home renovation basics – Crucial factors for you to consider

Renewal is the secret to longevity! It is essential to work on anything that’s becoming old or non-functional and breathe new life into it. Home designers do the same with past home decor trends and constructors with old houses. There comes the point of time when homeowners must renovate their house. Every homeowner gets to[Read More]

Duplex Interiors Reflects Marble and Granite |  Yellow Arch Studio

Duplex Interiors Reflects Marble and Granite |  Yellow Arch Studio This is a Delhi-based residence being spread over 1600 sq.ft. for Mr. Dinesh Gupta who is a business owner of Italian marble & Granite. The house opens up into a huge lobby expanding over 30 feet long which overlooks into a formal drawing room space segregated[Read More]

Elegant Residence Décor for Luxurious Lifestyle

Living a luxurious life is a dream that most people try to achieve but very few are able to do it successfully. This is because most people are generally dumbfounded when it comes to understanding the home furnishings that will bring elegance in their home décor and luxuriousness in the lifestyle. No matter how hard[Read More]

The Geometric Adobe – Apartment Interiors | Komal Sachdev Designer + Planner

The Geometric Adobe – Apartment Interiors | Komal Sachdev Designer + Planner I have a fascination for geometry and hence parallel lines are cleverly used in this 2 BHK apartment. Grey, black, and oak as dark & moody colors rule the palette of this home. It’s not an overly minimalist, contemporary home. It makes brilliant use[Read More]

Top Interior Design Tips for Small Homes

Whether they have their own home or renting, many people want to maximize what small space they have. If you have a small home, space is crucial when you want to have a well-organized home. It can also be a challenge to achieve this. Fortunately, you can start looking at these interior design tips for[Read More]

A Subtle Colour Palette In this Residence | Aum Architects

A Subtle Colour Palette In this Residence | Aum Architects Ar. Manish Dikshit of Aum Architects presents this resplendent residence designed for a luxury experience, incorporating the aura of an oasis in the dense city of Mumbai. With a subtle colour palette and abundant natural lighting, the interiors curated for this house are in complete alignment[Read More]

Renovation cleaning – Important facts to remember

Renovating an office space is a difficult task! However, it brings you long-term benefits as well. But when the renovation work gets done, it is essential to keep a few facts in mind. You sure do need to make good use of the new office space, but you should also get the same cleaned. Post-renovation[Read More]