Best way to clean carpet and tile floors for home

Gone are the days when floors were considered a mere bottom part of a structure. Modern flooring is a center of attraction in most establishments. Whether it’s a home or office, elegantly-designed floors transform a simple place and create a lasting impression in the minds of guests. However, it may be difficult to clean both[Read More]

Which Is Better, Blinds or Curtains?

Blinds and curtains are among the most common window coverings you can see these days. When it comes to making a choice, you have a wide variety of styles and models. These include the choice of roller fabric blinds, reverse rollers (meaning blinds with rollers and placed from the bottom of the window upwards), Roman[Read More]

Searching for the Best Ways to Get Rid of Sticker from Glass Window? Check It Out!

Every homeowner renovating their home has relished the joy of installing a new delicate window and has experienced the struggle of eradicating the sticker or window label. Removing these sticky labels from the delicate surface of the glass is a daunting and extremely difficult task. Removing stickers from window is not as easy as it[Read More]

Tips for Using Crystal Chandeliers to Decorate Your Home

A crystal chandelier is simply a collection of furnished lighting fixtures that accommodate bulbs and candles and hangs from a ceiling. It can be modified into different shapes and sizes. Custom crystal chandeliers can be used to refine the appearance of your home. Here in this piece, we will show you some solid tips you[Read More]

Key Design Features for a Low-Maintenance Home

Buying a home is becoming more difficult for people India, with houses largely becoming less affordable in cities across the country as demand grows,  according to a report by ET Wealth. To be able to afford a house, buyers on average need to secure a loan that is four times their annual income. And it’s not just[Read More]

“The Disc” A Coffee Table Designed By Muse Lab.

“The Disc” A Coffee Table Designed By Muse Lab. Designer: Muse Lab This coffee table blends, the exploration of materials and production techniques to give birth to a unique double helix-like form. Disc challenges digital manufacturing processes as two 5mm thick MS metal sheets are hand-hammered to achieve the form. The independent MS arms were[Read More]

Picazo Architects unveils residential high rise and mixed use design for the city of Dubai.

Picazo Architects Unveils Residential High Rise And Mixed-Use Design For The City Of Dubai. Designed By : Picazo Architects Aqua Marina towers has been conceived as a two modern and innovative towers linked by three long bridges containing swimming pools and outdoor terrace spaces elevated up in the air and overlooking the city and sea views.[Read More]

From Sheet to Seat! the Ollie Chair By RockPaperRobot.

From Sheet to Seat! the Ollie Chair By RockPaperRobot. Designer: RockPaperRobot    Folding chairs are usually a design exercise in functionality. Making sure your chair folds into something nice and slim, and opens out into a good, comfortable, fully functional chair. You’ll seldom find a single folding chair that is designed to look elegant in both[Read More]