• How to Take Care of Jute Rugs

    Jute is a vegetable fiber that’s similar to flax or hemp. It is usually used for making burlap or Hessian fabric and made into sacks. This material is also used to make rugs, carpets, chair coverings, and carpet. Jute also grows quickly without exhausting the land, meaning harvesting the plant and producing rugs made from it are safe for the environment. All-natural Jute Rugs are biodegradable and can be easily recycled.

    A jute rug can give your home or any space a raw, homey texture. It can be an ideal accent piece or a hallway rug or you can use them to complement wood furniture. In addition, jute products are easy to clean and maintain. In this article, we will be providing you information about jute rugs and how you can keep them looking brand new.

    Cleaning and Maintaining Your Rugs

    If you own a jute rug, it is advisable to vacuum it at least twice a week. A suction vacuum might be a good choice for this. Use this without a beater bar and guide it over the rug in different directions. Go over the rug a couple times more to completely remove dirt and debris. Among natural fiber, jute is the softest which means there might be issues with durability if they are not properly cleaned and maintained. Make sure you rotate your rug at least once a year to make sure that it breaks down evenly as time goes by.

    Keep your rug dry. When the temperature inside your home is too humid, the rug’s durability might be affected. Moisture also makes jute at risk of growing molds or mildew. If you have to apply water to the rug, make sure you vacuum it first. If water is added and there is still dirt trapped inside the rug, it could lead to permanent staining.

    Another thing you can do to keep your rug in good condition is to buy a dry-cleaning kit. Sprinkle some of the powder onto your rug and brush it off using a stiff-bristle hand brush. Shake the rest of the power out of the rug and then vacuum after.

    Spot Cleaning Your Jute Rug

    If you want to get rid of a spot or a spill, press the area using power towels or a white cloth from the outside of the stain. Doing so will keep it from spreading. Blot the spill until it’s completely dry and nothing stains the cloth or paper.

    The spot will usually disappear if you let it dry. If it doesn’t simply dab at the area using a cloth dipped in water with mild detergent. Dry the spot using a fan or a hair dryer.

    If you spill red-colored food or liquid on your rug, like red win or tomato sauce, dab the stain using white cloth dipped in club soda. You’ll be able to neutralize the color and get rid of the spot if you do. Let the spot dry naturally afterwards.

    It might be best not to use a rug shampooer, steam cleaner or any type of water saturation on a natural fiber such as jute.

    Removing Pet Stains from a Jute Rug

    Cleaning and maintaining jute rugs can be a little challenging if you own a pet, since animals can be pretty unpredictable even when they’re well-trained.

    If your pet dog or cat urinates on the rug, try to dab or dry as much liquid out as you can using a cloth or paper towel, starting from the center of the stain to keep it from spreading. Reduce odor by dipping the towel in a mixture made up of ¼ cup vinegar and ¼ cup water and dabbing the spot. Dab the affected area with a dry towel after.

    If your pet poops or throws up on the rug, try to clean up as much as you can using a putty knife or something similar. Pick up the matter from the outside to keep the spot from getting worse. Dab the spot with a paper towel or white cloth until no color transfers to the paper/cloth. If the spot doesn’t go away on its own, dab it with a cloth dipped with mild soap and warm water. Let it dry on its own, or with a fan or hair dryer. You can also spray it with an enzyme cleaner or white vinegar on the stain and dab on it until the spot is completely gone.

    Once the rug is completely dry, take it outside and shake it off to get rid of any debris or particles you may have not seen. Lay it flat on a porch or any flat surface and let it dry in the sun. You’ll be able to get rid of any odors with this.

    Things to Remember When Using a Jute Rug

    Jute rugs are reasonably priced and give a folksy, natural appearance, but as a natural fiber, they’re really not that durable. If you place a jute rug in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic it may only last a few years before it sustains so much damage that you’ll have no choice but to dispose them.

    Jute area rugs can also get molds or mildew if you live in a country or location with humid climate or if you place them in the bathroom or front porch. This natural fiber tends to shed, and strands may fall out when you move or clean it.

    When your jute rug gets mildew, you can remove it by spraying it with a mixture made up of six parts water and one part bleach. If any discoloration occurs, dilute the spray with even more water and try again. Once you have the right water to bleach ration, spray the mixture on the mildew and with a soft brush start working on the solution. Wait for 10 minutes and then rub the area using a dry cloth.


    Jute rugs are easy to clean and can be vacuumed so there’s no need to worry whether they’ll accumulate too much debris or turn dull. Water and a clean cloth can get rid of most spills, blemishes, or spots. Vinegar or a carpet spray can easily do the job of eliminating stubborn stains.

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