10 Tricks for Decorating a Small Living Room


When we talk about housing today, one problem stands out as dominant, and that is small living space. This problem is mostly reserved for apartment owners, while the situation is much better with house owners. When we talk about apartments – the priority is definitely the ‘fight’ for more square meters, i.e. how to get enough bedrooms and have the living space large enough. In other words, how to accommodate everything you need without the space seeming overcrowded.

There are tricks on how to make your bathroom look bigger and how to decorate a small balcony, so there are little secrets on how to arrange the most important rooms in the house (like the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, etc.) in order to look bigger and make the most of it. As for the living room in specific, let’s face it, it is the room where the majority of us spends most of our time (at least when we are awake, to joke a bit), either watching TV, taking a nap, working on a computer, or just lying on sofa and shopping or gambling online at the best Booming Games casinos.

1. Bright Colors Make Your Space Look Bigger

This is a fact that applies to all spaces – bright colors of walls and furniture will always give the effect of a visually larger space.

2. Choose Furniture of Smaller Dimensions

This primarily refers to the sofa, but also to the club table, TV cabinet, etc. The most common mistake people make is putting oversized sofas in their living rooms. The reason is clear to us – in huge furniture showrooms, all sofas seem small and when you bring them into your apartment, they ‘grow’. That is why you always carry a distance meter with you and a sketch of the dimensions of your living room when you buy furniture…

3. Choose Furniture with Multiple Functions

In small spaces, storage space is always a problem, so due to that, make sure it is available wherever possible. A sofa that folds out and becomes a box for storing pillows, bedding, etc. is a great idea. A stool or club table that opens and contains storage space is also a phenomenal thing. A sofa bed is great if you often have guests and you need an extra bed, etc.

4. Let Your Furniture ‘Float’

Choose a sofa with high legs, the same kind of dressers (or hang them as consoles), while a coffee table and an armchair should be lifted and be ‘hollow’ in the lower part. In this way, the space will not seem crowded and will seem bigger than it actually is.

5. Use Glass or Clear Furniture

This furniture is transparent and also gives the impression of space that is not crowded and, thus, greater spaciousness. When you see more of the floor in a space, it, at least, visually looks bigger.

6. Mirrors Visually Enlarge the Space

Additionally, if you place the mirrors opposite the window, you will get more light in your small living room (natural light is also a very important factor in the feeling of spaciousness).

7. Surround Your TV with Storage Furniture

If you don’t have enough storage space, this is the solution. For maximum use of space, it is best to make custom furniture. If storage space is not a problem for you, choose a reduced TV cabinet of smaller dimensions.

8. Use Every Corner

Shelves, lamps, side tables, plants – all this will distract the view deeper into the space and create the illusion of a larger living room.

9. Curtains from Ceiling to Floor

In this way, you emphasize the ‘third’ dimension of your space, making it taller, and therefore more spacious.

10. Use Stools for Extra Seating

Stools as pieces of furniture are small, don’t have a backrest, and don’t partition the space, thus making it open and spacious. It is a great idea to place the stools under the TV cabinet, drawers, or under the club table – that way it does not take up space, and if necessary, it becomes a guest chair.


One thing is clear – with a small space, you definitely have to be much more creative if you want to feel comfortable in it and if you want to use every available inch of space. But that is the magic of interior design, isn’t it?