Home Decor 2022: How to Look Classy on a Budget

Planning a Toronto home makeover can be a demanding yet fulfilling task. Everyone seeks to achieve the perfect abode with classy decorations, especially now that a new year has just unfolded. Of course, you want to keep up with home design trends and bring your creative concepts to life. But what if you are on a tight budget and your mind keeps attributing “classy” to high-cost furnishings?

Never let preconceived notions intimidate you in redecorating your space! And your budget might be protesting now, but there are several methods you can apply to prove that cheap home decors are rich in taste and features! We’ve been in a situation like yours, so we gathered cost-effective home decorating tips to accomplish a posh look for your house. Kick-start that decoration journey today by implementing them in the principal areas of your home.

Tip #1: Ensure home functionality with budget-friendly furniture

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, transitioning from the office to work-from-home setups has become prevalent. Moreover, our children now have virtual classes at home, so almost all family members spend most of their time indoors. Thus, it is necessary to use sustainable home furniture since it will guarantee excellent work and study time.  


If you are on a tight budget and aim to have a furniture upgrade, whoever said that the statement “Less is more” does not apply to purchasing them at a cheap cost? In selecting budget-friendly couches, carpets, and even artworks, consider your preference and the products’ durability. Many materials look fancy, sturdy, and affordable. An example is your sofa. Choose an ideal size for your family to ensure that everybody can sit on it. A minimalist or beige tone for your sofa can make your place appear breathable and elegant.

You can hunt for affordable sofas around Toronto by searching the internet or asking your peers for the perfect recommendation. In replacing your furniture, consider just the right amount of floor space to avoid a cramped appearance. You must also ensure that large artwork pieces don’t appear overcrowded on the walls by stuffing them all in one place. Seek expert advice or use different resources to ensure that your space looks clean-cut and comfy.

Tip #2: Do a budget-friendly but expensive-looking makeover with the right products

If you’re aiming for a fresh and comforting effect for your house but your resources are limited, repaint the area to achieve a more vibrant appearance for various parts of the house. New paint can make your room look fresher and more inviting, perfect for your family’s relaxation.

Also, you need to curate furniture and decor sets with the right colour combination. This is a key element for you to achieve that posh look. You can opt to use bold colour patterns in keeping up with the emerging trend of bringing back the 60’s and 70’s vibe in many Toronto houses today.

Choose hanging and wide curtains to bounce the light around. They can make your space appear more prominent and more expensive.

As for the bedroom, use the right fabric tones for your mattresses, and you can create wonders with your small budget. In choosing mattress stores in Toronto, inquire about your selected fabric availability to ensure it will meet your conceptualized style. Cap it off by choosing minimalist or earthy shades to have an executive and simple vibe!

Lastly, you don’t need to replace your lighting sources, especially now that natural ventilation will express a need to connect with nature through your curtains.

Tip #3: Make your flooring look natural

And what better way to make your home look chic and classy than ensuring that your flooring looks natural? You can achieve this when you resort to homemade Mercier flooring. You can inquire about various stores for cheap yet reliable Mercier flooring across Toronto.

Why homemade Mercier flooring, you may ask? Mercier hardwood flooring is in demand because of its low price but exceptional quality. Plus, it is versatile, moisture resistant, and is not high maintenance. This flooring style is also ideal since you want to create a visual connection with nature and crave a sense of comfort, given the restrictions to stroll outside. 

Selecting Mercier hardwood flooring will significantly help you in maximizing your budget. But if you do not prefer this flooring type, you can opt for another, so long as you are spending within your means. Even with a low budget, you have several options to achieve an elegant appearance for your home decors.