New Year’s Decoration Trends for 2021/22

Without intending to force you to do anything, we have collected everything that we think are current trends for the upcoming holidays, from a combination of colors for New Year’s tree decoration and the whole home to the so-called mini-trends like motifs that are a must-have this season.

If you are embarking on New Year’s decoration and buying it, and you are not sure in which direction you would go, read, think, and embrace what you like, and discard what you don’t like – ultimately, enjoy the shopping!

So, here are the trends in New Year’s decoration of our choice for this season…

Color Combinations


The completely white New Year’s decoration has been a hit for several years, and people go so far as to decorate the white Christmas tree with white decorations. Here, as with “white” interiors, texture and shapes are important. In this way, the necessary dynamics are created.

Of course, all ‘shades’ of white are allowed, and if you add sequins, feathers, artificial snow, fur… and all in white, you get a very chic variant.

White + Beige

In response to the popularity of the Modern Farmhouse style, this gentle color combination that is adapted to the mentioned style is becoming more and more popular. This is also a response to the suppression of gray color under the increasing dominance of beige shades in the interior. For us, this color combination is completely timeless and fits in with many other styles such as Scandinavian and Boho.

Of course, you can also add metallic colors (but discreetly). Greenery, wooden beads, socks in the natural color of wool, wooden ornaments, paper ornaments… all this is also a response to the upcoming trend of natural materials, which is here to stay for years to come.

White + Beige + Black

This is another answer to the above-mentioned trends, with the addition of black. For those for whom the previous color combination is too monotonous, the addition of black in detail raises this New Year’s decoration to a new level.

Black and white check in textiles (as a mini-trend that we will deal with separately), black decorations, blackboards in a wooden frame with New Year’s prints – these are the details that will achieve this increasingly popular style.

Black + White + Gold

These colors, which will dominate the interiors in the years to come, had to find their place in the New Year’s decoration as well.

Golden candlesticks and cutlery have been a hit for several seasons, and with black, they give a phenomenally elegant and classy variant, which seems to us to be the most popular when decorating a holiday table.

Pink + White + Gold

Here is a gentle combination, logical if we take into account the popularity of the “blush pink” color that still lasts. Unlike previous years, it is now combined with gold and not a “rose gold” metallic color.

There is also a mini-trend with these colors, and these are figures and ornaments in the same shades, like Nutcracker and the like.

Mini Trends (Trend Motives)

Figures of Houses

These are mostly white little houses and candlesticks, but very often, even without that function and in all bright neutral colors, the houses are a big hit this season. You will almost never see a photo on websites and Instagram profiles of any blogger and influencer’s New Year’s decoration without this decorative element. We have to admit that we are enchanted too.

You can put it in a window, on a dresser, or on a club table, and with the addition of greenery, it looks phenomenal and gives a magical New Year’s atmosphere to your space in the evening.

Deer Figures

The figure of a deer is also unavoidable when it comes to New Year’s decoration this season. Again, mostly in white, but also in other neutral and metallic colors, in different materials and sizes – the choice is yours.

Truck with Christmas Tree

The popular red truck with a Christmas tree in the trunk is another thing you will see in New Year’s photos on Pinterest, Instagram, or any social network you use to gather inspiration. However, now the classic red color of the truck has been replaced by some other colors, such as white, mint blue, etc.

With Christmas trees and artificial snow, this figure can enrich your New Year’s club table or dresser decoration. Apart from being a figure, it can also be a poster, a pillow motif, etc.

Wool Socks

We mean those which are hung on the fireplace, staircase, dresser, or put under the Christmas tree. This year, they are one color in the natural color of wool (light beige), with the addition of pom-pom decorations or natural wooden beads.

Wooden Beads

Another decorative element that entered the New Year’s decoration from the interior trend. More and more often we see wooden beads as a decoration for a club table, shelves, wall… And now they are in the NY decoration. Expected, if you ask us.

Wooden beads contribute to the development of the trend of using natural materials, as well as styles such as Modern Farmhouse, Scandinavian, Boho…

Tree Made of Wood

As a continuation of the story about natural materials, we must also mention the trend of the wooden Christmas tree, which is well accepted, especially in small apartments, where there is simply no place for a large New Year’s tree.

You can also decorate this tree (we suggest with lamps), you can hang it on the wall above the dresser or any free wall in the house, and it can be a great option for decorating a small bedroom (you can hang it above the headboard).


For several seasons, he has been gladly seen in New Year’s decorations and there is no doubt that he will remain there for at least a few more years.

In a traditional red uniform, but, again under the influence of the trend of neutral colors, in white, gray, and beige, and even in pink, this figure can be small (like a Christmas tree decoration) or huge (like a sculpture in front of the entrance). The choice is yours. He is so cute that it is really hard to resist him. We can’t.

Glass and Ceramic Christmas Trees

With different sizes and colors – from transparent to dark green, silver, and gold – these Christmas trees are great for decorating horizontal surfaces and are phenomenal as an accompanying decoration with ‘stars’ such as houses, deer, Nutcracker, etc. But they can also be a phenomenal decoration by themselves.


Many call them dwarves, then little Santa Clauses, but let’s correct you right away – they are, in fact, gnomes. Whatever they are called, they are a big hit in New Year’s decoration. They can be seen on the windows, in the yard, at the entrance, under the Christmas tree, on the table, the dresser… wherever you can and can’t imagine.

Classic ones are in red suits, but, of course, due to the upcoming trend of neutral colors, you will see them in white, gray, and beige variants.

Black and White Check

It is associated with textile decorations such as pillows and New Year’s socks, but we are increasingly seeing it on decorative elements such as deer figures, gnomes, and even on Christmas tree decorations. You choose the measure that suits you.


As we said at the beginning, choose what you like, to the extent that you like, and don’t be carried away too much with the festive atmosphere created around New Year, which has its share in practically every segment of life – there are promotions and discounts wherever you look: in clothing stores, gift shops, even at the best online bookmakers in your country, such are UK betting sites, Lithuania betting sites, German betting sites…

If you have the idea of New Year’s decoration in your head, then go buy it. We went!

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