• Patio Cushion Covers – Avoiding 5 Common Mistakes While Buying Outdoor Cushion Covers

    Whether replacing old patio furniture, redesigning new cushions, or decorating your open-air space, the process must not be stressful. Enjoy the work and develop an interest in doing it. But keeping in mind certain factors will not make it look like the work is done in a hurry or just as a formality. These factors will also save the decoration and patio cushion cover from damage.

    Patio cushion covers add to the beauty of your open space. It provides an ambiance where you can spend quality time with your family and guests.

    Here are some common mistakes people generally make while purchasing patio cushion covers. Read this article to learn how to avoid these mistakes and make your outdoor area look more beautiful.

    1. Do Not Measure Furniture, Instead Measure Old Cushions

    It is one of the most common mistakes people make when people set out to buy cushion covers. When setting out to purchase cushions, people take the size of the furniture. Instead, they should measure the dimensions of an old cushion so that you get an accurate size. 

    Measure the width, seat depth, and back height carefully to get an accurate size. Using the measurement of old cushions is helpful. There are chances of existing cushion covers not being perfect what you wanted, so now you can rectify the earlier fault. Dimensions of furniture will not help you.

    2. Not Considering Everyday Use and Local Climate

    The area’s local climate and your everyday use are significant factors to consider while buying cushion covers. Remember that you are out to buy accessories for your patio furniture and not in-house furniture. Cushion covers for the coastal area will not work in your dry location. Fortunately, plenty of options are available for you to choose the best one from the market.

    Also, consider the intended use of the patio furniture cushion covers. If you use them regularly, choose a strong fabric that can resist heavy use. Go for the color that covers the traces of dirt. A large variety of colors are also available in the market.

    3. Not Giving Importance to Cushion Protection

    Protect your cushion covers even if the open-air area is covered. Several elements can damage or harm the cushion covers if not kept intact. Exposure to sunlight results in fading colors, while soaked in the pour down will impact the inner material significantly. A heavy storm can blow away your favorite cushion covers.

    If you reside in a region witnessing snowfall or rain very often, cushion covers are great options to protect outside chairs. Storing cushions and covers in a set-aside container is also a good option during rainy and stormy weather. Place your cushion covers in a cool shady place to protect them from harmful UltraViolet rays.

    You bought them with great love and affection and obviously, some amount of money is involved. It is your responsibility to protect them from potential damage.

    4. Choosing Wrong Colors

    The colors of cushion covers play a vital role in the looks and appearance of your outdoor space. Colors create such an ambiance that you love to spend your day out in the open. The right amount of hues add to the beauty of patio furniture. A good amount of hues overwhelm your place and guests, while too few hues give boring looks.

    To overcome this problem, experts of the industry have some suggestions on color combinations:

    • Primary Colors – Red, yellow, and blue colors will look excellent when one hue dominates cushion shade, while the other two remain as accent colors.
    • Analogous Colors – Colors like greenish-blue, green, and blue are side-by-side shades that make attractive color combinations for your open space.
    • Earth Tones – Brown, grey, and tans give a calm experience. Teal or bright orange colors give visual interest.

    5. Not Enjoying Redesigning of Your Patio

    A wide range of fabrics and colors for cushion covers are available in the market. Choose wisely according to your need and preference. Your open space is the place to enjoy leisure time there.

    One of the mistakes that people commonly commit is they do not enjoy the redesigning of the patio furniture. When you love to do anything, you do it with full attention, thus bringing the best of results.

    When you develop an interest in decorating your outdoor space, you start recreating things in mind. Question yourself, how things may look by combining them differently?

    Start Your Decoration Now!

    A fabulous-looking outdoor space gives inner satisfaction to you and a reason to host your guest in this area. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can display a completely different look to your open space. Whatever we have suggested in this article is not to create competition among neighbors but to make you aware of how essential cushion covers are for your patio furniture?

    Prioritize your comfort, look for excellent quality, choose your favorite colors, and long-lasting fabric material when buying cushion covers.

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