20 Bed Headboard Designs That Comforts your Bedroom

Bed headboard designs includes a piece of furniture that attaches to the head of a bed—the end of the bed where a person’s head rests. These are not some elements that have recently popped up. Bed headboards and their various designs have been a part of the bedroom interior since ancient Egyptian and Greek times. They were the elements to show the grandeur and wealth of the people.

In addition, bed headboard designs serve to isolate sleepers from drafts and cold in less-insulated buildings. Hence, they were made out of wood, which is less conductive in comparison to stone or brick. As we see in today’s bed headboard designs, there are various upholsteries used, with different materials, colours, and textures. There has been an evolution in the design aesthetically to this date. Hence, looking at the demands for the designs, we have 20 bed headboard designs that would aesthetically appeal to the bedroom interior.

Bed Headboard Designs
Bed Headboard Designs (Image Credits:

As we see, a bed headboard has become an important aesthetic part of any bedroom design. These days, they have taken a troll over the elements and materials used in making and decorating them. As a result, knowing how they are constructed and used in various other ways will be beneficial to designers in uplifting their designs. Also, the different styles in which they are placed enlighten the themes of the overall look.

Bed Headboard Designs
Types of headboards (Image Credits:

The Placement and Construction of a Bed Headboard

1. Wall-Mounted Bed Headboard

Leather effect (Image Credits:
Vertical panels (Image Credits:

One of the ways to make a bed headboard is to attach it to the wall behind the bed. This way, it gets the support of the back wall, opening it to the various possibilities of placement. We can arrange it in different pleasing ways throughout the length of the wall. Either it is centred with the bed behind or off-centred, stretching till the end of the wall.

2. Bed Frame Mounted Headboard

Organic Designs (Image Credits:

A bed frame-mounted headboard is a very portable choice for the user. As it is not attached to the wall, it can be moved with the bed. As a result, this bed headboard choice can be very organic for the design. These head boards were screwed to the bed frame for their varied uses.

3. Free Standing Bed Headboard

Bed Headboard Designs
Easy storage (Image Credits:

These kinds of head boards are very easy to be placed just behind the bed freely. As they are built individually they are easily mounted. Free-standing headboards are often used as book storage in the side or for storing any other essentials.

Usually, one can mostly find headboard designs falling into these three ways of construction: Further, when we talk about the different styles that headboards can be decorated with, we also have to look at the material they are made of. Materials such as wood, metal, slates, linen, and leather are mostly used in the designs. The styles of these headboards are highly defined by the materials.

1. Intrinsic Four Postered Wooden Headboard

The Ancient Version (Project By: Creative Architects and Interiors)

While one wants to have a touch of elegance with a traditional design, they can use this type of wooden carved headboard. This style was seen in palaces in ancient times. To make the overall look of the room very ancient, the curves and the wood can be used.

2. Living within Nature with a Natural Wood Headboard

Bed Headboard Designs
Living within the nature (Project By: Studio Tilt)

When there is a huge opening beside the bed that connects one with the garden area, the idea of having a natural log-cut-out headboard is good. As it makes one feel nature, resting can make the experience calmer. As a result, it gives a unique aesthetic to the bed as well as the surroundings, with the support of plants in the background.

3. Uplifting the Background with a Plane Wooden Surface

Uplifting the background (Project By: nPe_DesignStudio)

One can always play with the designs at the back of the wall. When one uses the studded wall design for the headboard, it can give them various opportunities to design the supporting elements of the headboard. The wall, as such, can be designed with lights and patterns to give an uplifting look to the bed headboard. This kind of design depends on the overall furniture of the room.

4. Simplicity Within the Paneled Wooden Headboard

 Simple grooves (Project By: Patel Architects)

A headboard is a way to rest comfortably on the bed without any hesitation of rupturing the wall behind it. The main aim nowadays has become very much inclined towards the look of the room. But it also serves the purpose of providing comfort while using the bed. Hence, to achieve comfort in the design, one can use a simple panelled wooden headboard. Such types of headboards can be made out of simple plywood panelling with grooves in it and the application of the laminate over the surface.

5. Including the Heights with Upholstered Panels

Inserting the blue (Project By: Kaizaad Mehta Architects)

Coming into the room and feeling the heights is an all-different experience for one of the spaces. This can be done simply with the help of the headboard design we do. Such a design can be done by using simple panels over the back wall where the headboard is fixed. Further, covering it with upholstery can achieve the visual effect. The combination of blue-coloured upholstery can make it look vibrant.

6. Ancient Tufted Upholstery

Bed Headboard Designs
Tufted upholestry (Project By: R Design)

When it comes to showing off the elegance in the room, one can use this kind of upholstery on the bed headboard. In Greek times, we often came across carved, wooden beds with tufted cushions in the back and bright colors. Such headboards can be used in rooms with ancient furniture. We may find these headboards in hotels or huge houses with ancient furniture themes. In tufted headboards, the upholstery materials can be velvet or leather-based.

7. Divided Panels for the Upholstered Headboards

Bed Headboard Designs
Minimal Looking (Project By: Spaxis Design)

To give a minimal look to the headboard that would cover both aspects, the look and comfort size of the headboard become important. The headboards can be built in various sizes, such as the ones that would be just right above the head when seated. These kinds of headboards can fulfil the minimalistic approach to the look.

8. Singularity with the Bed and Headboard

Bed Headboard Designs
Singularity (Project By: studiorachana369)

This is the type of design where the bed is lifted a bit higher from the floor, giving a headboard design that would merge with the bed. In this kind of room where the bed has a plinth, such a design can make it look free-flowing and singular. With the right colour combinations, one can contrast the whole bed with its headboard in the room. This contrast can make it the highlight of the room.

9. Perforated Sheets Metal Headboard Design

Metal Sheets (Project By: J Architects)

The use of metal in a headboard design can be done in various ways. These kinds of headboards can be made by using perforated metal sheets that are not so thick. Such headboards are lighter in appearance and can be easily attached either to the wall or the bed frame.

10. Antiquity of the Carvings in Metal Headboard

Bed Headboard Designs
Carving the antique (Image Credits:

It is not always the case that one chooses a simple infrastructure for their bedrooms. One can always look beyond the simplistic nature of the room. When one sees their bedroom as a place to reflect on their choices, it often has unique variations. Such variations can be achieved by using materials in different ways. As a result, having a headboard design with carving out the metal sheet can be exquisite for a few choices. The bed can be a normal wooden bed or it can be a metal bed. This carved metal frame can be inserted into the wall or attached to the bed.

11. Combining two materials

Combining the two (Image Credits:

While having a singular material used in the headboard, a simple look can be easily achieved. Further, when two metals are used with wood, it gives the room a definite look. This combination of wooden planks in a metal frame can add to both the furniture and the texture of the room.

12. The Touch of the Antique Metal Headboards

Bed Headboard Designs
Antique touch (Image Credits:

When one looks at the bedroom, it has an antique feel, with darker shades of paint. The metal-framed bed headboard makes it prominent. Making a light-weight, artistically carved headboard that is framed along with the bed can give the bed an antique effect.

 13. Elegant Looking Wicker Headboard

Plain upholistic (Project By: go Beyondwalls)

Moving with the types of headboards in the trends, the wicker headboard comes up as unique as possible. Using a wicker headboard gives a more holistic look to the room. A plain, simple wooden plank attached to the wall with a colourful wicker material goes with the interior of the room.

14. Artistic Curves

Bed Headboard Designs
Easy look (Image Credits:

Making a bed headboard in an old, economical way, using a wicker headboard could make way for it. A curvilinear bed headboard with textures in the centre gives the interior an easy look.

 15. Simple Setting of Canvas

Canvas Board (Project By: Studio Tilt)

A bed headboard can have a calm stature by using canvas material in its structure. The walls can be panelled with wood with grooves at the back of the cream-coloured canvas. Adding places to the headboard where one can place planters can give them various look opportunities. Moreover, the original colour of the canvas material can add to the space along with the greens.

16. Retro Looking Vibes

Bed Headboard Designs
Retro look (Project By: studio8055)

The trend makes it mandatory to upgrade the looks of their spaces. But these themes can be modern as well as old. These olden times can be a retro-themed bedroom where the side tables are made to look like a radio and the headboard is made up of cane material. The colour of this cane material can be complimented by the grey colour of the metal wall. Also, the hanging lights and warm colour can add to the overall feel of the room.

17. Canopy of the Headboard

Bed Headboard Designs
Two parts (Project By: Palak Shah Design Studio)

When there is a bedroom where there is a canopy formed between the ceiling and the wall, making the headboard upholstered looks good. The upholstery comes in various colours and textures. How we present it matters. Hence, making a headboard starting from the floor to the height of the head while sitting over a wooden frame looks good. Here, the grey-coloured cushioning over the wooden plank makes its way through the brown-coloured ceiling.

18. Showing off Elegance With Marble

Marble effect (Project By: De’ Caves By Chitte Architects)

Nowadays, there is abundant use of wall tiles behind the bed area. This gives us a chance to cooperate with the designs of headboards. As there is the use of marble-textured wall tiles, a wraparound upholstered headboard can be used. This kind of headboard can give a luxurious look when paired with a velvet texture and smooth rugs.

19. Fully Wall-Covering Headboards

Bed Headboard Designs
Wall cover (Project By: Poorv Design Co)

In some rooms, the bed is made without a headboard. These kinds of beds are detachable from the wall, but the need for a headboard is intact. Hence, the wall can also act as the headboard for the bed. These kinds of headboards can be panelled over the wall and covered with foam sheets and leather covers.

20. Short Panels Headboard

Holding the shades (Project By: Atelier 226)

The idea of making a series of short panels behind the floating bed design can also look aesthetically appealing. Having a short panel headboard stretching to the whole length of the bed with contrasting colours supporting the side tables as well is a good idea. Using leather as the material can make it easy to maintain and develop a different taste for the overall look of the room.

Looking at these designs for the bed head boards, one can say that in today’s design trends or necessities of the look of the bed room, they are crucial elements. The materials, being different in form, size, or availability, can serve varied purposes for both aesthetic and useful purposes. Designers, however, can choose according to the overall theme and budget of the house. With different uses and functionality come different kinds of headboards. For example, there are a few categories or uses we can think of.

1. Minimal Looking

Bed Headboard Designs
Project By: Abhay Pise & Associates

2. Contemporary Theme-Based Design for Kids Bedroom

Project By: Neev Design Studio

3. Multipurpose Design

Bed Headboard Designs
Project By: Studio HC

4. Luxurious Design

Project By: The Archville Studio & The Space Story

5. Singular Design

Project By: Spaxis Design

6. Vintage Designs

Project By: Vaid Architects

7. Greek Victorian Designs

Bed Headboard Designs
Project By: Design Studio Associates

8. Free-Flowing Designs

Project By: Manoj Patel Design Studio

There are several ways in which bed headboard designs can help a designer make various choices. At the same time, these options are suitable for bedrooms as well. There are places, such as hospitals and hotels, where these designs can be very useful. Mostly, bed headboard designs have become the need of the hour in the interior. As a result, the use of materials has varied has increased with demand.

The ceiling and the textured walls play a vital role in bed headboard designs. Designing bed headboards is becoming more creative with time in the space-constrained arenas to use them as storage and a place to rest the head or backs. They also play a role as the edges where one can keep different showpieces for the room. Bed headboards also act as panelling that can become the light carrier for highlighting the wall. Hence, we can conclude from this that a bed headboard design is not just a simple task but is a very crucial and creative part of designing a bedroom.

Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Rajeshwari Pandya Modi

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