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    “The only client brief we received in regards to how the home should feel were two words: comfortable luxurious. Luxury is simply a combination of elegance and comfort. And that was a task we were really looking forward to – conjuring an elegant design that transformed a house into home,” said Sanjana Kantawala and Helly Shah of Spaxis Design, while talking about their new project – The Plush Living.

    An Elegant Design That Transformed A House Into Home | Spaxis Design

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    This wonderful bungalow in the heart of Vadodara has been designed with Italian marbles, solid wood, rich upholstery and neutral colours.

    The front door of the bungalow is the first taste of luxury that we experience upon entering the house. With gleaming Italian marble, rich wooden finish to the front door and the detailing of stone embellishment on the door handle all profess luxury. The one thing that catches our eye is the open-able louvers that add to the aesthetic and functionality of the design. 

    The foyer is an extension of the front door with its wooden ceiling and Italian marble flooring that ends with a backlit circular wooden panel and an intricate idol that spreads positive energy as soon as we enter the home.

    The living room is washed with a soft monochromatic colour palette. The style of the room is minimal with soft curves and straight lines, while the materials used are rich in both feel and texture. The custom-made centre-tables are of solid wood and add to the overall beauty of the room.

    The dining area is the heart of the home; not only are all the ground floor rooms being connected to it, but the upper-level floor also opens to the view of this room.

    With the double heighted ceiling and tailor-made contemporary light fixtures that accentuate the grandiosity of the room, this formal dining room is an amalgamation of chic yet eclectic design elements. The eight-seater dining table is made on-site with beautiful raw wood.

    The formal dining room, on one end, opens to a charming patio. The end wall of this patio has a display wall-block with focus lighting in a chequered pattern – adding to the clean symmetry. While the zigzag element on the flooring gives this symmetry a clean break.

    The patio further extends to a meticulously paved pathway in the midst of a dewy lawn leads to the main gate of the house and is dotted on either side with lush green plants.

    The family room simulates to be a common space for the family to gather and relax. The soft colour palette used gives it a cosy vibe. The Italian Marble of the flooring is continued on the main wall of the room, that later blends into a clean patterned veneer panelling.

    The tiny house plants placed in between makes the transition seem seamless while also becoming a highlighting element.

    The powder bathroom is adorned with terrazzo tiles that meet with a pastel blue wall, adding a dash of colour to a texture dominated area.

    The parent’s bedroom is tastefully decorated in rich creams, navy blues and woody browns. A wonderful play on symmetry is evident in the way that the side-tables overlap the headboard in the slightest way, and how the headboard rises above the wainscoting on its side. These little peculiarities truly make the interior come alive.

    The stairs bring harmony to the overall design of the home by having the marble used throughout the house in the riser, and the wood as the tread. The glass used instead of a traditional baluster with the handrail gives it a contemporary twist.

    No space has been neglected while orchestrating the design of this house. This tiny nook in the common area of the house with its tiny coffee tables and comfortable chairs are perfect for a steaming cup of coffee and a good book.

    The master bedroom has two major components that are used throughout – Black Italian Marble and Wood.

    From the platform of the bed to the sidewalls, the black Italian marble gives an aura of prestige while the fluted panelling, the wooden floors and modern furniture in the room grounds the colour by adding a neutral tone to it.

    The bed takes the centre stage in the guest bedroom. With its curved mauve headboard and fashionable side-tables, this bed feels like a warm embrace. The beige walls and uncluttered frames complete the artistic look of the room.

    The kids’ bedroom is made fun with the pops of pastel blue colour. Instead of the traditional headboard, the beds are placed against arches in the wall that are textured with an uncomplicated lining pattern. 

    These arches, and their colour pop, are also reflected in the cubbyholes of the study table. These cubbyholes add to the visual effect of the room while retaining the function of additional storage space.

    The home theatre is a concoction of greys and browns. The wooden wall expands as the ceiling, while a grey wooden flooring balances the colour contrast. The sumptuous couches, the three-piece centre table and deep brown blackout blinds are used to accessorize the room.

    “Not only have we integrated the personality of the home-owners into our designs, but we have also incorporated functional and aesthetic elements into it. Every little detail in the design has been well thought of, and serves to create a luxurious look and adds to the comfort level of the home,” say Helly Shah and Sanjana Kantawala.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Spaxis Design

    Project Type : Residential Interior Design

    Project Name : The Plush Living

    Location : Vadodara, Gujarat

    Year Built : 2023

    Duration of the project : 12 Months

    Plot Area : 2500 Sq.ft

    Project Size : 3060 Sq.ft

    Project Cost : 80 Lakhs

    Principal  Designer : Sanjana Kantawala & Helly Shah

    Photograph Courtesy : Pixellus Photography

    Text Credits : Khevana Dixit

    Products / Materials / Vendors : lighting – philips / furniture – veneer (from smit enterprise) & teakwood with matte melamine polish, italian- jain ceramics / hardware – hafele / furnishings – v9 home décor (Vadodara) / bathroom tiles – ceramic shoppee.

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