Latest Headboard Trends You Need To Incorporate In Your Bedroom Decor

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The bed serves as the focal point of a bedroom and herein lies the importance of a good headboard for elevating the overall bedroom aesthetics. Today we are going to discuss the trendiest headboard ideas which can change the vibe of your nightly haven.

Carved Wood

You can effortlessly add a bohemian chic vibe to your bedroom décor with the wooden headboards featuring intricate botanical patterns. If you wish to keep the final look contemporary, then opt for a neutral white wall and furnishings. You can add pops of colors in the form of cyan bedsheets and pastel yellow throw pillows.

Rattan Headboard


Bring back idyllic vibes with the rattan headboards which can have simple or ornate weavings. The peacock headboards can add a whimsical dash to your bedroom with their intricate curling and scrolling details. It is best to choose amongst subtle shades and spice up your bedroom décor by bringing in some exotic greens. 

Velvet Upholstery

Floor-to-ceiling velvet upholstery can easily impart a sophisticated touch to your blank bedroom walls. You can opt for rich shades like Prussian blue while choosing the velvet upholstery and create a wonderful contrast with floor-length sheer white curtains and dusky blue wall paint. Adding brass ornaments or rose-gold wall scones can infuse a more luxurious vibe to your bedroom. Tufted upholstery can further add to the beauty of your sleeping den as they blend in seamlessly with transitional, farmhouse, traditional, and even modern décor. 

Curved Edges

Bring in a stately look by opting for tufted upholstery having curved edges in vibrant shades like green or blue. You can infuse a fun vibe to the room by adding some contrast throw pillows in geometric patterns and a cozy blanket. For keeping the design cohesive, you should stick to unobtrusive wallpapers and neutral wall colors. 

Plaster Of Paris Style

Add a romantic flair to your contemporary bedroom with a plaster of Paris headboard with intricate floral carving hung from the ceiling. The best thing about Plaster of Paris is that it can be easily mixed up with other materials such as sand or cement for getting the texture of your choice. Plaster of Paris headboards look exceptionally good when combined with beige walls, hot pink throw pillows, and natural rattan lamps. 

Hanging Canopy

A canopy-style headboard extends into the false ceiling by going beyond the wall. The goal here is to cleverly use spotlights for adding to the vibrance of the place and keeping the bed in focus by using subtle hues in the remaining room. You can further add to the glam quotient of the room in the form of wooden wall paneling, tufted reclining chaise, and sleek mirrored wardrobes. 

Final Words

Whether you are planning on redoing your bedroom or simply adding a cozy touch to the existing décor, these above-mentioned ideas can propel you in the right direction. So, try them out today, and don’t forget to share your results with us.