A House That Is Warm And Comforting, Keeping Up With The Modern Outlook | Neev Design Studio

“The pairing of grey and pastel blue makes this apartment soothing and relaxing to the core.  Neev design studio has touched the reins of elegance through the inclusion of refined art and textures.”- Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor)

A young couple put their faith in Neev Design Studio for their dream home. Trusting our experience, they gave us a free hand to design an exquisite home for their daughter, parents and themselves. A house that is warm and comforting, keeping up with the modern outlook. We were provided with the essential requirements. The specifics were left on our creative team at Neev Design Studio to curate a space that translates a house into a home, a unique environment that is welcoming and comforting at the same time.

A House That Is Warm And Comforting, Keeping Up With The Modern Outlook | Neev Design Studio

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As you enter the home, you are greeted by a warm and welcoming entrance area. The walls are adorned with wooden panelling that creates a cosy and rustic atmosphere. The panelling also features boxes of wood that hold various plants, adding a touch of greenery and freshness to the space. On the wall, you can see a customized name plate made of brass and acrylic that displays the family name in elegant letters. The name plate glows softly in the light, creating a welcoming effect. The safety door is made of wood and has a grill design made of brass that adds security and style to the entrance.

The main door is made of solid wood and has a unique door handle that combines brass and wood in a harmonious way. The vestibule area has a console table made with wood and coated with pu colour that matches the panelling. The table has a sleek and modern design that contrasts with the rustic elements of the entrance area. The console table also acts as a shoe rack, providing functionality and beauty. On the table, there is a human-like sculpture that is inviting in nature, as if welcoming you to the home. The sculpture holds out its hand in a friendly gesture, inviting you to join the family.

The living room design with pastel shades is a stunning example of how to create a modern and cosy space. Where every element is carefully chosen and crafted. The turquoise colour in partition wall adds a splash of freshness, while the minimal interior keeps the room clutter-free and spacious. The partition is designed in a geometric shape that adds some visual interest and separates the living area from the dining area. The major source of light comes from the balcony, which also offers a beautiful view of the outdoors.

The green plant brings some nature and life into the room, while the cosy sitting on the sofa with throw and pillows invites relaxation and comfort. The signature sitting chair is a stylish and comfortable piece that stands out with its unique shape and colour. Two centre tables made of wood and brass catch the eye with their elegant design and lotus motif inlaid on the statuario marble top. The TV unit is made of teak wood and brass, which adds some warmth and elegance to the space.

The dining area is a dedicated space for enjoying meals and conversations with family and friends. It features a dining table made of wood with a satuario marble top that adds elegance and durability. The chairs of the dining table are upholstered with faux leather that is soft and durable, and they have a curved backrest for comfort. A huge turquoise console behind the dining table provides ample storage space for crockery and cutlery, and adds a splash of colour to the room. It has grooves on the front and brass knobs on the drawers. The console also gives a different feel of luxuriousness to the space. The wall behind the console has a R.C.C. texture from limocoat that gives a luxurious touch and a striking contrast. The wall also has mirrors that act as a wall art for the dining space. The mirrors enhance the space and create a sense of openness.

The niche in the wall has been designed for the basin area. The basin area is designed in a very minimal way, with a full wall length mirror with indirect light from the backside. The drawers under the basin are coated in peach pu, complementing the turquoise console. The walls on either side of the basin area are covered with grey back painted glass, enhancing the sleek and modern look.

The kitchen follows the same pastel theme, with turquoise back painted glass on the overhead storage cabinets that have a hydraulic system. The hydraulic system allows the cabinets to open and close smoothly and safely, without any handles or knobs. The lower drawers are finished in teakwood veneer, adding warmth and texture to the space. The veneer has a natural grain and a matte finish, giving it a rich and elegant look. The kitchen also has a black granite countertop that contrasts with the pastel colours. The dining area is the heart of the home, where memories are made and shared over food and conversation.

The temple space in the home is a sacred and serene place, where the family worships the goddesses who bless their home. The mandir is made of teakwood, which symbolises strength and durability. It is placed in a strategic location, where it can be seen from any corner of the house. This way, the family can always feel the presence and protection of the deities. The door of the mandir is designed with teakwood, glass and brass, creating a beautiful contrast. The glass allows the visibility of the idol inside the mandir, while the brass adds a touch of elegance and richness. The door also features brass inlaid motifs of lotus, called asthadal kamal, which are auspicious symbols of purity, beauty and enlightenment.

The master bedroom is a sublime space that showcases a variety of textures and materials, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The panelled wall and the headrest of the bed create a dynamic play of lines that draw the eye to the focal point of the room. The brass plate on the side of the headrest adds a touch of elegance and reflects the natural light from the windows. The back wall features a limocoat stone texture that contrasts with the warm teak wood of the bed. The bed also has a convenient pull-out storage below. The stand-alone side tables have teak wood veneer and brass knobs for the drawers, completing the sophisticated look of the room. The master bedroom is a perfect example of how layering textures and materials can add depth and character to a space.

The parents’ bedroom is a room designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, keeping in mind the comfort and well-being of the eldest members of the home. The colour scheme is subtle and sophisticated, with beige tones that create a serene and elegant ambiance. The beige tones are complemented by brass and teak wood accents that add some richness and refinement to the space.The wall and the headrest feature a play of lines that create a sense of movement and interest, as well as a visual connection between the two elements.

The back wall has some grooves that continue on the headrest, with brass strips adding some shine and contrast. The grooves also create some depth and texture to the wall, making it more lively and attractive. The cantilever side tables are a stunning element that have brass plates on top, which reflect the light from the windows. Paragbhai, who is pursuing his passion for drawing and painting in his retirement life has displayed his artistic talent on the wall, adding some personal touch to the room.

Anaisha, the 7-year-old girl and the youngest member of the home, was thrilled to have her room personalized with her favourite pink colour. The furniture has rounded edges for the child’s safety, adding some practicality and comfort to the room, and the colour scheme is in the shades of pastel pink and teak wood.

The pastel pink adds some softness and sweetness to the room, while the teak wood adds some warmth and contrast. The storage area has cute little windows for her toys, making it lively and fun. She can easily access her toys and put them back when she is done playing. Anaisha’s room is a perfect place for her to enjoy her childhood and express her personality.

The guest room is a lovely and welcoming space that has been designed with care and attention. The colour scheme is light and refreshing, with white, light blue, and teak wood tones that create a serene and elegant ambiance. The back wall of the bed has a mdf panel with vertical grooves that add some texture and interest. The panel is coated in a pu colour that matches the rest of the room.

The panelling is done in two layers, with the first layer serving as the headrest of the bed. The bed is comfortable and cosy, with some pillows and blankets that invite the guests to relax. The guest room is a lovely and welcoming space that makes the guests feel at home while maintaining a modern outlook.

The balcony is a place for refreshment and relaxation in the home, where one can unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. The back wall of the swing has a wood panel with wooden boxes for the plants, creating a connection with nature and adding some greenery and colour to the space. The swing is custom designed by Neev design studio with teak wood and brass hanging bars, adding some elegance and comfort. The teak wood matches the colour scheme of the balcony, while the brass bars add some shine and contrast. The swing is spacious and cosy, with some cushions that invite one to sit and relax. The backrest of the swing has a can of jali for aesthetic purpose, creating some texture and interest. The can jali also allows some light and breeze to pass through, making the swing more comfortable and pleasant.

This home with pastel shades and minimal interior design is a perfect example of how to use soft and delicate colours in a sophisticated and modern way. The pastel shades create a soothing and inviting atmosphere, while the minimal furniture and accessories emphasis the functionality and elegance of the space. The home is filled with natural light, texture, and personality, making it a dreamy and comfortable place to live in. The custom-made furniture by Neev Design Studio showcases their talent and vision in creating unique and beautiful pieces that suit the style and needs of the homeowners. This home is a pastel paradise that anyone would love to call their own.

Fact File

Designed by : Neev Design Studio

Project Type : Residential Interior Design

Project Name : Apartment 401

Location : Ahmedabad, India

Year Built : 2022

Duration of the project : 4.5 months

Project Size : 1800 Sq.ft

Principal Designers : Jayesh Mistry & Jahnavi Mistry

Photograph Courtesy : Inclined Studio

Products / Materials / Vendors : Furniture – custom design by Neev design studio / Kitchen – custom design by Neev design studio / Paint – Asian paints / Wall texture – Limocoat / Flooring – Qutone ceramics / Switches & Fans – Havells / Sanitaryware – Cera / Artefacts – 079 design store, Pure home and living, Studio scarlet / Bed linen – Atelier Textile Epic, Studio Harmony / Living room rug – Studio Harmony.

Firm’s Website Link : Neev Design Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link : Neev Design Studio

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