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When we entered the house for the first time, it was a bare shell with interesting and beautiful views and lots of Natural Light coming in from huge full-length windows. We instantly knew it’s strengths and we decided to plan our design around the room’s strengths. Our client’s brief was very simple; they wanted A Homely, Simple, Cosy Home, yet Sophisticated and Lively at the same time.

A Homely, Simple, Cosy Home | Poorv Design Co

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Our clients love hosting people and wanted the Lobby and the Living Room to have that welcoming vibe when their friends and family are “home they should feel at home”.  The lobby was inviting with a beautifully custom-made Shrinathji artwork and the stone finish wall panelling with concealed lights finished the look. The entrance door was a single door finished with metallic finish panelling.

For the living room, we opted for a Minimalistic Contemporary and subtle look with a neutral colour palette for the house, the furniture had clean lines and was light in colour which makes the room look spacious and bigger. The walls were a lighter shade with reflective mirrors and some gold accents gave that touch of elegance to the look. A pop of Brown and Rust Orange Upholstery and artefacts added that little bit of fun element to the look.

The bar in the living room was huge with concealed lights and mirror finishes that gave it a fun and expansive look. When closed the bar has a clean simple glossy white reflective finish that goes really well with the day-to-day routine and when hosting friends and family, the bar could open completely with a folding swivelled door resting on the sides of the bar. The bar opens with a mirror finish in the interiors and glass shelves making it inviting and lively. The counter is made of Onyx stone and can light up for those lovely evenings hosted.

The kitchen was simple beige and white acrylic finished and was designed to cater to the client’s requirements to the tee.

The client wanted a Mandir that could open up completely during festival times. Since there is a passage on the left and a door on the right, the possibility of sliding doors was completely eliminated. So we opted for a custom-made slide-fold door for the same. The Mandir has Onyx marble and Bronze mirror panelling and is finished with Veneer and Pu coating.

The Master Bedroom was kept Contemporary and Neutral. Champagne finish furniture, PU coated fluted wall panelling, accents of brushed gold and ‘mother of pearl’ panelling completed the look. The master washroom was created by joining the common washroom and master washroom with glass cubicles and brushed gold accent and glossy stone finishes. The walk-in wardrobe finished with a mirror made the bathroom look massive and useful at the same time.

The Daughter’s bedroom was designed as per her taste. She is a teenager and wanted a room to have darker colours. The challenge was to accommodate the darker shades as per her taste and also make the room look lively and lighter. Hence we used a Grey and White palette. The Furniture was mostly a rustic white finish with some elements of grey and the panelling was a combination of a Grey and White rustic look.

We used more whites in furniture and dark upholstery so that whenever the curtains are closed we get the dark cosy look and when they are open we get that lighter lively look of the room. A very unique combination was added to highlight the room; deep emerald green was used as a pop of colour to add that fun element to the room.

The Twins’ bedroom was bright and bold. The bedroom was linear in shape with large windows on one long side and a door to the washroom on another side. Planning and accommodating all the requirements was a challenge.

Twin beds and a mix of colour choices are what the kiddos demanded. The headboard was cloud shaped and the wardrobes had wooden handles with glossy Pu finishes in colours chosen. This room was bright and beautiful and a perfect budding place for their ever-growing imagination!


Designed by: Poorv Design Co

Project Type: Residential

Project Name: Sublime Abode

Location: Juhu,  Mumbai

Year Built: 2022

Duration of project: 4.5 months

Project Size (in sq. ft.):  2400 Sqft

Principal Architect(s) : Purva Desai

Photograph Courtesy: Kshan Photography

Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes: MDF with Pu Finish / Cladding: Laminate, MDF with PU, Fabric, and Glass / Construction Materials: Marine PLY / Lighting: Local / Doors and Partitions: Existing Doors Finished with PU / Sanitaryware: Aquant  / Furniture: Custom Made / Flooring : Marble / Kitchen :

Custom Made / Paint: Asian Paints / Artefacts : Local / Hardware : Hafele

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