Find out what connects a leading India-based luxury furniture retailer with the world’s most influential design event. Milan Design Week is where global interior design and furniture trends are born. Since 2011, Simply Sofas, South India’s leading luxury furniture retailer, has been covering this important event – LIVE from the scene.  What makes Milan Design[Read More]

How to remove water stains from the fabric sofa?

Sofa is indoor furniture, usually with frames made of wood, steel, plastic or laminated planks. Foam cushions are made of foam, feather, cloth or a variety of materials. Sofa covers can be soft leather, velvet or linen. In interior design, sofas are used quite commonly in the office and the family living room. Not only[Read More]

10 Sofa Designs That Give A Trending Look To Your Living Room

The living room is also usually a family room. It ordinarily is the room which is always occupied by someone, either they are watching television or having a snack. In everyday work life, the living room is most used in the evenings when children get back from school, and adults get back from work. It[Read More]

“Quiet Time (QT) Privacy Lounge Chair’” By Poppin.

“Quiet Time (QT) Privacy Lounge Chair’” By Poppin. Designer: Poppin   Offices can be…well the opposite of private. And with open offices being all the hype nowadays, finding a spot to breathe a sigh of relief in and catch up on some much needed personal time becomes almost impossible. Here swoops in Poppin with their ‘Quiet[Read More]

“Breeze” or aka “Savannah Rocker III” By Jolyon Yates

“Breeze” or aka “Savannah Rocker III” By Jolyon Yates Designer: Jolyon Yates You’ll be rocking in this. When I first looked at it, I thought it was a giant Pringles chip. But it’s not! And it’s no less tasty! It’s beautiful and innovative too, in case you hadn’t already guessed. It’s designed and crafted in Northumberland,[Read More]

“TUNE” The Sound Absorbing Seating Collection By Norm Architects

“TUNE” The Sound Absorbing Seating Collection By Norm Architects Designed By: Norm Architects Sound abso is a key concept in room acoustics, which may not often be considered in furniture design. The idea is to reduce the energy content of a sound wave, which means in practice converting sound energy to heat in a material. The[Read More]

Dodecahedronic Chair creates polyhedral geometry designed by Hiroaki Suzuki

‘dodecahedronic chair’ by hiroaki suzuki japanese design student hiroaki suzuki has been researching functional applications for polyhedral geometry in product design. the result is his ‘dodecahedronic chair’. for the design, suzuki carefully calculated each angle with 3D CAD software, verifying the overall structural strength and stability of the chair by producing models made of paper[Read More]

Scooped Collection Of Benches and Stools | Jiyoun Kim Studios

Scooped Collection Of Benches and Stools | Jiyoun Kim Studios The modern chair is minimalistic design with time tested comfort and functionality. Used at home, they give your interiors a chic, urban look, whether you put them in the living room, bedroom or in the dining area. But with its trendy shape and fluid design,[Read More]

Why are sofas so important in modern homes?

Sofas are designed for relaxation and bonding moment of the family. They are a necessary furniture in modern homes. With a curved back sofa in the living room, you will have a comfortable place to lie on while watching TV. Aside from its functionality, it is also considered as a centerpiece of your home which completes[Read More]