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Posted On February 12, 2024

Exploring 20 Types of Sofa for Every Style and Space

The Types of Sofa play a fundamental role in creating a comfortable and inviting living space. They are more than just a piece of furniture; they are a design statement...

Posted On May 27, 2022


Find out what connects a leading India-based luxury furniture retailer with the world’s most influential design event. Milan Design Week is where global interior design and furniture trends are born....

Posted On April 29, 2022

What Color Goes With A Brown Leather Sofa?

When picking a color for a room with a brown leather sofa, think about what colors go well with brown. And this is going to be really different depending on...

Posted On August 09, 2021

Best Tips for Buying a Sofa for Your Living Room

A living room is a perfect place to unwind after a long day of hard work, read a book with a cup of hot cocoa, watch movies at night as...

  • Posted On September 22, 2020

    Sleeper Sofa: A Way to Improve Your Unit and Get More Tenants

    San Diego lies along the Pacific Ocean at San Diego Bay, 120 miles southeast of Los Angeles, and just north of Mexico‘s international border. San Diego has a variety of...

    Posted On June 10, 2020

    How to remove water stains from the fabric sofa?

    Sofa is indoor furniture, usually with frames made of wood, steel, plastic or laminated planks. Foam cushions are made of foam, feather, cloth or a variety of materials. Sofa covers...

    Posted On April 12, 2020

    10 Sofa Designs That Give A Trending Look To Your Living Room

    The living room is also usually a family room. It ordinarily is the room which is always occupied by someone, either they are watching television or having a snack. In...

    Posted On January 13, 2020

    “Quiet Time (QT) Privacy Lounge Chair’” By Poppin.

    “Quiet Time (QT) Privacy Lounge Chair’” By Poppin. Designer: Poppin   Offices can be…well the opposite of private. And with open offices being all the hype nowadays, finding a spot to...

    Posted On January 01, 2020

    “Breeze” or aka “Savannah Rocker III” By Jolyon Yates

    “Breeze” or aka “Savannah Rocker III” By Jolyon Yates Designer: Jolyon Yates You’ll be rocking in this. When I first looked at it, I thought it was a giant Pringles chip....

    Posted On December 26, 2019

    “TUNE” The Sound Absorbing Seating Collection By Norm Architects

    “TUNE” The Sound Absorbing Seating Collection By Norm Architects Designed By: Norm Architects Sound abso is a key concept in room acoustics, which may not often be considered in furniture design....

    Posted On December 20, 2019

    Dodecahedronic Chair creates polyhedral geometry designed by Hiroaki Suzuki

    ‘dodecahedronic chair’ by hiroaki suzuki japanese design student hiroaki suzuki has been researching functional applications for polyhedral geometry in product design. the result is his ‘dodecahedronic chair’. for the design,...

    Posted On December 10, 2019

    Scooped Collection Of Benches and Stools | Jiyoun Kim Studios

    Scooped Collection Of Benches and Stools | Jiyoun Kim Studios The modern chair is minimalistic design with time tested comfort and functionality. Used at home, they give your interiors a...

    Posted On October 15, 2019

    Why are sofas so important in modern homes?

    Sofas are designed for relaxation and bonding moment of the family. They are a necessary furniture in modern homes. With a curved back sofa in the living room, you will have...

    Posted On June 15, 2019

    Things to Consider Before You Buy a Sofa

    Buying new furniture for your home is a decision not to be made lightly. Whether you are upgrading your furniture or furnishing a new home, there is a great deal...

    Posted On October 24, 2018

    Sofa set designs: An evolutionary change in styles

    When anyone thinks about furnishing a home, the sofa is one of the utmost desires. There are evolutionary changes in sofa styles with multiple steps of designs. A sofa complements...

    Posted On September 29, 2018

    Sofa Slipcovers – The Quick And Easy Makeover

    A simple yet effective way to improve the appearance of your home is to fit some new sofa slipcovers over your tired looking sofas. As well as sofa covers, all...

    Posted On December 15, 2016

    Top 5 Loveseat Ideas-Let’s Do It the Victorian Way

    Top 5 Loveseat Ideas-Let’s Do It the Victorian Way -Rukhsar Rangwala Moving out to pursue your dreams? Starting a nuclear family? Need to make your living area cozy without making...