“Breeze” or aka “Savannah Rocker III” By Jolyon Yates

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“Breeze” or aka “Savannah Rocker III” By Jolyon Yates

Designer: Jolyon Yates

You’ll be rocking in this. When I first looked at it, I thought it was a giant Pringles chip. But it’s not! And it’s no less tasty!

It’s beautiful and innovative too, in case you hadn’t already guessed. It’s designed and crafted in Northumberland, England* by the excellent Jolyon Yates.

This chair is known as the “Breeze” or aka “Savannah Rocker III”, whichever slips off your lips easier. Surely your tongue is already replicating the shape of the chair.

Have a sit!

The Breeze is a comfortable sit. A chair of reclined wood meant to capture both the modern age in furniture and the slower, simpler past.

Really a looker fer sher.

*Fun note: in 2006 I stayed in Northumberland, England for school for a semester. My class and I got to stay at the Duke of Northumberland’s castle and enjoy the fabulous country air. It’s a fantastic corner of the world to live in, I assure you. Lots of sheepies.

Designer: Jolyon Yates

Source: Yanko Design 

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