Things to Consider Before You Buy a Sofa

Buying new furniture for your home is a decision not to be made lightly. Whether you are upgrading your furniture or furnishing a new home, there is a great deal of choice. In this article we are talking about buying a new sofa. This essential item of furniture is also one that will take a lot of wear and tear over the years, so where do you start looking?

We’ve put together a selection of tips and advice on what to think about before you buy your sofa, and we think this will help you find the right one for your requirements. So, let’s get cracking!

Where is it for?

This is the first question you need to be answering; where is your new sofa going to go? Of course, the natural place to be buying for is the sitting room or lounge, where you and your family will spend most of your leisure time.

There could be other places around the home where you may require a sofa. You might want one in a bedroom, for instance, or in a second sitting room. Or, you could be looking for a sofa for a conservatory, summer house or other out building.

When you know where you are buying for it is much easier, so next, you need to select the space that your sofa will be occupying.

Home Much Space is There?

Now that you know which room it is going in, where is your sofa going to be placed? You might be someone who likes to change the layout of your room occasionally so this also needs bearing in mind. Measure the spaces that you will be using accurately, and then you have a guide as to which sofas you can put on your list, and which you can cross off.

When you are planning your room layout, be sure to take into account whether – when your sofa is where you want it – you will be able to reach power points, light switches and so on, as practicality is also a point to consider.

So, you know where you want your sofa, and how big you can go, what’s next? What type of sofa do you want?

What’s Your Style?

What is your taste in furniture? The choice is so vast these days that you will find plenty to choose from! Are you a traditional furnishings person? Some homes – older ones in particular – lend themselves better to traditional styles of sofa, and they can be extremely attractive. Some are timeless designs, some hark back to older-type sofas, and if that’s your choice, you’re well-served in the market.

You may be someone who is more into modernist and minimalist styles. These are all the rage these days, particularly for more modern homes and apartments, and the clean and sleek lines are inspired by the modern art movements of the early 20th century. Sofas of this school of design look great in plain, open spaces, and can be surprisingly comfortable too.

We suggest you check out some websites of local suppliers and have a look around furniture stores for ideas – you’ll definitely need to make a short list!

Choosing the Material

What do you like to sit on? Some people like the look of a beautiful leather sofa – and they do look very classy indeed – but find it not the most comfortable to sit on over a long period. This is why many people opt for materials other than leather – cotton and the like are popular – but we have a suggestion you might not have thought about.

Why not check out eco-friendly furniture? There are some manufacturers who will make bespoke sofas – and other furniture – tailored to your size and in a wide range of designs. They use only natural materials, and don’t include any of the various chemicals that are used in furniture production normally.

The range of styles is impressive and gives you plenty of choice, so if you fancy a hazard-free, non toxic sofa made by craftsmen and unique to your home, then you need to check this one out. After all, anything we can do to help the environment is a good thing.

Colour Coding

Colour is a major decision when buying any furniture, and especially a sofa. The sofa will most likely be the dominant item of furniture in your room, so you need to ensure it is in a colour that matches the rest of the décor.

Patterned sofas can look superb – but they can also be over the top – but most people opt for a colour that is muted and will go with a wide range of different wall and floor coverings. For the minimalist room, a very pale brown is a great choice, or even black if you want to go for a full-on look!

Of course, the colour of furniture you buy will be your personal choice, but be careful not to choose something that is in a fantastic colour in the website gallery or a catalogue, only to find that it doesn’t look so good when you get it home! The trick is to ask for swatches of the material in that colour, and most sellers will comply.

Take Your Time

We know it’s tempting to go out and buy the first beautiful sofa that you come across, but you might then find one you like better down the road! This can always happen, so be prepared to put some time aside to spend looking for the right design.

Also, don’t forget your budget. Set yourself a limit you can afford to spend – there are sofas out there for all levels of budget – and don’t be tempted to go over the top. Try and bargain too: if buying for a store, tell them what you’d like to pay – or ask them to throw in a few extras such as cushions or throws for the price – and you’ll be surprised how often you find yourself with a bargain sofa.

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