10 Sofa Designs That Give A Trending Look To Your Living Room

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The living room is also usually a family room. It ordinarily is the room which is always occupied by someone, either they are watching television or having a snack. In everyday work life, the living room is most used in the evenings when children get back from school, and adults get back from work. It is a place where everyone can relax together till dinner and then head to their bedrooms. Hence the living room must be a comfortable and cozy space with warm colors and comfortable furniture to lounge in. The sofa is the centerpiece of your living room, so it is important to pick something cozy, practical, and trendy. Let’s discuss a few trendy sofas that can change the whole outlook of your living space.

1.Cane Sofa:

Cane sofas are dual-functional sofa. They can be used as a living room furniture and also as porch or patio furniture. They look good in any setting, either it is a country cottage or an apartment in a metropolitan. Because of their woven wooden frame and bench style, they are light so that they can freely move around. Cane sofas can be filled with cushions, pillow, and with contrasting colors giving your living room a soft and trendy look.


This style of sofa originally came from Japan. It can be used as a sofa during the day and as a mattress at night. Futon comes in many shapes and sizes and various types of mattress/seat material options. Futons are quite desirable in the fabric sofa category. They look excellent if you have a small living space and are going for a minimalist look for your home. They are chic and practical; hence they look great in informal space.

3.Mid-Century Sofas:

With a wooden frame, comfortable seats and armrests, this sofa style is evergreen. It looks great both in formal and informal settings. It is perfect for small spaces. The sofa can blend with colorful cushions and rugs. In a living room with a lot of photos and frames on walls, a mid-century sofa adds to the overall warmth of the space.

4.Plush Couches:

Plush couches are big and cozy. They are the first choice for people looking for comfort over anything else. They do come in sophisticated silhouettes, making them formal enough to be placed in spaces where you entertain your guests; however, with low back and add cushions, they can back enough for you to snooze and watch your television lying down.

5.Velvet Sofas:

Velvet covered sofas are timeless furniture that has been in fashion for decades. They work beautifully in informal and formal settings. In the living room where you entertain your guests, they are an eye-catching piece of furniture that always brings out a positive and appreciative response from the visitors. They add luxury and comfort at the same time to the room. They are a little tricky to clean, but they are never out of fashion and give the room a vintage vibe.

6.Leather Sofas:

Leather sofas, like sofa chesterfield styles and especially the ones in neutral colors, work with nearly all kinds of interior designs. They can set in all sorts of settings, formal and informal. Leather sofas, especially the ones in neutral colors, work with nearly all kinds of interior designs. Even if you have left your walls plain and most of the room empty, they will still fit perfectly and blend in the room.

7.Convertible sofas:

They are famous for their dual usability than style. While picking a convertible sofa, make sure your living area has room for it to open and turn into a bed. They are very popular among college students and young people, for whom it can serve as a couch to lounge with their friends and a bed where their friends or they can crash at night.

8.Sectional Sofas:

Sectional sofas are a modern concept. They come in various sizes, but they are usually multiple seater sets, which can convert into one big sofa as the seating for something like a home theatre. The frame can contain shelves to place books and decoration pieces. Some even contain a storage box where you can put cold drinks and enjoy them while reading or watching. They can look good in the middle of the room, they fill-up large spaces nicely and give the room, modern-retro vibe. 

9.Ikea Sofa:

This sofa’s frame is metallic with soft fabric cushions providing the seat and back. Cushions can move out and frame folded. It comes with shelf space on the side and under. It is perfect for some studio apartments and people living alone. It is on budget and will not make your small space crowded. The sofa is designed for practicality and keeping in taste with the modern generation and living styles.

10.Camel Back Sofas:

These sofas are called camelback because of their high back, exposed wooden legs, and scrolled armrests. Camelback sofa is an old design, but they still are in demand because of their sturdy and durable structure. They add ambiance to the room and give an informal setting a more formal outlook. Because of their design, a slip-on cover can be added, keep the original seat clean.


Before picking a sofa for your living room, get your priorities in order. Comfort should be on top of your list, as sofas are for relaxing and entertaining guests; they need to be comfortable. Then you should think about what you style you like and what sort of interior design you are following. These days nearly all colors and designs are in fashion; it nearly is all about personal preference and what kind of space you have. Another thing to keep in mind is what sort of usage these sofas will have. If you have young children, you should pick sofas with soft round edges and easily cleanable fabric. Only pick fancy fabrics like silk for formal settings. If you like some sofa design in neutral colors but rather have something bright in your room, you can easily add brightly colored pillows and throws to it. Lastly, while picking a sofa, make sure the frame is sturdy. It does creak or wobble and in a way, looks weak. The sofa is a very important piece of furniture and is used most after a bed, so it needs to be durable and strong. Good luck with shopping.

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