Cumulative Flow of Extravagant Spaces in this Mumbai Penthouse | Romanirav Architect

Cumulative Flow of Extravagant Spaces in this Mumbai Penthouse | Romanirav Architect Visit : Romanirav Architect “The strength of our work lies in the pure modern and contemporary approach to our designs, and this is quite evident in our work.” In this ‘Mumbai’s penthouse project’, for a prestigious client, the approach to the design was of[Read More]

Lighting Guide: Choosing the Right Lighting for Each Room

One cannot ignore something as importance as the lighting in the house. Apart from holding an aesthetic quality, efficiently designing it becomes a crucial part of the ergonomic designing. The fathomless ability it holds in instilling and improving the right moods and energy into a design space cannot go unconsidered in a design process. Even[Read More]

Installing LED pot lights to add style to your home

Recessed lighting, also known as pot light, is available in various designs and trims to enhance your home’s interior. It showcases your sense of style effectively. Pot lights are available in multiple frame designs, both modern and vintage, which cater to various bulb designs that complement your decor. Why do we use recessed lights? Recessed[Read More]


The most memorable moments of a family are often created within shared spaces of the house. Whether it is simply bonding over a prime-time TV show together, or enjoying sumptuous homemade meals together, there is no denying that quality family time are often spent in common areas of the house like the living room and[Read More]

Tips for Using Crystal Chandeliers to Decorate Your Home

A crystal chandelier is simply a collection of furnished lighting fixtures that accommodate bulbs and candles and hangs from a ceiling. It can be modified into different shapes and sizes. Custom crystal chandeliers can be used to refine the appearance of your home. Here in this piece, we will show you some solid tips you[Read More]

The Monk Lamp by Skeld Design.

The Monk Lamp by Skeld Design. Designer: SKELD Design Too much information I think, but the lamp honestly has a Jedi vibe to it. Its short stance gives it the appearance of Yoda, and the fact that it’s a luminary just hits the metaphorical nail on the head! Obviously, for copyright reasons, the name was[Read More]

A Unique Lamp Out Of An African Fruit – A Gourd Lamp

A Unique Lamp Out Of An African Fruit – A Gourd Lamp Designer: Why so many detailed lamps? Although I would say it is just for the love of it, it’s also a rebellious statement against the instant way of today’s living. We train our attention only on short, quick tasks, and that can easily[Read More]

5 Lighting Style Perfect for Your Home Decor 2021

Lighting has always been a very crucial feature while designing the interiors of any kind of space. From illuminating an office space according to a working environment to adjusting the bedroom lights as per comfort, lights can thoroughly transform the aesthetics and feel of a place. The artificial range of lighting adds layers to room[Read More]


LEATHER MEETS LIGHT BY TATSUO KURODA. Designer: TATSUO KURODA. Drawing inspiration from other fields like fashion and luggage design, it’s hand-sewn to hug every angle and curve. As much about the structure as it is the aesthetic, its exposed stitching and the organic material combination gives it (and your overall interior) a bespoke feel you can’t[Read More]

Organic Shape Inspired Lamp “Navicula” By David Trubridge.

Organic Shape Inspired Lamp “Navicula” By David Trubridge. Designer: David Trubridge The Navicula light pays tribute to the organism that is arguably the organism most responsible for the air we breathe. Yes, plants and trees put oxygen into the air, but they’re heavily outweighed by the microorganisms in the ocean we call Plankton. The Navicula is[Read More]