• LED panel lights for stores

    Retail is one of the most interactive atmospheres with the general public. Good quality lighting is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to generating sales and marketing any product  on a large scale. Recently LED technology has evolved  enough to suit the consumer experiences as they desire it to be. LED panel lights are one of the most advanced lighting technologies introduced by LED manufacturers which cater to consumer needs. 

    What are LED panel lights?

    LED panel light fixtures have a very sleek and professional appearance. The design features use high quality integrative materials which ensure sustainability of the fixture. A simple led panel comprises of: 

    1. Aluminum frame 

    The framework is made up of aluminum which is highly resistant against most harsh external factors. It is available in a different customisation that is high pressure molding aluminum. Each framework is rated against various factors like heat dissipation, resistance against moisture and water. The frame provides the main structure and it is suited for a range of applications across different areas. 

    2. Back cover

    The back cover on the LED panel is to seal the structure and the lamp. It is also made up of aluminum and is mainly present to enhance heat dissipation as well as to provide durability and support to the fixture. 

    3. Guide plate

    The guide plate is the magic behind the success of panel light. It lays quite an important role in the design and working of LED panel light. The guide plate is the backbone of the fixture as it houses the LEDs. The LED chips can be arranged in any order on the plate. It improvises the type of light leaving the fixture. 

    4. Diffuser 

    The diffuser plate is another important feature of the fixture. It is selected entirely on the basis of the type of material and its ability to transmit light. The effective required transmission rate is at least 90%. The diffuser material is usually polycarbonate or acrylic both are quite as effective with their respective drawbacks but it is ratioed upon customer’s preference. 

    5. Reflector 

    The reflector plate is quite an integral part of the fixture as the light undergoes total internal reflection before it hits the diffuser. Through this mechanism the light is evenly distributed. The light leaving the fixture is glare free and can be directed as per requirement. 

    Advantages of using LED panel lights in stores 

    1. Uniform light distribution 

    LED light panels provide even illumination. The light distribution is even and fills every inch and corner of the room. The light is distributed over the panel’s surface where it is directed by lenses in order to achieve different lighting layouts. 

    This is quite an advantage in stores where the products are lined on shelves and they require even illumination at different levels. The lens and reflectors allow accentuating of light for enhanced visibility. 

    2. Efficient heat dissipation 

    LEDs are known to produce very little heat as compared to traditional lamps like high pressure sodium lamps or halogen lamps. They are effectively brighter with higher lumen output and yet their heat production is very little. The aluminum back cover provides extra insulation and keeps the fixture cool and functioning. 

    The energy consumption of LED light fixtures are less and they produce bright and uniform lighting while producing very little heat. 

    3. Smart lighting controls 

    LED light panels are paired with effective and smart lighting controls for safety and efficiency of the lighting experience designed to cater to professional consumer experience. These lights are dimmable and available in different wattage ratings to suit working conditions in different places. 

    4. Lightweight 

    LED panel lights are slim and sleek. The panel light fixture has quite a design profile which is 10-100mm thick. The fixture is effective for use in different places despite the different sizing. It is lightweight so quite easy to install and maintain. 

    5. Efficient integrable design 

    LED panels are available in various designs and sizing. It can be forecasted for any application across the store and not just for lighting across shelves. Panel lights can be for general lighting as well as for highlighting different areas with extra light for visibility. 

    These lights can be circular, square and rectangular. The sizing is customisable and so is the outer trim for most downlights. 

    In stores, the lighting infrastructure is different as to that of other commercial spaces. They are functional for at least 8 hours and open to the general public. The lighting must be safe and effective despite the usage of the space. LED panel lights are eco-friendly and customisable down to simpler details for enhanced ambience and to attract customers. 

    LED panel lights are available in a range of correlated colour temperatures which is determined on Kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K. They are capable of producing warm yellow to cool white or daylight like light. 

    The CRI of LED panels is changeable and around 80 due to which the display is refreshing and the texture of the surroundings is quite enhanced. It increases focus as well as displays original colours. 


    Conclusively, LED panel lights are uncompromised when it comes to standard lighting. They use green lighting technology which does not involve any harmful radiation. It serves across various businesses and allows an array of customisation to suit the need of the infrastructure and adapting to it. They are sustainable and have longer life spans with low maintenance issues and costs. The lights are customisable due to V-cut technology in a way that they help set up the theme of the store in order to keep up with the trends. The light fixture can be positioned at any height and allows several installation options for effective supply of light at different levels. Considering the flexibility and durability it is established how LED panels are quite a sustainable and cost effective package for stores to boost business. 

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