Neutral Color Palette, Clear Lines, Magnificent Art And Carefully Curated Artifacts In This Office Space | Jitu Mistry Architects

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Neutral Color Palette, Clear Lines, Magnificent Art And Carefully Curated Artifacts In This Office Space | Jitu Mistry Architects

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An opulent 1500 sq ft office of jitu mistry boasts of luxury with a very neutral color palette, clear lines, magnificent art; carefully curated artifacts and fluid spaces.

The office space of a company can play an integral role in building the right relationship with its employees, partners, and clients. The same reflects in the workspace of JM & Associates, situated at Gandhidham.

The project offers a strong culture atmosphere and unique style. The designers choose a classic and a long lasting way, so that they and the served people can enjoy the spiritual expectations and joyous atmosphere in the communications of this culture.

The designing style of this project is simple and elegant, the layout of interior space is rich and skilful, the application of material is mature and replete, the use of texture, color and lightning is implicit and strong, and the details are very well-designed and classical, all of which fully show the concise but not simple magnification.

This is a space that the designing company develops for its own office area to show its distinctive style and taste. The designer hopes that through his design customer can feel his views and taste for things.

The open and transparent office area can not only take in everything at a glance, but also provides a private office area for employees of every department. Abundant books and information, large books and magazines cabinets, all these witness the long and rich history of the company and the profound connotations of the designer as well.

Delicate furnishings reveal the taste and high standard of the company. Good quality derives from specialty, and details determine success. 

The office has enough space for 20 people. It comprises of a cabin for the principals, two executive cabins, a large reception area, workstation, trainee cabin and pantry area. Each element of the office has been carefully thought out and executed, with attention to the minutest details. 

The highlight of this office is the reception area that creates warm and welcoming ambience for anyone visiting the office. The feeling of creating new designs in the office is further enhanced by wallpaper in the reception area. In the waiting area combination of veneer and MDF with duco finish gives a good look.  The right amount of natural and artificial lighting makes the cabins looks specious and enriching. The perfect blend between the paintings and art work put in each cabin encourages the one to work more.

The paintings in the office represent the minimalist art which can be seen as extending the abstract idea that art should have its own reality. The flexible and adaptable workstation accommodates employees’ needs for technology, space efficiency and personalization, and makes their everyday lives much easier. Selection of the raw concrete tiles makes the flooring look neat and exposed brick gives modern look to the office.

Panel lights in the ceiling and the creative hanging lights create an overall enchanting experience. Quick breaks are needed while working to refresh our minds, and so the pantry is well equipped.

The featured artifacts and art, personally selected by the principals, adds vibrancy to the entire office. The furniture used in the office, which is designed and made in-house, gives the whole space a formal yet and elegant look. The full size door and texture in the ceiling create a good ambience. Various types of grooves in the cabin on ceiling as well as walls make it more attractive. 

Time was the most challenging bit that needed to be considered while doing this office. This project had a target of 3 months. It involved around the clock work and provided absolutely no margin of errors.


Designed by : Jitu Mistry

Project Type : Office Interiors

Project Name : JMA Studio 

Location : Kutch 

Year Built : 2019

Duration of project : 180 Days

Project Size: sq feet :  1500 Sq.Ft.

Project Cost Appx : 55 Lakh

Principal Architect : Jitu Mistry

Team Design Credits : Jayesh Sharma 

Products | Materials : Finishes | Wallcovering / Cladding :- Bison Board  | Lighting :- Landlum | Sanitaryware :- Cera / Simpolo | Flooring :- Simpolo 1200 X 1200 Tiles  | Paint :- Asian Paints 

Colour Palate :

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Firm’s Instagram Link  :-   jitumistry_associates 

Firm’s Facebook Link : jitu mistry and associates 

Email Id : [email protected] 

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