How to create additional light in your home

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Dark homes can be a nightmare to decorate. They can look cramped and gloomy with the wrong colour palette and accessories. A few simple styling switches can open up your home and make it feel welcoming again.

Most buyers are looking for a bright and airy home with an open plan layout. But not every property has floor to ceiling windows and a south-facing garden. You may have to add light into the house and use your imagination to create the atmosphere you want. Some homes need a little help to feel bright, and they can look stunning once you are finished.

Here are a few ways you can bring more light to the home.

Use bright furniture and accessories


Darker colour tones will make the space feel smaller and cramped. Try to use lighter fabrics for your sofa, bed and large pieces of furniture. Lighter colours can help to uplift the space and create a softer style. You could add in pastel colours with soft furnishing and accessories. For example, your main colour palette could be neutral tones paired with sage green cushions and throws.

Remove any large trees and bushes

While trees and bushes look beautiful, they can block light and make your home much darker. If possible, trim the trees and bushes down to expose your home to more natural light. Make sure your windows are clean so the natural light can beam through without revealing any dirty fingerprints. You need to clean your windows inside and out to get the best results. You may have to hire a window cleaner to do the windows on your second or third floor.

Add a large mirror

Mirrors are fantastic at bringing in more natural light and creating the illusion of a larger space. They can open up the space and make a beautiful focal point on the wall.

Hang the mirror on a wall with a high-quality sealant to reflect and bounce light around the room. You could even replace a piece of artwork with a mirror. Or, place the mirror opposite a window to reflect the view of your garden. Genius! 

Install skylights

Skylights are a highly effective way to bring light into the room. You can decorate the four walls of a room with artwork and ornaments while still reaping the benefits of natural light. Add a skylight to the top of your staircase and watch the sunshine bounce all the way down the stairs. Or, install a skylight above the bathtub so you can watch the stars while you relax. A skylight is a perfect way to brighten up a dark and dingy en-suite.

Get creative with light and interior design in your home.