• Artisanal Lighting Trends For Luxury Interiors

    Artisan lighting refers to handcrafted lights designed and custom made by skilled artisans who master the art of working with materials such as wood, metal, stone, porcelain and ceramic, etc to create contemporary luxurious lighting pieces unique to every home. Certain people looking for exclusiveness and crafty expressions can mold these types of lights for the perfect ambience for their interior decor. 

    Different industries have blown up with the craze of hand-made objects in the last several years. The interior design world is also not delaying this trend. Hand made designs such as glass inlay, marquetry, hand-sewn furniture and block printed textiles for interior decor including handcrafted lights have become a part of the new luxury fashion, mixing classical with contemporary and modern styles to fabricate superior quality lighting fixtures. Mixing different styles in lighting fixtures as masterpieces of art or intricately detailed small objects allows the eye to be naturally drawn towards the distinct quality of the spaces provided they are accommodated in a well designed manner.

    Artisan lightings are perceived for their originality that they bring to each interior space. Hand-crafted elements in sync with lights creates a uniqueness in every piece as no two products are going to look alike. Their individuality portrays the artisanal eminence in the limelight. Artisan fixtures can be included in every scheme of a room while lighting design. These types of lights will provide a sense of individuality as well as express solidarity in the interior decor. Artisan lighting can be used as-

    Artisan wall lights

    Wall lights and sconces experimented nowadays with various shapes and sizes. The artisan sconces earlier placed in interior and exterior walls to hold candles have now been experimented with modern lights to set the right mood to the room or merely highlight a piece of artwork on the wall. The finishing materials could provide the ultimate luxurious look using gold leaf application or hammered brass, bronze or copper finish with superior calibre. 

    Artisan ceiling lights

    Ceiling lights are an important factor in every interior space. Artisan ceiling light imparts an opportunity for a great canvas to an artist to create a whole new layer of visual interest in the space. The fine craftsmanship of an artisan light could provide more than functional value to the space and allow it to be the centerpiece of your room. Artisan chandeliers in artisan lighting entail delicate metal wire works woven with beads, glass droplets or pearls. More materials such as fabrics and wood have also added to the endless possibilities for creation.  

    Artisan pendant lights

    Summer pendant by LightArt

    Artisan pendants are a downlight. Care has to be taken to not see the light source but highlight the quality of the craft. Luxurious lights with smooth concrete bodies or metal work using brass or bronze could bestow a more industrial look to your interiors. 

    Artisan lamps 

    Fragments lamp by Studiosilice

    Artisan floor lamps can work in any corner of a room or between living room furniture. The light is generally more graceful and lustrous for highlighting the superior details of the artisans work. The traditional concepts of floor lamps have been more ordinary with a thin stem and a fabric lampshade proportionate to each other, but the contemporary artisans have expressed themselves more as sculptors enkindling their passion for materials and art and combining new technology lighting in the most delicate way possible. 

    The artisan table lamps have been seen more as objects or pieces of art inspired from the classical period and brought to life with an amalgamation of various materials such as metal, stone, glass, ceramic or fabrics. The light source has to be carefully considered depending on the purpose whether it is creating an ambience through the bedside table of a bedroom interior or highlighting a work table to produce focused light. 

    This new trending fashion is allowing artisans to combine centuries old craftsmanship with innovative materials that are synonymously dealt with high aesthetical quality and instil a unique blend of mood,energy and elegant style in the design space. The only thing to keep in mind is the light fixtures have to always be crafted alongside a bulb designer specialist so that the light and art piece complement each other in the most elegant way possible. 

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